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  1. good luck at basic 

  2. MrPlasse


    Well guys, I’m leaving for Army Basic tomorrow morning. Handing over the group to @ChaseRP! Have fun with it boys and hope y’all stay well. Thank you to everyone who has been apart of this group with me. Stay safe boys
  3. Best moment with the boys... - YouTube

    Someone probably remembers this

    1. AtrixLR


      bro, holy shit that brings back memories 

  4. I can see where people see what you're saying is messed up and they are not wrong. Psychologists don't show compassion, they show concern because that is what their job is to do, so that people can improve and stop their messed up ways. It is not for the criminals, but it is protecting the people in society. My sister is getting her doctorate in psychology and would straight out tell you that you're 100% incorrect. Cannibalism, pedophilia, rape, they are all wrong, and anyone who does so deserves no sympathy because they had criminal intent to make a choice that was morally and lawfully wrong,
  5. You already know I love you Mike...
  6. Graphics do be lookin pretty sick, good stuff on that one, but the biggest thing I like about it is that beautiful man named @KermieSB! Best part of this group is that man (no offense to the rest of yall, you guys are awesome too)! Hope ya'll have fun with this guys.
  7. MrPlasse


    Got it on the first guy. That old comment from @God was before he joined back. I mean, he has been actively playing 5 times more than myself in the name of the group within the past week, so he is the homie.
  8. Have fun with it! Hope to have good run ins with you guys again!
  9. *An auzzie would be heard laughing as he hops on the radio* "Mate..." *Continues to laugh then hopping into a serious tone* "Here's the deal cunt. You have 10 minutes to go to your pub or else we burn it down and make you move like last time. I'm getting sick of this whole shit talking thing. Be a man and defend yourself in person instead of being a pussy bitch over a radio." "10 minutes cunt." *Hops off the radio*
  10. MrPlasse


    Thank you all for the support and wishes! Hope to have awesome RP with you guys! @God and @HeartlssHeretic have moved up from Soldier to Brother. Get 'er goin boys
  11. MrPlasse


    Welcome @HeartlssHeretic - Matthais Reid @The_Reaper - Gaige Phillips @PrestonVC - Pete Peters @PizzaCat00 - Senne de Winter @ReplacefulBB - Garrett Loyd Glad to have you all!
  12. MrPlasse


    @Bieger - Lucas Riggs @IntenseGeek - Tregger Johnson @Canadian - Nathan Taylor @Howell - Howie OConnor @StellaRP- Blair Huxley @Decetheus - Jackson Camorra have been promoted from Freshie to Recruit. Good stuff guys! @KermieSB - Dima Smirnov @God - Rae Peyton @MrBurke - William Burke have moved up from Recruit to Soldier. Fight on brothers! @Tactical Tree is now a Brother. Keep doing great you beautiful Brit!
  13. Me, @HDragon, @MrBurke, @Bieger, and @Decetheus were all hanging out at the pub organizing and were planning on building our pub up more. We decided to go get more nails and pick up one of our members @ChaseRP. Calahan left to go do what was just stated. Less than 2 minutes later of him leaving, he reports to us that there are people in a uaz he just passed by, then stating a few moments later that they were following him. We told him to come back towards us, since we were already running out towards the main road then stating that they just initiated on him stating that he sees 2 people in t
  14. MrPlasse


    Welcome @System Jones @Bieger @IntenseGeek and @Canadian!
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