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  1. Jason Miles is a 20 year old university student on a trip to Chernarus to study chemistry. He is also accompanied by a friend to visit another friend and celebrate their birthday. As he arrived in town he immediately went out and began looking at the area for anything of interest when he notices some algae to look at. He takes it home to further look into and it ended up just being some standard algae. By the time he had finished his research and went back outside and noticed that some of the townspeople were acting different, being more aggressive than before, some losing their ability to speak, and coughing blood. Fearing that he might meet the same fate Jason tries to fly home again only to be stopped and told that Chernarus is in a state of emergency and that him and his friend cannot leave until the issue is resolved. Jason travels back to the town and gets as much food and water as he is allowed to get and barricades himself in the home as the townspeople’s condition worsens and people become more and more infected with the new outbreak. While the condition of most continued to accelerate and worsen, Jason feared more and more that he too would become infected with the unknown disease and through that fear, uprooted his place of residence and all the belongings he could carry and moved into the forest so as to minimize human contact. This meant that he would be safer as the disease would have a much harder time reaching him then usual which saved Jason.