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  1. done and done.. thanks people!
  2. Thanks Rolle, this has fixed the issue. Didnt realise this was a requirement to have the UUID added. All done now. Cheers.
  3. Thanks Rose, tried the default and same error. Even tried bumping the security up to 30 (which took a while) and same issue. Its weird but others have solved it. TS is up to date etc.. maybe i should try to make a new account?? EDIT - Made new TS account with security level 9 and still the same issue. INVALID UUID. frustrating.
  4. Hi all, New to the forum here and am looking forward to some great RP action. Got about 1400 hours in standalone and want to contribute where I can. Problem is that I keep getting an invalid UUID error when trying to link my TS UUID. Ive read here that others have had the same issue and solved it but cant see the solution. Some say it was because the security level was set too high?? however I cant see where to reduce it and creating a new ID gets level 8 which is still invalid. Any help is appreciated! Cheers, BrutoN