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  1. To the two guys i just scoped out close to VMC, my welcome screen was on top of my ingame screen so could not talk ingame or do much.... sorry boys.
  2. *Mathias push the ptt* Hey Lorenzo, can you hear me? I left Sverograd a few days ago in your direction... not too far away from Novo at the moment, have not seen or heard anything for a long time... Well, maybe i see you one day... *Releases his ptt*
  3. *Mathias reaches down into his backpack, inserts the new battery he found into his radio and presses down the ptt* Punisher 1-6, This is Varg 1-1 Alpha, HOW COPY? *only static* This is Varg 1-1 Alpha, anyone??? No power on radio the last few days... back online now... Need a status update, over. *Release the ptt* *Not a sound beside the static from the radio... Mathias leaves the Radio online... Mathias smiles while he opens a Rasputin and a can of spaghetti, for once it is all quiet around him, no growling from the infected, no shots heard for several days, life is picking up*
  4. *Mathias carfully pushes the ptt on his radio* Patrick.... are you ok? can you hear me? I scouted around Vybor a little time ago, could not see anything beside Z's stubbing around... Dont know if you can hear me but i might be in the area for a little time before i move on, hope you are ok. *Mathias releases his ptt thinking " at least i tried, hopefully he is ok, i cant do much more that hoping he is ok"
  5. *Mathias breathing heavily, after running through the woods, pushing the ptt while running* This is Varg 1-1 Alpha, anyone copy? Spent 15 minutes scouting the area, No sight of any activity on the rendevouz point, moved down to the camp, into the building, found only a hunters pack and a few zombies... left all as it was and moved out, did not feel right... Everybody ok? Varg 1-1 Alpha out *Releases the ptt*
  6. *Pushes the ptt* Punisher 1-6 This is Varg 1-1 Alpha... Do you copy? I will not make myself known atm due to unforseen issues that has occured, i have some urgent things i need to take care of before i start moving towards the rallypoint, ETA 48 hours. Dont know if anyone will be there at that time or you have spread out by the time i get there... I will be avaliable on comms during the next 48 hours. Varg 1-1 Alpha out *Releases ptt*
  7. *Mathias breaths heavy after a long hard day scouting the hills around Pulkovo, pulls out his radio and push the ptt* This is Varg 1-1 Alpha... I have been scouting Pulkovo and the surrounding areas today, several shots fired, on several locatioins inside and outside the town, at least 4 weird people with santa hats and santa beard observed, do not know what is happening inside the city, will NOT make myself known atm... Varg 1-1 Alpha out *Releases ptt*
  8. *Mathias did hear the message on the radio a few days ago, not sure what to believe... pushes the ptt and answer* Punisher 1-6, this is Varg 1-1 Alpha-VJTF Do you copy? *Releases ptt... only silence... not sure if he feels bad or ok that there was no reply... opening a rasputin while wondering if he once again is willing to do NATO duty after all that has happend*
  9. *Mathias reaches down in his backpack for his radio, pushes the ptt* Passed through Vybor Industrial today, nothing there, no tents, no people, no nothing... only infected.... Filled up my bottles with water and moved on to a "safe" location with a nice overlook of the area for some rest, been moving around alone for so many hours.. Need food and sleep, fire is burning, and steaks is soon ready, must be quick, cant have the fire burning when i go to sleep. Stay frosty all survivors out there, might move towards Green Mountain some time, maybe i see you there. *Releases the ptt, steaks is done so pouring some water on the fire to put it out before he eats*
  10. *Mathias rubbs the sleep out of his eyes and pushes the ptt* Ashley? Ashley? are you there? Only static can be heard.... If you can hear me i am not far from you and im moving towards Lopatino in a day or two..... *Releases the ptt, once again only static*
  11. *Mathias catches his breath after some struggeling hours in the woods, getting som of that newly hunted, fresh meat ready for the fire, presses the PTT* Can anyone hear me? Nikolai, are you there? James? Lorenzo? anyone? Nikolay, im ok, heard someone rubbing against my cabin last night, could not find any tracks.... just a cut of sharp stick on the ground 50 meters from my cabin... strange... Been out hunting, got some good food but still looking for som wolf pelt, would appreciate some help with that... Im tired so im going to cook some food and eat, then sleep for a few hours and make my way back to Vybor and Kab area again, probably stay clear of Vybor for now since i am alone... Ill be in the woods surrounding Kab a little bit later today. Stay safe people... *Releases the Ptt, and then there was nothing.....*
  12. *Hears the radio chatter and smiles while putting some more wood in the fireplace, and thinking: This old cabin feels much better that the old chuch that has been my home lately* Nice to hear back from you Nikolai, as i said in my first message, i "have" been living in the old church but since the winter cold hit the area hard it is in too bad shape to withstand the cold wind from the north so i am still in the area but no longer in the church.... haha.. Yeah, when i heard the shooting at this so called trading post it did not feel right... Did you hear about..... ssssssssh...... *loading shotgun* someone or something is here... *leting go of the ptt... radio is dead quiet*
  13. *Mathias push the ptt* Hello Nikolai and Lorenzo, i can hear you both loud and clear, so nice to hear from living people again.... To stay out of the winter cold i have been living in the old church right outside Kabanino, but the cold has made me struggle so i had to make the tough decicion to go out hunting, not only for meat but allso for leather and pelt too make some warm clothing, so i am roaming the woods at the moment.... Hopefully i will be back in Kabanino tomorrow... Nikolai: I do not know anything about Vybor, i try to stay away from the bigger cities but if this hunt dont bring anything i have to take the risk to go there, what have you heard? I have heard about some kind of trading outpost at the airfield, was running around the woods up there today but heard som shooting so did not go in there... do you know anything about this outpost? I just found a battery in an old cabin so hopefully it will give me radio coverage for some hours.... *releases the ptt with his frozen fingers*
  14. *After scanning the radio for weeks without hearing anything Mathias suddenly hear som chatter, decides to use what is left of the last battery and push the ptt* Hello strangers, can anyone hear me? So nice to hear people again...... Hello?........ Hello?..... anyone there? Can anyone close to Kabanino hear me????
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