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  1. Happ22

    S2: Unnecessary/Constant OOC - Cherno CDF Camp - 8/12+13/2017, Approx 16:00-18:00

    Sebastians POV So i was basically asking do those guys need a soldiers. Then they said no and asked me why don't you go join "NATO" "as i can't join i don't have real life military background" I said him once in OOC you need real life military background. Then he kept asking me Why don't you join Why don't you join. So what am i supposed to do in that situation? I don't really see that i did nothing wrong on that moment like why is the OOC thing if i'm not allowed to even say think that they keep asking me? If you don't want me to use bloody OOC stop asking me questions i need to answer it with! "And Rory i wasn't kinda sure and you were being pretty rude so i decided to ask why not" "Yeh and you were just constantly annoying me and stuff it's not really nice show some respect to others you not the only one here" "Quick edit And yes it's pretty annoying that i'm trying to make food there for others and you keep coming and trying to get me pissed off..."
  2. Happ22

    S2: Unnecessary/Constant OOC - Cherno CDF Camp - 8/12+13/2017, Approx 16:00-18:00

    The thing is i said it once but you kept asking why why why? Some times i try ignore questions people just starts following me and stuff......
  3. Happ22

    S2: Unnecessary/Constant OOC - Cherno CDF Camp - 8/12+13/2017, Approx 16:00-18:00

    Dude you were asking me why don't you join NATO i didn't want to answer it because you need "IRL military background" And how the hell am i supposed to say that "IN CHARACTER" Then i tried say it to you in OOC and now you making reports out of me "If you don't want me to use // don't ask question i need to use it for"
  4. Happ22

    S2: Unnecessary/Constant OOC - Cherno CDF Camp - 8/12+13/2017, Approx 16:00-18:00

    Just saying how am i supposed to say about real life in character?
  5. *Holds The PTT* We need to fight the VDV. We can't let them do that! *Releases The PTT*
  6. I don't get any Frame issues expect in cars. But my DayZ keeps crashing.
  7. I had some serious lag when the bus flipped i didn't even see it flipping. I was wondering why was you guys laughing so much xD.
  8. Happ22

    S1 - Bad RP - Stary - 26.7.2017 - 20:50

    Sebastians POV: So i was there doing really Bad RP not RPing the situation as i should had to. Then i was crouch walking around with stick all the time around the place. I was doing bad Text RP also spamming the chat, wasn't really focusing on what i typed. I'm sorry for what i did and i Regret it. I still wanna play here as i have recently liked it very much.
  9. Happ22


  10. I wan't more Night time also.
  11. Happ22

    Safe place in Gorka (Open Freq. 101.7)

    *Presses the PTT button Finnish accent comes* *Hey i was there but i saw nothing. Are you there guys now?* *Releases the PTT*
  12. Sebastian Laakso was born in 1977 on Tampere Finland he grew up in Finland with parents and one older Brother named Simo. He was little bit Russian as hes Uncle lived there. Sebastian wen't to Russia many times with hes family to see Uncle. When Sebastian was child he used to read books about World War 2 and was Interested about military. And hes dad also worked on Finnish Army. Sebastian started Growing up and he wasn't really intrested about School and Education. He was bad at school. And at age of 18 he had to start choosing what will he do for Living. So he didn't really know and was intrested about Army so he choosed to join the Military like hes Brother and Father. Then he lived normal life by working on Military. But before the Outbreak Sebastian and hes Older Brother Simo wen't to Russia for Trip because they had Holiday. Then they had no way back to Finland, he had to start Surviving. He have survived with the skills he learned from Army. Sebastian doesn't really trust others so he has stayed out of sight and been in Woods mostly. He stays with hes Brother and they watch eachothers back and they have been trying to find way back to Finland but they are losing hope. Sebastian has started to lose hes mind he can't even sleep anymore he allways has hes Rifle near him. Now he has been living by Scavenging and Staying away from people. Hes also been trying to find hes Uncle but hes pretty sure Uncle is dead by now as is everyone else.