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  1. Ronan


    A collection of screenshots from David's travels.
  2. Ronan

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    When you look at RolePlay, it's a story. The only way you create a story, is through conflict. No matter what way you look at it, you cannot have a compelling narrative or roleplay character-arch without some kind of conflict. Narrative and conflict are two sides of the same coin. Now, you say that it is GearRP when people keep constantly robbing you, here you have a golden opportunity to take this conflict, and create a narrative with it. Instead of whining about the fact that someone took your plate carrier a bunch of times on the forums, you could head in-game, find a group (or create one) who are also sick of this behaviour and make a narrative out of stopping the guys who robbed you. The only way you can change something is to make it happen, not ask someone else to do it. Fuck, you could take this reasoning and make a policing group that goes around stopping bandits in chernaurus, but here you are, asking for an OOC resolution. These are just ideas, but I'm trying to show you how conflict fuels narrative. Imagine a perfect chernaurus, where nobody gets robbed all the time, and there are no pesky bandits. Pretty boring, isn't it? If you don't like what they're doing, get a group together, and fucking change it. Find their enemies, help them, and fucking change it. You'll probably find it'll be some of the most enjoyable RP you've ever had. A lot of people on this server are too attached to their gear, and too detached from the story. One perspective I could take on this is that you're being somewhat GearRP-ish yourself judging by the amount a robbery annoys you out of character. Remember fella, if no bad shit happened in RP, it would be pretty fucking boring. Hugs and Kisses - Ronan
  3. Ronan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Always a pleasure to nearly get shanked by a psychopath, thanks for the RP fellas x
  4. Ronan


    Lookin' good, fellas.
  5. Ronan

    Real life picture Thread

    I feel like I'm being groomed.
  6. Ronan

    Real life picture Thread

    Pls stop fighting over my boypussy
  7. Ronan

    Real life picture Thread

  8. Ronan


    Currently using a pair of Razer Kraken v2 and absolutely love them, I would say they're pretty over priced though, I picked them up in a sale. If you have the cash to splash out then I'd certainly recommend them, very comfy, very good sound quality and amazing microphone quality.
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    missed you

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      Sorry, but this community member doesn't go for minors.

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    Looking back on my creation, Re-instate the Loremasters:


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    You are now tainted

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    Welcome Fellow Irishman. 


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      Fake irishman*

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      How could you do this to me?

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      Its okay I still want ur BLBP

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      Get the fertiliser.

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    I have ascended.

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      Welcome to the club, brother

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      Hello brother

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    The amount of pointless fighting going on right now is simply boring.

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