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    S1: BadRP / TrollRP, Kabanino and Stary

    I had met up with my friend @Holy-Bucket in Kab and shortly a man runs up and starts being acting really funny, saying stuff that wasn't really in the norm. I heard him on the radio as well using a voice changer before I had met up with my buddy. We walked to Vybor military to go get some things and he would just start saying more weird stuff and it was kinda getting to the point where it was becoming just a bad example of roleplay. And yes he used a voice changer and was just being rather blunt with being kinda troll like.
  2. Eric was born into a very good family. His parents were both very successful in their lives and raised him and his twin brother very well. Him and his brother went to upper class schools, and both excelled. Eric went onto a career in the culinary arts. He became a head chef at a local Italian restaurant. Beginning - While working one day, Eric overheard some people talking about a get away to a country called.....Chernarus? Eric had never heard of it, and was curious on the country. After his shift, he began researching the country. He looked on travels websites and was amazed at how beautiful the country was.He also began looking up flights, but couldn't find any going in or out. This confused him but he thought little of it. His brother, Spencer, and gone on to open up a small flight company, which happened to be willing to go in and out of most places. He approached his brother one day, telling him of the place and how he wants to go there. Spencer seemed intrigued, and with a bit of convincing, was willing to take him. They set out in Mid July 2017. But it quickly became apparent that Eric didn't do enough research, because as soon as they entered the air spcer, they were shot by a russian jet. This took off the right wing, sending them down into the earth. Resurrection - Eric suddenly jolted awake. Looking around he noticed he didn't recognize anything, except his brother, who appeared to have woken him. "What the hell happened?" Eric said looking up at his brother. "I wish i knew, one second we're go'n smooth, then the next we crashed." Spencer said, a bit wide eyed. "We gotta try and find some help, I...I can barely feel my legs" Eric says now noticing he can barley move them. "Suppose we should get moving then, before night falls" Spencer says standing up. Eric put his arm up, and Spencer pulled him up, throwing his arm around his shoulders. They began walking, hoping to find some kind of town. Over a year later - Eric watched as his brother opened up the door, and slowly moved in. Spencer motioned for him, and Eric quietly followed in his tracts. They both got their guns into their hands and began looking around the warehouse. Noticing a small room in the back, Spencer approached, and poked his head in. Suddenly, by some miracle, the blast of buckshot that followed didn't blow off his brothers head. Spencer fell back onto his as and quickly started to crawl twords Eric. A man came rushing out of the room, saw'd off in had and aimed at Spencer. Eric quickly pulled his rifle up and pumped the man full of rounds. As the man fell to the ground, Eric ran over and grabbed his brother and pulled him up to his feet. "We gotta get the fuck outa here man, shit ain't worth dying for" his Eric said, pulling Spencer along. They ran out of the building, but this time not met with gunfire, but the screams of infected running at them. The 2 begin running, getting to a wooden hunting tower, Spencer going up first, and pulling Eric up with him. The infected surround the base of the tower. "Well now what" Spencer says looking over at Eric. "The fun begins" Eric says, pulling his rifle back to his hands. He begins putting rounds into the infected 1 by 1. Spencer hesitant at first, quickly followed a long with his brother.
  3. Totapi


    When you get robbed twice in 15 minutes but one is fun and the other last 5 seconds

  4. Warick was born in Abita Springs, Louisiana, he had a decent life up until he started looking for a job out of the country. The south was getting old for him and he wanted to take a trip out of the country, to experience things he was not accustom to. So he had decided to go to somewhere small, he chose Chernarus because it was relativity small and quiet kind of place. So he booked a flight out and traveled his was over, once he was there he went job hunting and found himself a security job at a mining area up north. Working there for a while wasn't bad so he decided he would just stay in the country since he really didn't have much left back at home. But one evening he had a routine call into one of the mining shafts, he and another security officer that was working that evening went to go the evening inspection. The other security officer was named Melstov, anyway the basic thing is that he was shut into the mine right before this outbreak occurred. Attempts to get out were not even worth the try, he spent his time in that mine lost in the dark slowly falling into insanity.
  5. Totapi

    Night Light

  6. Totapi

    Lost [Open Frequency]

    *Arik picks a radio off a dead body and clicks in on, a sound of a panic comes threw this persons voice* My name is Arik Shaffer, If anyone can hear this I've been stuck in the north western area of this island for 2 weeks now, I am not a local here. *Some coughing could be heard as he turned away from the radio* And I think I've gotten ill while drinking some bad water. If anyone is out there I am always near the Stary area, I haven't seen anyone in we-e.... *The radio cuts out*
  7. Born in Germany, Arik lived in Hamburg with his family in a nice little home out of the city until he was 18. The had left Germany to go explore Europe, so he went to Chernarus to live out in a quiet area and to work as police officer. He enjoyed his time out in the country for some time, it was a easy life with decent work. He visited a man named Brain O Krey, he owned the local pub thay he came to after work often, and he spent his weekends having a drink with his co-workers. He was a regular there. Eventually he was sitting there one afternoon and was listening to the radio, he heard that some crazy shit was going down so he would head back home and gather as much stuff he had, pack up, and get to safety.
  8. Totapi

    Ban Appeal - Report PoV

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I wasn't even home at the time at the ban I was on vacation so I was not able to reply to the report I was gone all last week. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I didn't even know I was reported. PoV: I was running as a dynamic with Bazz and Lukzo2024 and we ran into a group of people and hostile rp was between Bazz and one of the other fellas, I ran off because the hostile rp was getting worse so I got cover and initiation was dropped then shot from the back. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Me being unbanned or at least receive a fair ban What could you have done better?: Not been away at the time
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    Too quiet

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