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  1. "*Cough*...Well....shit...Could be the last time anyone hears my voice...Any of you ever seen those hangover movies?...Never thought I'd feature in my own version of that, a hellish version to that!...*Sound of glass breaking* and there goes the last bottle for now." *shuffles around to get a bit comfier* "I originally came out here with my brother we were going to celebrate his engagement. So...We went to see a few of his buddies here, had a good time with them, took us to all these "exclusive" venues. shit, we just holed up their apartments getting high and drinking everything and anything alcoholic within a 2 mile radius. and after a good 5 hours of just...dumb fuckery, I wake up on the roof...Yeah, sorta like the movies right? no idea how long I had been out" *Breaths in* "And...I could hear the chaos before I saw it, Hel herself clearly took us all in her arms. Screams, and....crunching noises...It was hard to place at first but well, thats all we ever hear nowadays...something crunching away at something, be it bone of flesh" "After actually witnessing that, shit show, horror factory. I managed to stumble my way back to the apartment where my brother and his friends were chilling...Well the last apartment I remember them being in... and shit. Was. Fucked. I don't mean small time "oh no the tv's broke" fucked. I mean three dead bodies, one without a face! one with his face in the TV! and another one, dead on the balcony, half over the edge..." "Then of course...glancing over the balcony itself...I see Ryan...just lying on the floor, I'm not even sure what got him, was it a biter? was it the fall from the balcony? I don't even know, because when i went to the bottom floor to check on him...He was gone..."
  2. Good morning/evening/afternoon fellow survivors! My name is Parry, the whole DayzRP was really what got me hooked on Dayz however due to reasons with work I was unable play for a fair amount of time and usually was really bad at interacting with others due to the time constraints. Alas though I have managed to gain some more free time and thus am returning to interact with you all!, and by interact I mean be socially awkward about it until I can think of what the hell I'm doing. I'm not really sure if it's worth "reviving" my old character. he didn't really die or anything, just a long period of inactivity. however the temptation to create a new one is there. whats your opinion? try to RP as a survivor who's been away from the area for a while? or make a new one (with black jack! and hookers!...) So. did I miss anything good? Good to see you all again, with love, from Parry.
  3. So this whole, "active character" thing. will this mean I have to re-create a new character because my current characters name is slightly too long?

    1. Spartan


      there is a way to have longer names if you edit the dayz files. I did it once but I can't remember how

  4. The feeling of being kicked off the server, for not being on your active character.

    When you were on that active character. :|

    1. ApronedCrusader


      I think you just have to make sure everything is spelled exactly like your character page says. I may be wrong though.

  5. *Xanatov begins to stare at the sun, wondering where it all went wrong for him.* "...Where the fuck am I and where the fuck am I meant to go?...Maybe that shortcut was a bad idea." *he exclaims as he tosses his map into the wind and picks up his radio, pressing the PTT button he readies himself for his first broadcast in a long time* "*Coughs* Hello survivors of Chernarus! My name is Xanatov Sigismund, I like to think of myself as a trader, I grab a bit of everything such as: Junk, Ammo, some food, the occasional weapon." *He pauses for a moment to open a can of spaghetti with a knife" "I've done a fair bit of...travelling, recently gotten myself a bit lost after walking around in a minor daze. *Sighs* anyways I'm deviating from the point, I'm aware that there a fair number of trade outposts within this land, however I'm not entirely sure on their locations. I've got gear to unload so if some kind soul could kindly point in the right direction to find one..." "...I'd be pretty damn thankful, because I am lost on where to go." *Xanatov releases the PTT, placing the radio next to him and leans back to rest on a tree"