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  1. He never much cared for anything, but he definitely had his fascinations, like History. After all, history is everything: Everything that ever was, is, and will be. He liked history so much that he decided to teach it at secondary school level, although he never much cared for children, especially teenagers, so much so that he ended up killing two of them, they were bothersome. He had to admit, it felt quite enjoyable, but this was something that meant he couldn't stay in England. He left that night, fleeing for somewhere, anywhere, where he could be free. He had certainly made some history with those two bothersome boys, no one would forget that. Although he never cared much for recognition. He never much cared for anything.
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    back4the pvp rp

    Another 501st member? Welcome back my friend! Altar Castle shall be reborn!
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    Viridian - Media

    You better not mess with my fucking drug slave @Peg4YourBackpack
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    S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    To my knowledge, @Ender, the others involved that were directly connected to me and that I know of are @Amerdan, @Ronin47, and @BrickWall. I'm quite sure that any fourth individual was merely a passerby trying to help the unconscious or injured. Apologies if this is unhelpful to your inquiry!
  5. Ronan

    S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    I would like to hold my hands up and admit that I am guilty. I am guilty of BadRP. When I look at that video I just cringe and feel embarrassed over the RP that I gave that night. I would like to apologise to Methias and all of those who witnessed that situation last night. It's something that shouldn't even be expected of a day one player nevermind someone who has been here for 4 years. I'm appalled at myself for the level of roleplay I have demonstrated. I disagree with the accusation of Meta-game that is upon me but I will happily accept any punishment the staff team see fit to impose on me. I would like to apologise to the community as a whole, I feel like I've let you all down. RP like that which I displayed last night is sadly commonplace right now and I'm ashamed to have contributed to it, this should have been done this morning: I'm sorry.
  6. Ronan

    S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    I killed Dan due to an accident involving Dan and a game of Russian roulette. Dan wanted to play the game and my character was the one who held the gun, I meant to take the bullet out of the gun and genuinely miss clicked OOCly. It was a complete mistake OOC and we decided to RP it out that Dan had been hit in the ear.
  7. Ronan

    S1 Severograd - Immature RP

    David Meeks' POV: This situation began firstly because of a heated situation in which my character had a screaming match with Dan Yates and Brandon Tarrano. After this Brandon and Boris Orlov ended up having a fist fight in which Brandon lost and my character went up and stole his hat, glasses and face mask as a way of defusing the lingering tension that was established earlier due to the screaming between our characters. Brandon then proceeded to run after me in an attempt to get his items back, this was a completely innocent situation and no malicious intent was behind it, it was simply some rough-housing between some close friends. I will admit that the situation went on for longer than it should have, which I blame myself for because I was reluctant to give Brandon back his items. During some point, more fights broke out and although it would be confusing to onlookers, it was also a way of defusing the tension between all of our characters as there have been several situations in which they have grown to be frustrated with one another and fighting it out was quite cathartic for them. At one point my character encountered Harry Wells, who at first I believed to be a member of my group (James Kassidy) who I later realised was not when my character got another look at him and heard his voice once more. Harry asks me why we were fighting, to which I replied: "It's the end of the world, live a little, do what you want." This, in my opinion, is not Bad RP as it reflects my character's pessimistic outlook on life in the apocalypse. There is no government, there is no order, so if you wanna fight, you should fight. I will elaborate on this further later in this post. I stole Brandon's trousers at one point, which I believe was a bit ridiculous on my behalf, and I will hold my hand up and say it was a silly decision of mine, however, I had a spare pair on me, I always intended to give Brandon some form of trousers back afterwards even after I threw his original pair in the river. Addressing the Issues that Methias has Raised: Immature RP: I would like to start off this section with a direct quote from the rules: 5.7 "We employ a zero-tolerance policy towards those who engage in abusive or immature role play such as rape, extreme racism, extremism, nazism or otherwise abusive or offensive subjects. Such actions are grounds for permanent removal from this community." If I do recall correctly, my friends and I may have been dicking around a bit, but we certainly weren't employing any forms of Extremism, Nazism and we certainly did not Rape anyone. I'm not trying to come across as picky or reading too far into things, but I find it quite ironic that the man accusing us of being Immature also accused us of committing "fucktardery" in his own words. Practice what you preach, my friend. The issue of our fighting as a group was a legitimate in-character confrontation due to rising tension within the group due to a serious situation that had occurred the night before. When asked as to why we were fighting I replied: "It's the end of the world, live a little, do what you want." Obviously, in character, I am not going to disclose why our group was so tense with one another because anyone could be listening and use that information against us. The reason that this statement reflects my character's outlook on the world in the Apocalypse is due to the fact that he acknowledges the absence of society and that there is a new way of doing things in this new world. The statement itself is not untrue, we can do what we want as there is no law or order to stop us from doing it, therefore my character sees a bit of fighting as a welcome alternative to doing something much worse, he sees violence between friends as a useful tool that can be used to defuse the tension in many situations. Meta-Gaming: Here I would like to point out the timestamp of 2:46 in your video evidence in which Dan Yates asks "Is that James?" due to the characters having a similar voice, Harry then responds with "No." Therefore, any accusation of Meta-Game against my group seems quite invalid as they could easily pass on this information to one another. Now to address my accused Meta-Game in which I went up to Harry and asked if he was James at a later time. I said that I was mistaken in thinking you were James after I walked up to you and got a look at your face, you accused me of Meta-Gaming in this instance, however, James is a member of the group that my character leads, so I know his face IC. When I went up to you and looked you in the face, I was able to identify that you were not James, if you look at the video evidence will see that Harry Wells is not wearing a mask. Baiting: I have to say that I do not understand this accusation at all. You got followed around a bit, being asked to partake in "some games," obviously Dan didn't mean it in a friendly way, but your character did provoke him through calling the group as a whole "Queer." If anything it is you who were baiting when you were leaving as you called out to Dan from over your shoulder "See you later, fuckface!" Overall I find this ridiculous, you're making a mountain out of a tiny molehill. I would also like to add that I attempted to talk it out with Methias over teamspeak. Here he was uncooperative and interrupted me on several occasions. I tried to settle it in a formal manner before replying with my POV, as I was hoping this could be resolved with words, I am regretful to say Methias was unwilling to resolve this together as he said nothing would come from talking it out.
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    In Viridian - Battle Cry

