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  1. Anatoli Weston was born in Chernarus and he was raised in Stary Sobor as a younger fella. He worked in a mill for most of his teenage years to earn some money to save for later in life. As he got into adulthood he had saved a pretty penny, so he rented out a home and just worked for the most of his early adulthood.
  2. I had met up with my friend @Holy-Bucket in Kab and shortly a man runs up and starts being acting really funny, saying stuff that wasn't really in the norm. I heard him on the radio as well using a voice changer before I had met up with my buddy. We walked to Vybor military to go get some things and he would just start saying more weird stuff and it was kinda getting to the point where it was becoming just a bad example of roleplay. And yes he used a voice changer and was just being rather blunt with being kinda troll like.
  3. When you get robbed twice in 15 minutes but one is fun and the other last 5 seconds

  4. *Arik picks a radio off a dead body and clicks in on, a sound of a panic comes threw this persons voice* My name is Arik Shaffer, If anyone can hear this I've been stuck in the north western area of this island for 2 weeks now, I am not a local here. *Some coughing could be heard as he turned away from the radio* And I think I've gotten ill while drinking some bad water. If anyone is out there I am always near the Stary area, I haven't seen anyone in we-e.... *The radio cuts out*
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I wasn't even home at the time at the ban I was on vacation so I was not able to reply to the report I was gone all last week. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I didn't even know I was reported. PoV: I was running as a dynamic with Bazz and Lukzo2024 and we ran into a group of people and hostile rp was between Bazz and one of the other fellas, I ran off because the hostile rp was getting worse so I got cover and initiation was dropped then shot from the back. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Me being unbanned or at least receive a fair ban What could you have done better?: Not been away at the time
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