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  1. Victor Smith is a foreigner who moved to Chernarus two years before the outbreak together with his father who had been offered a job in the town of Severograd as a surgeon. At the time Victor was twenty-one years of age and admired his father's work a lot, he actually thought about going into the medical field himself because of it. Not a lot happened in the first year as Victor and his dad got used to the new lifestyle they would be living, mostly Victor would be studying to apply for the required education to get into the medical field and the days he was not studying, he spend hanging around in the city trying to familiarize himself with his new surroundings. News broke out about regarding the outbreak and quickly everything came crumbling down in his life. Jump ahead two year to present day, Victor has acquired quite a few survival skills by now his father only recently passed away due to a group of bandits that jumped him while he was out gathering some wood and raw meat to cook for dinner, this however changed his mentality and ever since Victor has started to travel away from Severograd.