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  1. IGN: (In - Game Name) Jax Smith Country: United Kingdom English skills: Standard DayZ Mod Experience: 1000+ Hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 40 Hours Roleplaying Experience: I would say i had around 30RP Hours on the Mod playing solo, However this is my first RP on the standalone. I am very comfortable in RP Sitations and would like to be a member of a group to have some good RP experiences and group-play. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I'm a quick thinking combat expert. I use my experience to make sure that i read the sitation and understand all of the different outcomes that could come from the decisions that i make. Have you been in any clan/group previously: I was part of a clan on DayZ mod called OSC. This wasn't RP, just on the Epoch and Overpoch servers. Additional notes: Due to me having a lot of free time from University i can play at almost any time. Best way to contact you: Just a PM on the site. Backstory: Jax Smith is a member of the Devil’s Cross Motorcycle Club that was based in the United Kingdom. In early 2014 he made his way to Russia to hunt down an excommunicated member. This member, Chibs Telford has been killing his way across Eastern Europe as a way to get back at the club. After a meeting in Moscow, Jax discovers that Chibs has been staying in the area of Chernarus after the results of the Civil War and as a result made his way to the area before the discovery of patient zero in October 2014. On his way into the area the increased fog caused him to lose control of his Harley and he crashed straight into a tree, totalling the vehicle. As he limps into Chernarus, unbeknownst of the situation, he knows he has to do anything to kill his target. Jax is a fiercely loyal member and will die before he rat’s out or gives up any information on his friends and companions. After running a gun running business for his club, Jax has an intense knowledge of Russian weaponry and how to use them. Throughout his travels across Europe he understands how to use hand to hand combat and is proficient in melee weapons. He knows that to survive in this apocalypse he is going to have group up with some members but isn’t afraid to survive on his own to kill the target that he is focused on. If he is grouped up he is willing to do anything for his friends, even if that means spilling blood to try and make sure that they survive.
  2. Thought i'd make a post here about introducing myself to the community. I love roleplaying servers but it's my first time on this one. From my limited playtime on this server i can already see it's going to be a fun experience building up my character and meeting everyone around Chernarus