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  1. My name is Max Luxembourg. I came here looking for a peaceful place to farm and to write, but only found eventual death and destruction and evil. I am a libertarian socialist and inherited a farm, but then the outbreak came and I sought refuge in the cellar on my farm. I didn't know what I'd find outside but what I did find was evil and paranoia and death. I run with a few cats now, and I'm just tryin' to find myself some peace. Here I go. Who knows what else I'll come across. Could be more death, could be true humanity and serenity...I suppose I won't know until I continue on.
  2. I don't know that it was Afrim, it most likely was, but the reason we believe in vampire is because my character witnessed the undead and also believed that vampires walked...because if zombies exist, then vampires must.
  3. I am sure this was there name, but I am unsure of how it's spelled. Unfortunately, I cannot submit any recording either, as I do not have any means of doing so. His name was affron or something along those lines. I am sorry for replying so late and was wondering if I must post a ban appeal for this? @Elmo @Spartan
  4. I made no discriminatory comments about the Judaic people, we did initiate RP, as we said we would kill any vampire and if he wasn't then he would attempt to sing a song, any song, and we gave him 15 seconds to comply and he refused, so we executed him as we suspected him as a vampire. Unfortunately I do not have any game capturing mechanics, but the man with me had the in game name of Affron or something along those lines.