    This is simply great.
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    Welcome back, my guy. I've missed you!
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    The Journal of David Meeks

    Thank you so much! I'll probably put a little less colour in next time!
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    This is really fucking good.
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    The Journal of David Meeks

    If you say so <3
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    The Journal of David Meeks

    Entry 1 So, I don't really know how to start this... Hello, I guess? Fuck... I have no idea what I'm doing, it's not as if I'm gonna let anyone read this crap... I guess I should just get to it. My name is David Meeks, I was born on the 14th March 1992 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm writing this for nobody really, except myself. I need a place to vent, to give my opinions without being drowned in a sea of conflicting ideas, hypocrisy and idiocy. So I am writing to you, although "you" are no-one, because you don't exist. I'm overthinking this, aren't I? I guess for now I'll just address you as friend. So, friend, I would go through my life story, how I got here and all that other shit, but I don't want to because it doesn't matter. Nothing before the outbreak matters anymore. I'll start with my first group, we didn't have a name or anything, we were just a bunch of people out in the woods. We hunted, we gathered, lived off "the fatta the lan'" as Steinbeck would put it. Then, one night, I come home from a hunting trip and all I find of my group are roaming corpses. This wasn't exactly traumitising for me, I barely knew any of them, and I didn't exactly feel for them. I don't know what happened to them, and I suppose I never will. This makes me sound like an asshole, doesn't it, friend? Well maybe I am, or was... But things have changed. After the incident with my first group, I travelled south, very south. I hit Cherno and just kind of wandered for a bit, to be honest, I thought there was no-one left. Then I ran into this guy called Jeremy, Jeremy Noivac. He was a really funny guy, he was nice. To my surprise, I had made a friend. He brought me to a Pub in Cherno where, according to him: "Everyone chills out here, it's great." I didn't believe him, I thought "A pub? Of all places? Yeah totally, that sounds like the hub of human interaction in the apocalypse. I think people are a bit more concerned about surviving than making friends." I stand corrected. We hung out there, Jeremy and I. We loved it there, we even married this girl Quinn Gray to a guy called Nial MacNeil, little did I know it would end up being a royal wedding... I ended up joining what is now known as Viridian, the group that runs the pub, I decided to upon meeting Rory, the leader, she's really nice. I helped her out a bit with moving from Cherno to Severograd, I decided to stick around. I ended up meeting this kid on the road one day, his name is Razz. He's a hothead, like a real hothead. But he's a good kid, at heart. Jeremy started to take him on his little adventures. While that was happening I came to have an epiphany about Jeremy. He's self-destructive. Jeremy was the type of guy who got robbed and beaten every day, about three times a day on a bad day. I saw what he was doing Razz, he was making him just like Jeremy. That's something I felt I had to stop, Jeremy was going to get himself killed at some point. I didn't want that to happen. I tried to take Razz aside a few times, but I couldn't really get him away from Jeremy. Jeremy started causing a lot of shit at the pub, this was something that needed to be stopped. His personality was cataclysmic, he turned every situation rotten eventually, that was just his nature. I ended up making an Alliance between Viridian and a group run by a fellow Irishman Caleb Gallagher, I like him, the way he thinks compliments mine very well. We asked a favour of him, take Jeremy, rough him up a bit and warn him not to start shit in Severograd again. I was there, masked and silent, I beat him myself. I'm not proud of some of the things I've done, but it had to happen. He was getting too dangerous. Over the next few days things were tense between Jeremy and I, he knew it was me who organised it: the beating. Maybe he even knew it was me who beat him. I'm not sure to be honest. The beginning of the end for us was an argument we had in town one day, eventually, we walked away from each