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  1. Cash Eastwood, a man born in Tennessee in 1972 was taught a lot in his boyhood years. He learned how to shoot a gun when he was 3 and killed his first dear when he was 4. After graduating High school in 1990, he had nowhere to go, then one day, he got a letter from WestPoint military academy. He graduated from WestPoint in 1995 with outstanding shooting scores. He joined the army being sent to the 101 first Airborne division as a platoon leader. After commissioning, he was immediately sent out to the middle east. He did such a good job leading there that he got a promotion and a position change to a company commander. He served more tours throughout the early 2000's and left the army in 2010 as a major. When he left the army, he didn't know what to do, until a group of Russian mobsters found him when he traveled to Russia to spend time with a few of his friends. These mobsters intended to look for him to recruit him based off of his military background. They got him in to the international weapons trading business, to where he would be making money off of dirty laundry. He sold guns to freedom fighters, militaries, and governments. In 2015,he had gotten a word on a deal that would be expanding in the eastern European area. He would be making so much money off of this to where he could officially retire and pass on the business. He would be working with the Italian and Russian mafia based in Chernarus. They wanted a lot of NATO military weapons, which Cash had. The demand was huge for the weapons and they would all meet at the multiple towns in South Zagoria to make the trades. This trade would take a few years, due to all of the weapons, and the UN's policy to illegal gun and drug trades. In 2017, during the trades, Chernarussian military intel tracked the deal down and Cash was blackmailed. If he didn't sell them 25% of the guns he was selling, he would be brought upon UN courts for illegal trafficking of weapons. He bought in and gave guns to the Chernarussian military. The Italian mafia heard about this and were not to happy about this. They told cash that they would take the guns, but he would have to steal more guns for them to accept it. he ended up stealing a large amount of guns from Canadian and British militaries. By the time he got back to finish the the trade, all hell broke loose in Chernarus. The outbreak had gotten to most of the region of South Zagoria. When he got back to one of the towns he was trading in, known as Staroye, there had been no civilization left but the dead. When he saw this, he headed straight for the Russian border, only to see all of the northern cities to be destroyed and him not being allowed to pass. He then ran back to the south western part of South Zagoria, to try to get back to Miroslavl to escape the region. Once again, no countries were allowing access from Chernarus and he was left there. Cash later tried to find out where the Italian and Russian mafia members went, to only find out that most of them got out alive. On his own feet, he survived on his own throughout the weeks of the start of the apocalypse. He had ran into a killed a lot of zombies and rouge survivors who had tried to kill him. In the end of all f the explosions, fires, and gunshots, he had made it out of it alive. But, that was only the beginning. He continued on to use his skills to survive this thing. Not being a hero nor bandit he would be a survivor. He had killed many more people who had tried to kill him and others. After thing about all of his life, he went to Chernogorsk, and found a group of U.S. Army soldiers and worked with them to take care of the bad guys. One day at the NWAF, his group found a way out of Chernarus by helicopter. When thinking he was going to get out of this alive, they were attacked by a group of bandits. He was left behind on accident after being shot. He ended up getting out alive, but from that moment, he promised that he would kill every single bandit he ever see's. He is the now the Highwayman of Chernarus, and will mess up any bandit that comes his way. He is the highwayman, he is Cash Eastwood.