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  1. So this whole, "active character" thing. will this mean I have to re-create a new character because my current characters name is slightly too long?

    1. Spartan


      there is a way to have longer names if you edit the dayz files. I did it once but I can't remember how

  2. The feeling of being kicked off the server, for not being on your active character.

    When you were on that active character. :|

    1. ApronedCrusader


      I think you just have to make sure everything is spelled exactly like your character page says. I may be wrong though.

  3. Xanatov Sigismund

    Xanatov's parents orginally met within Chernarus. his mother was a volunteer helping out people after the war, his farther was a hunter who worked to provide food for the war orphans. They both escaped away to the United Kingdom, his mother's home country, upon learning that she was prepared for a child. his mother passed away at the age of 45. later on his father passed away at the age of 59 on september 24th due to the alcohol poisoning, the last wish of his father that he return to his home country and spread his ashes. Xanatov's diary - October 7th, 2014. "The day it all went to the shitter" "It was a day in which I had hoped was all going to be peaceful, how fucking wrong I was. but atleast I made through on my promise to dad,I had made it into the forest area, "ostrey/Ostry?" I'm not too familiar with the names but it could be one of those two, it was a good hike to get there without I can tell why the old man wanted it to be held there." "So, I had made my way into the forest and gotten myself on the high ground. the sight was....beautiful, I just wish mom could be there to witness the landscape once again. although thank god she doesn't have to deal with this...hell. I camped out there for the night, nothing much occurred...if you don't add in all the fuss on the radios, besides the point i finally managed to spread dad's ashes in the , "ostrey/Ostry?" forest area. he was fond of the area, said he was always lucky when he went hunting there however I believe that Sif had just been fond of his actions of feeding the weak" Xanatov's diary - 8th of october "Things were a bit louder on the radio so I ended up turning it off, big fucking mistake, decided to hike to devil's castle trying to avoid the towns and just live off the wildlife." Xanatov's diary - 9th of october "Made it to the devil's castle and the view from there? fucking chaotic, shit was just getting started. and I had absolutely no intention on being around for much longer, I was afraid another war was going on .. bu- un--rtuna-ely I w-sn- th-t -ucky" *The diary is too ruined to continue reading*
  4. *Xanatov begins to stare at the sun, wondering where it all went wrong for him.* "...Where the fuck am I and where the fuck am I meant to go?...Maybe that shortcut was a bad idea." *he exclaims as he tosses his map into the wind and picks up his radio, pressing the PTT button he readies himself for his first broadcast in a long time* "*Coughs* Hello survivors of Chernarus! My name is Xanatov Sigismund, I like to think of myself as a trader, I grab a bit of everything such as: Junk, Ammo, some food, the occasional weapon." *He pauses for a moment to open a can of spaghetti with a knife" "I've done a fair bit of...travelling, recently gotten myself a bit lost after walking around in a minor daze. *Sighs* anyways I'm deviating from the point, I'm aware that there a fair number of trade outposts within this land, however I'm not entirely sure on their locations. I've got gear to unload so if some kind soul could kindly point in the right direction to find one..." "...I'd be pretty damn thankful, because I am lost on where to go." *Xanatov releases the PTT, placing the radio next to him and leans back to rest on a tree"