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  1. Mac and his two brothers grew up in what he saw as a messed up family. Marty became an asshole, and Marvin became a stick up, but Mac became neither. Being born a little earlier than his two brothers, he took all the brute, but took the respect of his father. He was more mature, knew more, and had initiative all of the time. He defended his brothers against ruthless people, but showed them how to become ruthless. He beat and hurt Marvin, the youngest brother, so that he can learn to be ruthless. It never happened to Marvin, but Mac was more of a father than a brother to his siblings. After high school he joined the USMC as an 0372, or MARSOC Marine Raider. After being an operator for 8 years and 3 tours in Iraq, and 2 in Afghanistan, he commissioned as a Warrant Officer. He became an EOD specialist within MARSOC and knew a lot about explosives. As a CWO (W-3), he was sent to help the revolution efforts of the democratic side in Chernarus. When, the infection started, well he just went off the grid. The rest of the story is right there, within the Country, right now.
  2. We initiated at 0819 and had two guys screaming for people to put their hands up. We said people would die if not. I'm afraid you were in the cross fire. We apologize for that, it was our business. If you need recordings, i will get my teammates to send me some clips of us to drop in the forums. P.S. It wasn't the black roses. not gonna say who it was for meta gaming purposes. if you need more information contact me.
  3. Thanks @Saunders! I have talked with @Worldclass, everything is good.
  4. Server and location: Server 1 DayZRP Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-01, 1600-1630 Your in game name: Cash Eastwood Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Was walking around Novaya Petrovka on S1, heard some shots, went to go and investigate and maybe say hi to someone, then walked up towards the apartments where there was an open base, went in the are, started to talk when all of the sudden i started getting shot at from what sounded like to be an AK with no initiation or warning. Being hit multiple times, i ran away. I really just wanna know who did it and what reason they have for shooting. Edit: I have dropped the report. Everything is well between the culprit and I.
  5. Living with his two brothers, Mac and Marty, as the youngest challenge. yeah his parents were alright to him, but his brothers were always a pain. While Marvin would practice Christianity and go to church, trying to learn the morally right way of life, his brothers were awful influences, who would dictate Marvin to not be like them. When Marvin was 12, his two brothers taught him a lesson when he told their parents about Marty's drug addiction because of Mac. They whipped Marvin on his back, until he could never feel it again, thus helping him be resilliant to pain in general. In High School, Marvin was a good guy, who dated this one special girl in particular, Julia. They would fall in love and become engaged when he turned 24. You see, Marvin after he graduated in 2011, he joined the United States Navy to be a Hospital Corpsman (HM), where during college he would study Orthopedics. His first Deployment was with the 1st Marine Division, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, in Afghanistan in 2013, after he finished his Job Training and got his Petty officer 3rd Class (E-4) promotion. After he was done with this deployment,in 2015 he went back home to go to college. However, after two years of peace at home, going to school in Florida, and living with his fiance, in 2017 he was sent back out with another infantry unit to Elektro, South Zagoria. And from there, you know the rest of the story...
  6. Marty and his brothers lived lawfully there whole lives in Massachusetts as normal, crazy brothers would. Marty, being the middle child between Mac and Marvin, was always treated neutral by his parents. The liked him but didn't, and would mostly focus their attention towards Mac and Marvin. This would happen all of the time, until after High School he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. He always had this sensation with killing since he was younger. he loved hunting. He would kill any animal that would get in his way, no matter what they were. He once had killed a mama grizzly with his daddy's KBar, violently slashing it dead after it attacked him, so to join the marines, he expected a lot of that. It was 2007 when he joined, and the United States was in in Iraq ad Afghanstan, so he was sent to both places multiple times. When he enlisted, he was so good during basic, that he was given a job option to join the recon (0321).He was implemented in the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, which he would never leave. He loved being sent out, to kill the enemy, avenging his brothers in arms. He saw this as a calming system, to kill and it worked. He had been shot multiple times through his tours but it would never affect him. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant in 2016. Right before he was sent back to the middle east, he went back home to see his parents, who had hated him for leaving and even before that. He murdered them, violently. After he was sent back in 2017, the outbreak broke out. He had heard that his brothers, were sent to South Zagoria, where it all started. He left his unit, going AWOL before the rest of the world went to hell, traveled all over the middle east, passed the Takistan Chernarus boarder, and started his search for his brothers.
  7. Whenever i hop on server 1, the Dayz mainscreen follows me to the game. It prevents me from doing basic things, like use VOIP. How do i fix this? It has been doing this for a day.
  8. My character is active on the website as the character i am playing as, which is 'Cash Eastwood,' but is kicking me off the server because i am not using an active character when my character is active. Someone please help.
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