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  1. Simo's Album

  2. Simo's POV: Hi. I was doing bad RP there. I just crouch walked around and pointed people with my finger. I am sorry about that. I was tired and kind of out of motivation. But that doesn't mean I don't wanna play on DayzRp. It's awesome server. Next time,if i am out of motivation and tired,i will go to do something else. Sorry for not replying i haven't been on PC.
  3. Simo Laakso

    Simo Laakso was born in 1972 on Tampere Finland. He comes from poor family. He lived in Tampere with he's Father Seppo and Mother Ulla and he's little brother named Sebastian. He's father was soldier and he wanted to be a soldier like his father. They had very cute dog called Pablo,but he died when Sebastian was very young. He loved to visit amusement parks every summer.He's best friend was he's little brother Sebastian. Sebastian and Simo was very good friends,they shared everything. He wasn't very good on school,but he managed to get through it. After school he went to High School. He had motorbike and he loved to drive it. When he was 18 years old he went to military service. He liked the military service very much. When the military service was over he stayed there to work. He was Special Jaeger. Simo and he's little brother Sebastian wen't to Russia for Trip because they had holiday. When the trip was about to end the outbreak came. He stayed with he's little brother. He started to be paranoid. He started to hear voices and could not sleep. Now he is okay.