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  1. Martin Petrenkov

    So this is my story how i got in Chernarus. My name is Martin Scott i served in US marines for five years, i love hunting and being in nature. After serving in marines i had a hard time to find a job that suits me so i got into the illegal stuff. i became a gang member, but i was no regular gang banger. My good friend is the one of the three leaders of a gang called The Zetas, he hooked me up in charge of the dealers. One day our rival gang kidnaped and killed my mom and dad. I was angry both afraid so i just quit, my friend understood me and let me off. But i couldn't let it slide so i started scheming the murders of those animals. After a year of scheming i finaly was ready. I payed off some of the guards off and bought all the equipment i needed. The time is now i said to myself. In an hour i killed all of the five animals who ordered that murder. I couldn't believe what i did but i was proud i would do it again. I am not afraid to murder nor do bad because i'm going to hell anyways. One part of myself was saying i did wrong and the other screaming you did good! Those ***kers desirve that. After a minute of the killing i hear the police sirens going off. I ran, i did escape the cops, but for now. I wanted to be secure i burned all the equipment and clothes and fleed into chernarus. And i lived in chernarus for three months before the incident happened. I survived it all in the woods, because i became a hunter and with my military skills i survived in the forests of chernarus.