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  1. My name Is Hennry Monroe and i was a hunter before all of this mess. I had a wife and a 3 month old child by the name of Hennry Monroe jr, he was a boy. We lived in south Zagoria as of the of the outbreak. My whole neighborhood was trying to pack up and escape I decided to stay with my family but a Month after the town fled some strange looking people came to my doorstep. I grabbed my favorite pistol the makarov switched the safety off and looked threw the blinds of the kitchen window. I could half never of saw this coming what happened to me next. I ran out the back door and tried holding the guy up worried that he was infected: next thing i see is 3 men aiming hunting rifles at me. They asked if i had any more guns inside as one kicked down my door grabbing my wife as she was clutching my son trying to protect him. I yelled out don't you lay one more finger on my son or my wife u understand. As the man turned around he made a vary cocky tone and said oh yea what are you going to do about it, Hold Him Still Jack. “Smack” He cracked me in my right ear. I went deaf in my right ear from that from that blow. I woke up 3 hours later striped of my car keys walet and my makorov. Id hope to see my family again alive and my son which would be 2 ¾ Years by now. I was a hunter and still am a hunter My methods may have changed what i hunt may have also changed? I like to go by the name Sasquatch and would rather not have my original name get out there. Why sasquatch? Well I usually be stalking people trying to remain Unseen and might even be wearing a ghillie. You also may catch this bigfoot up your ass boy!