other, but my guys wanted a bit more. So we ended up taking him and Razz to a barn just North of Severograd, I remember thinking about how I could make use of this situation, but also feeling this awful pit in my stomach, like something was going to go wrong. While Julius (one of our allies) was torturing Jeremy, I took Razz and handed him his fully loaded M4 and said to him: "You've got two options, shoot me and leave, or join me and not get yourself killed." I know, I'm an asshole. I did for him if you can believe that. I made him betray his best friend, but it was for his own safety. He joined me. Jeremy got fucked up, with a crowbar to be exact. I didn't mean for that to happen, but it happened, and that's my fault. Jeremy hated me after that, who wouldn't? He contacted me via radio the next day he told me: "Meet me at the barn, you know which one. Bring Razz." He said he wanted to "talk things out," I was hoping he genuinely meant it. We tried talking things out, we honestly did, Jeremy got too angry, though. He punched me and I fell unconscious, hitting my ribs hard on the way down from the top platform of the barn, by the time I woke up, he was gone. The next time I spoke to Jeremy, he told me that he would "take away everything you love." I knew he meant it, he wasn't one to make empty threats, so I got Rory and Eddie, and we waited. You must understand that I was furious. I knew what that meant, it meant he would take the bar away, the place I had devoted myself to building and maintaining. It meant he would take Razz away, the 17-year-old kid who I wanted to help survive so badly. It also meant taking away Rory, the woman who gave me purpose in a life that seemed to have none for me. I couldn't stand for it. He showed up in town eventually, and we took him back to the barn. This time, I was going to finish it. He knew it was coming, he wanted to see the stars one more time, so I took him out front, gave him one last cigarette, and pulled the trigger. This first entry is dedicated to Jeremy Noivac, my first friend, and my first enemy. I need a drink.
  14. Ronan

    S1 BADRP/Miss-ID Firefight/RulePlay/Potential Invalid RDM Severograd 9/13/17 (Approx 1900 Server Time)

    In-Game Name: David Meeks Affiliation: @Darion @Galaxy @SkinVest @Rory Video Evidence: None Detailed Point-of-View: So I came up to the bar (which I co-run) and spotted the white supremacist with whom I had words with the other day, who was run out of town after having made himself vomit after I informed him that the same glass he drank from was also drank from by a black man. I informed Darion of this story and his, what my character (David) believes to be, twisted and vile beliefs. Darion and the Supremacist exchange words and things start to get heated. If you are referring to @Darion yelling I must inform you that he was getting emotional and angry due to being called a "coon" by the Supremacist, which I believe to be a very realistic and understandable reaction to being called a racist term. As for the "trolly noises" I don't recall any being made. Darion then warned the White Supremacist not to be Racist towards him, a short time the later on the argument, Darion punches him and knocks him out, the Supremacist then leaves the town. Sometime later Darion is shot in the street, but lives, having a broken leg he is patched up and makes his way to the bar. Whilst being huddled in the bar and being shot at, I (David) decide to go and try and return fire at some of the people shooting at my bar, me and Eddie Serolla (another member of In Viridian) start going around the town, in search of the shooters. I find one of them in a three story building next to the main bridge of Severograd and I believe we kill each other, although I'm not sure if he lived or not. I am shot dead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END OF POV -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Ronan

    Favourite RP Moment

    I thought that with all the doom and gloom going on in the community at the moment it would be a good idea to reminisce on the good times! So I put this question to you, what is your favourite RP moment to date? I can certainly say that mine was either the time I was the puppetmaster of a war between the Reapers and Lewis' group as my Sociopath character Matthew Irwin (before lore wipe) or the recent event in which I killed my first friend, and my first enemy: Jeremy Noivac. Hope this helps take people's minds of the current pessimism spreading through the community!