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  1. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Jerome escaped the outbreak in his city. After the decision to leave the United States to move back to his homeland the outbreak began. He was forced to board a ship to a remote island off the coast of Manila but was hijacked by pirates who wanted to take the remote island themselves. Jerome and a few others took one of the life boats and made their way towards Shrilanka where he found refuge for a few months. Heavy military personnel began arriving in Shrilanka evacuating and also executing the weak from the strong. Jerome was lucky enough to be chosen to fight along side but did not want to do anything with their chaotic intentions. He fled on his own stealing one of their vehicles and has been missing since. He now finds himself stranded in an unknown place. This is how his story begins.
  2. eskae

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *His clothes dripping in blood and rain Naj pulls out his radio from his side pocket one last time.* Roxana... I've failed to find your mother and sisters. This may be the last of me. *He presses the radio button.* To all the survivors I've met through out the years being on this forsaken land, I thank you for everything you've done for me... *Naj removes his bomber jacket and places it behind his head to lay on.* You were all wonderful souls who helped guide me to where I needed to go. Unfortunately, this is my final moment. I... I wanted to let you all know that even though I didn't find what I was looking for, I found like minded people who gave me the strength to keep moving forward. In turn, you found me and I think that was my meaning all along. *He begins to cough violently over the radio releasing and pressing the button multiple times.* This is a farewell to all of you... *His finger presses tightly on the button and is held until his radio battery dies out.*
  3. eskae

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Naj receives the message loud and clear and holds down the radio button.* Glad to hear you guys are looking out for each other up there. I may be headed back towards that area soon. Ran into a few issues but I'll get it sorted on my own. Be well. *He releases the button and hesitates to switch off the receiver.*
  4. eskae

    DayZ RP is meant for RPing!

    I've had multiple encounters upon joining the server and it's only been a week thus far. All of my encounters were really fun and the RP felt exactly how it should be whilst in this infected apocalypse. My RP skills via voice comm is lacking lol... I get kinda nervous speaking instead of typing (which i'm more in tune with). I do understand the whole "veteran RPers" who sort of push away newcomers and I admit to be have been one of those before. I was one of the leaders (Jedi Masters in this case) and had my own RP role with other vets and when newcomers came along I truly wanted to help them but I was so full of it I relied on my Jedi Knights to take care of that for me. I learned a lot from that past experience and since then have tried to be as helpful as possible no matter my rank. Feels good to be at the bottom again.
  5. Had a nice sedan for a solid day or so but was inflicted with the DayZ fear of owning one. Once I got everything fixed and working, I ran into two other survivors telling me that it was not safe to own one. I ended up crashing it into a tree anyway (as i always do since i'm more of a heli pilot).
  6. I would have enjoyed this initiation lol. I've been getting a lot of, "You okay?" I mean yes I'm alright but that's a hard question to answer lol.
  7. eskae

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *After finding a safe place to settle Naj pulls out the radio in his side pocket and a piece of paper slips out. It reads the same frequency he is currently tuned to. He holds down the PTT.* To the two helpful men, Buckshot and Little Link in Novo, I thank you. Unfortunately, I had to ditch the car in Novy. I ran into a woman and also a fellow on the way over and gave me warnings about owning a vehicle. I took everything I needed and will continue my journey on foot. Hope to run into you two again soon. Be safe out there. *Naj releases the PTT and sets up under a tree to rest.*
  8. Ahh this would be beautiful. Chernarus is classic but Namalsk, Tavi, Panthera, Utes any other map would be nice. We can't stay on Chernarus forever lol.
  9. - snip - Lonewolfing it for now until I get my character properly set up.
  10. eskae

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *He quickly responds holding down the radio button.* "I do not have a last name I apologize but please, if you ever run into this person just ask them if they remember someone by the name of Naj. I appreciate your help." *Releases the button and puts his radio back in his side pocket.*
  11. eskae

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *He picks up his radio out of excitement and holds down the button.* "It's nice to finally hear other voices besides my own. I'm looking for a man named Travis. He told me to radio him once I found something that would be useful for the both of us." *Releases the button and waits for response.*
  12. eskae

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Since Naj is in need of help he turns on his radio and waits. He whispers to himself.* "All that time searching for batteries for this damn thing and I turn it off? What is wrong with me..." *He holds down the radio button and begins to speak.* "I'm sure I caused a bit of confusion with that first test. I didn't mean to switch off my radio right after. *Naj looks up at the cloudy sky whilst holding the button down.* "Just wanted to see if anyone was out there." *Naj releases the radio button and patiently waits.*
  13. eskae

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Naj was able to find batteries for a radio he found in Zelongorsk and turns it on for the first time. He holds down the button and begins to speak.* "Testing..." *Releases the button and turns off his radio out of fear.*
  14. Thank you Buddy and Darra! Been enjoying the server so far
  15. Thanks PurifieR! I'm just about to hop onto the server for the first time