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  1. i just did read the whole thing out loud rng isn't super reliable honestly i've ready every rule out loud i know feel like im being taken for a mug or something i've literally done everything thats been said it isnt there
  2. ragarmanga

    yo, i read it all out loud its not there for real

    1. Brady


      It is.

    2. ragarmanga


      i mean it isnt unless im actually blind


    3. Brady


      You're not blind, you just need to take your time and not rush. Read slow and out loud and there will be a point where there's a word, that simply will make no sense, and that is your passphrase.

    4. ragarmanga


      i've been clicking on the rule link reading that line and then moving on i've spent an hour on this i cant go any slower i promise there isnt a random group of letters and numbers


    5. Brady


      It's 1000% there I am positive, no ones going to give it to you so you will just have to keep reading it until you find it

    6. ragarmanga


      i mean i feel like rng has glitched out because i have been through EVERY line word for word i dont understand why its not there but i've actually been through it 

    7. Beni



    8. Brady


      Soon TM

      Probs not tbh

  3. its 100% not there if you highlight it will stick out but the red line and its not there but it doesnt matter i've lost all the time i have for this evening as i have work in the morning which is a bit of a joke
  4. why cant i find this stupid pass phrase literally wasted an hour of my time to try and get white listed i've read the entire thing! and cant find it why make it so god damn difficult, like i finish work and all i want to do is enjoy my time in dayz and have wasted the entire time how ridiculous