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  1. Night Light

  2. Lost [Open Frequency]

    *Arik picks a radio off a dead body and clicks in on, a sound of a panic comes threw this persons voice* My name is Arik Shaffer, If anyone can hear this I've been stuck in the north western area of this island for 2 weeks now, I am not a local here. *Some coughing could be heard as he turned away from the radio* And I think I've gotten ill while drinking some bad water. If anyone is out there I am always near the Stary area, I haven't seen anyone in we-e.... *The radio cuts out*
  3. Arik Schafer

    Born in Germany, Arik lived in Hamburg with his family in a nice little home out of the city until he was 18. He left Germany to go explore Europe, so he went to Chernarus to live out in a quite area and to work as mill worker, cutting lumber, and just generally just being a lumberjack. He enjoyed his time out in the country for some time, it was a easy life with decent work. He visited a man named Brain O Krey pub a lot while he was living here he came in for a brew each day after he finished work, and he spent his weekends having a drink with his co-workers. He was a regular there. Eventually he was sitting there one afternoon and was listening to the radio, he heard that some crazy shit was going down so he would head back home and gather as much stuff he had, pack up, and get to safety.