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  1. Nick Plasse

    S2: Livonia 2020-01-03 11:00ish Metagaming

    POV: I was told that we were raiding a base that @ImS8tn said suspected were enemies from what he heard. I really didn't hear much else. We raided the base, took a random hostage for suspicions, then left, leaving the dude and letting him take the rest of the gear.
  2. Nick Plasse

    s2 Prison KOS NVFL Server time (UTC): 2020-01-03, 06:10

    Walked out when a guy rolled up, started talking to him, he whipped out an AK and shot at @ImMason, and I got team killed by accident during the cluster. Don't worry, im not reporting my own teammate. POV:
  3. I was there as well, so I assume that I will be called in as well. Local Mac POV: Riley was undercover with these dudes who were saying fallacies about Noah Russo @MasonWB, who IC is my boss. Over radio she said that they were at NWAF, so I went there and tracked them for a couple of kilometers. We set up an ambush at Novaya water well. We got initiated by the guy who was killed within the confrontation for fighting back, and initiated on the others. Logan was held up in the PD and we talked to him. Alex Shelby @Blizna decided to teach a lesson to Logan for "hanging around stupid people," and asked for perms to scar. He would not answer in text, so Alex asked again if he was going to answer. Logan replied //Yes, and he did it and RPed it out. We left and Riley kept on hanging with him. Also, @logan_moyer, you call her Riley in the report, but she gave you the name Jackie IC. Another thing, Riley said that his radio was bugged and put in text chat to re log and fix his thing, but then he replied after she said that by saying something like *logan looks shocked because he feels like he can not trust her.* Like I said before, Riley said that her name was Jackie IC, she never said her name was Riley.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/30791-fae/ There was no post, it was just an instant ban. She banned me. Why the verdict is not fair: People were saying that I was gonna die and trying to force a perm against me, thus being power gaming. There is vid evidence form the banner and me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was held up after a buddy was gunned down at GM. I didn't fire back because I didn't have the gear to match and also wanted RP. I didn't fight back because I wanted RP. The auzzi dude went up to me and said that there was good news and bad news saying that I'm lucky to survive this far and the bad news was that they were going to kill me; meaning that they will perm me. According to the rules, I don't have to perm and I don't wanna perm. I have an interesting character in an interesting group and I don't wanna throw it away like that. They were saying that I was gonna die and it wasn't fair. I started talking smack because of the situation and it actually, for the first time, irritated me ooc. Its not fair that one group can do something against the rules, but its all totally ignored. I am acknowledging what I did wrong, but I would like for the other party to acknowledge what they did as well. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To show my innocence through showing that both sides were at fault this report, but through no reports because I believe in giving people chances instead of claiming that they're guilty from the git go., but to show my faults and how I can improve my gameplay in certain situations. What could you have done better?: Used different words IC. Shouldn't've said that I would never die. Run away when I know I'm getting overwhelmed and if I think that someone is going to initiate on me. Most importantly, keep my composure when I'm in RP. Sometimes I let my frustration out in wrong situations, and I shouldn't've done that during this time. Thank you for hearing me out. Have a nice night.
  5. Also, may I note, look at the 3rd line in his message. These are both in his words. You knew your friend died of starvation and knew where he was. Why were you suspicious of me killing him if you already knew he was dead?
  6. They were very quickly. I was in a rush, and was frightened. I should’ve taken the time to talk; however, I would’ve if you wouldn’t have if you didn’t point your gun at me. I don’t see why you haven’t noticed that I have acknowledged that both here and dm’s.
  7. I never said a conversation happened. I said in a nutshell that words were thrown around.
  8. Hi there. I was in Rogovo and had just gotten killed in a little fight over at Vybor. I spawned back in and spawned in all of my character clothing, including a bloody shirt that I wear in order to look cool and also RP the blood that was just shed on me after waking up, not knowing anything. I ran north and ran up on Rog. I found a UMP in a house and ran to town to find some supplies. I ran into a house, where I found a dead body in a house. Like anyone would, I looted the body. When I finished, a guy ran in out of no where, frightening me. I assumed that maybe this dude killed this guy and that I was in deep shit. I said hi and ran out of the house, saying that I had to go. He then pulled out his shot gun saying “why is there blood on your shirt.” I said “it’s my blood” and that I “had nothing to do with that guy’s death.” He punted his shot gun at me and told me to “come back” in a demanding tone. I assumed that he was trying to hold me up, thus I turned the corner and pulled out my UMP. He still had his shot gun out and demandingly asked me “why is there blood on your shirt,” then pointing his gun at me. I responded by spraying him down and bolting, thinking that he had friends. I unfortunately had just turned off my capture card right after I died in that firefight in vybor, thus me not having video evidence.
  9. As a young Dundee, Alan was a big man. He wrestled crocs, rode emus, and kissed a kangaroo. His father, known as “Crocodile” taught him many great things and especially how to be a true Aussie. His father hung around an American woman when Alan was younger and we all know the rest of that story. Anyways, for a while, he was a fighter pilot in the Australian Air Force , but then left after he had enough. Alan then became a drug running pilot for the cartels in south east Asia. They had made a deal with the chernorussian mafia. 1000 kilos of cocaine. Alan had delivered it to the mafia and was on his way back to the airfield, when he couldn’t because of a road block. Martial law was initiated and the apocalypse had started. He got out of there and stayed in the woods of Central Kopec for a while, until an old friend of his, Bobby Kalo, contacted him with a contract...
  10. Nick Plasse

    Dead Man Walking.

  11. Nick Plasse


    @Crimson_Tiger Yes, I can lol! Nah really tho, i had a good time sitting there being ran past multiple times. Was shitting myself lol.
  12. Nick Plasse


    Whoever had the black poncho on, you are blind lol. Ran past me multiple times when i was watching yall lol. I literally see myself behind that dude's head!
  13. Nick Plasse


  14. Coming from a family in organized crime, Sheniqua was never in any good. She always had some type of tic in her head that would make her want to do something bad. When she was 10, she held up a liquor store and took all the good stuff, just because she wanted some. Throughout her adolescence, she was never good, like i said. When she was 17, she surprisingly graduated High School and was forced to join the Marine Corps so she can learn something better, which she did. The thing she learned how to do was to be an even bigger bad ass than she was before. After she finished boot camp, she was put in reserves to be an 0300 (Rifleman). She could shoot so much better than she could originally. After that, she started working for better organized crime groups within the North East of the US. When working with the Italian Mafia to do weapons shipments to the Chernorussian Mafia, a firefight happened and she fragged multiple dudes down. She got out of there, but didn't get out of the country, for, well, everything happened.
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