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  1. I Can't find the passphrase in the rules

    i have read it 6 or 7 times to my friend outloud and i still cant find it I tried it in May and had the same problem
  2. I Can't find the passphrase in the rules

    I have tried to whitelist on dayzrp a few months ago but couldn't find the rule passphrase and I'm having the same problem now please help
  3. Rules Passphrase

    Maybe I'm just being blind as crap but I still can't find it
  4. Rules Passphrase

    Someone pls help
  5. Rules Passphrase

    just read it another 3 times and still cannot find it
  6. Rules Passphrase

    is it in a different font or something cause i cannot for the life of me find it
  7. Rules Passphrase

    i have read it over and over and i still cant find the pass phrase