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  1. Joey Anders

    DayZ Edit

  2. Me and my friend ran through nwaf we watched 2 guys out in the woods hiding behind a building stalking us so we headed across the runway and started to run after we started to run we spotted more and more and thye tried to cut us off on the edge of the runway. I was told earlier by a guy that there were hostiles in the area talking with russian accents and that they will hold you up so as soon as we saw these guys we decided to run. They were a little to far for us to hear until the point i was shot in the foot. We ran for close to 30 min and finally the guy which i said i cant hear you and to hold on who talked with a somewhat russian accent had enough and decided to yell hands up. My friend was only 200m away and it was a 1v2 i was confident i could at least hold off until my friend could get here. when he yelled hands up he was only in range to where i could really hear him and so i booked for a fence. As soon as i ran he shot me once in the foot and then he had to deal with a bunch of zombies i took my chance and hid behind a fence to calm my breath. after they were done killing the zombies they were on the other side of a 90 degree angle of the fence and so i peaked out when i peaked i fired my entire mag killing one and i think injuring the other. After killing the one i headed north to meet with my friend and that is where we headed to the 101's base to seek refuge. I had no intentions to stop and talk with a bunch of guys that stalked us and that i was warned about if there wasnt almost 6-7 guys i wouldve stopped and tried to talk but instead they showed weird behavior and just watched us.I have the video of me killing him but it is to big for me to post right now.