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  1. a few hours before the Severograd indecent i was talking to joey and inderectly and they where telling me that a man approached them on NWAF saying there where bad men and not to approach them, the bad men see them running in the distance (we believe) and start chasing them and my 2 freinds say they lost them. they headed to 101 base seeking refuge just encase they kept following. when they get there they find no 101 and a bunch of randoms. @Joey Anders gets shot in the head (without any initiation or any words said) and killed then inderectly is taken hostage. I get on teamspeak seeing that @Indirectlyk and @Joey Anders are both muted and that they are both on Dayz, i joined the room and for about 20 minutes sat and waited for them to get done RPing to see where they are if its worth joining, joey unmutes, rages saying profane words, then leaves ts. i get on to maybe find indirectly and encounter a man on the edge of stary yar i know as the watcher, he never gave his game name (badRP?) and he tells me joey is dead and 3 or 4 men took indirectly and he would show me where they went, we followed them them staying about 6-700 meters away watching until they got to the school, he parted ways there saying "its your fight now hunter guy" i knew i needed to initiate on someone and i saw a dude running down the main road to the school and assumed him (correctly to be a slacker) so i said (at about 30 yards) "hey buddy" (no response) "sir stop running,(no response) , Stop running or i will shoot you, (no response). so once he got the the door about 20 seconds had passed so i shot over his head as a warning shot. i then climbed the apartments and tried to look for him, i kept trying to hit him in particular and the others took this as hostility toward them as well (like anyone else would) and shot back at me. so now i had realized they had more than those 3-4 from before. i was then rushed, but what makes it interesting is that i was very cautious about listening for footsteps, and i would pause for a while then return fire, then pause and so on. and in this entire period i never heard foot steps until they ran into my room. i still heard zombies when they where on the bottom floor but not the two that rushed me, Ghosting? maybe, but i dont think the US server was up at the time. but this is what makes me mad about the whole thing, @Joey Anders was shot without being initiated on or even talked to by the one who shot him and thats on video ( . i did not get any footage from this because shadow play was not on (it randomly turns off and on)...