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  1. Martin Petrenkov

    So this is my story how i got in Chernarus. My name is Martin Scott i served in US marines for five years, i love hunting and being in nature. After serving in marines i had a hard time to find a job that suits me so i got into the illegal stuff. i became a gang member, but i was no regular gang banger. My good friend is the one of the three leaders of a gang called The Zetas, he hooked me up in charge of the dealers. One day our rival gang kidnaped and killed my mom and dad. I was angry both afraid so i just quit, my friend understood me and let me off. But i couldn't let it slide so i started scheming the murders of those animals. After a year of scheming i finaly was ready. I payed off some of the guards off and bought all the equipment i needed. The time is now i said to myself. In an hour i killed all of the five animals who ordered that murder. I couldn't believe what i did but i was proud i would do it again. I am not afraid to murder nor do bad because i'm going to hell anyways. One part of myself was saying i did wrong and the other screaming you did good! Those ***kers desirve that. After a minute of the killing i hear the police sirens going off. I ran, i did escape the cops, but for now. I wanted to be secure i burned all the equipment and clothes and fleed into chernarus. And i lived in chernarus for three months before the incident happened. I survived it all in the woods, because i became a hunter and with my military skills i survived in the forests of chernarus.
  2. Dew - Ban Appeal

  3. We heard some shots so we went to investigate what was going on, we encountered a guy I tried talking with him but he tried to shot me so I shot him with a shotgun he got unconcius so I bandaged him and I cuffed him, then my friend Jacob Safari found another guy who was bleeding and then he got unconcius my friend Jacob Safari bandaged him and tied him up to because we didn't know ho he was I asked the guy that shot me what was going on and he answered that there were a few guys, but he didn't say why they were having a fight so a lead him to The guy that my friend saved and tied up and asked did you know him he said that was one of the guys he was shooting, the guy that my friend bandaged he couldn't hear sound so he wrote in chat that he can't hear anything. so two other guys rushed in on us and started shooting at us they killed my friend Jacob Safari, and I shot one of the guys but the other guy killed me and I don't know if I killed the guy that I shot because he was still running and then I was dead.This is my pov.