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  1. No, I didn't. I can clearly hear him respond in the video but I can say I didn't hear him in game
  2. We did not have any out of game communication at that moment because we thought we should full mute for RP. Which I actually just exited TS because it's faster for me. So I would have no way to know if there was interaction or not between them. We always do that when anything is going on IC for full effect. I was too far ahead to hear anything the whole time as you can see in the pictures provided by mugin and videos provided can verify that.
  3. The sad part, is that they refuse to let me explain why we kept running in the video, apart of how we actually couldn't hear you guys say anything while running until Tisy. At least I can say for myself that I was too far ahead the entire time to hear you say anything at all. I can't speak for both me and my friend. To me, there was no interaction at all. Just a bunch of people chasing us with stuff like ghillie wraps and SVD's. So from my POV all I could see was a group that wanted to hold us up. Of course I ran, and of course I kept going. I even branched off from my friend and could have easily just lost you completely if I had abandoned him. Instead I stuck with the RP at hand which was being chased to where I thought might be safe, the 101 base. In my eyes, I had no failRP(And if I did please correct me after seeing my POV @Elmo) and I wasn't avoiding anything other than being held in a hostile situation. I did not hear any voices, I did not know I was being interacted with in the first place. FearRP, running away when given the chance is apart of that. I played along, I was a good sport. They clearly got what they wanted out of me and my character in then end. You guys want beef, keep it with my friends. Please leave me out of it from now on, as it can be seen in almost EVERY video that has been posted about this that I am actually following RP. Hell I even walked ALL the way from the 101 patiently and compliantly and was ignoring RL sits that were happening in my background for the RP. I should not have to stop and interact with people just because I can see them, as my character likes to avoid people at all times IC in the first place. No interaction was heard, no reason to stop.
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