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  1. Mathias Larsen

    Mathias Larsen is now 42 years old, been working 15 years for UN and NATO, was a part of a Mil Mi-26 crew who was sent out as a security unit for a team of doctors that was sent into Chernarus to get blood samples late july 2017, the Mil Mi-26 was never found.... LT. Larsen suddenly finds himself all alone down at the beach, only vearing a blody hospital gown and a bracelet... WTF has happend to me? I begin to move, realizing I have to do something about my gnawing hunger and the cold that has me shivering rapidly, as survival becomes my current and only priority.. Need to find my unit, some clothing and food and figure out what has happend to me.
  2. Greeting from Norway

    Hi all, I registered some time ago but have been playing on RemnantsRP up until now, the server is going down for good so thought it was time to introduce myself here 42 year old from Norway, hoping to find some survivors to join up with Will be more active here from now on so see you all soon.
  3. Swedish contribution :)

    Har dere plass til en fra Norge også?