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  1. Got it on the first guy. That old comment from @God was before he joined back. I mean, he has been actively playing 5 times more than myself in the name of the group within the past week, so he is the homie.
  2. Have fun with it! Hope to have good run ins with you guys again!
  3. *An auzzie would be heard laughing as he hops on the radio* "Mate..." *Continues to laugh then hopping into a serious tone* "Here's the deal cunt. You have 10 minutes to go to your pub or else we burn it down and make you move like last time. I'm getting sick of this whole shit talking thing. Be a man and defend yourself in person instead of being a pussy bitch over a radio." "10 minutes cunt." *Hops off the radio*
  4. Thank you all for the support and wishes! Hope to have awesome RP with you guys! @God and @HeartlssHeretic have moved up from Soldier to Brother. Get 'er goin boys
  5. Welcome @HeartlssHeretic - Matthais Reid @The_Reaper - Gaige Phillips @PrestonVC - Pete Peters @PizzaCat00 - Senne de Winter @ReplacefulBB - Garrett Loyd Glad to have you all!
  6. @Bieger - Lucas Riggs @IntenseGeek - Tregger Johnson @Canadian - Nathan Taylor @Howell - Howie OConnor @StellaRP- Blair Huxley @Decetheus - Jackson Camorra have been promoted from Freshie to Recruit. Good stuff guys! @KermieSB - Dima Smirnov @God - Rae Peyton @MrBurke - William Burke have moved up from Recruit to Soldier. Fight on brothers! @Tactical Tree is now a Brother. Keep doing great you beautiful Brit!
  7. Me, @HDragon, @MrBurke, @Bieger, and @Decetheus were all hanging out at the pub organizing and were planning on building our pub up more. We decided to go get more nails and pick up one of our members @ChaseRP. Calahan left to go do what was just stated. Less than 2 minutes later of him leaving, he reports to us that there are people in a uaz he just passed by, then stating a few moments later that they were following him. We told him to come back towards us, since we were already running out towards the main road then stating that they just initiated on him stating that he sees 2 people in the vehicle. He dies and we keep moving south towards the area he told us before he died. As we're running down the road straight south of Riffy, we see multiple blue armband people walking on the road, right after seeing the truck reported to have the men. We started to fire and one guy was killed in the truck and they drove off the road towards coastal side. We moved up and I killed the final two guys with a LAWS. We secure the area in case there are more, and then move on out. If position logs can be pulled up at least a few minutes before @HDragon was killed for the people mentioned above.
  8. Welcome @System Jones @Bieger @IntenseGeek and @Canadian!
  9. @God and @MrBurke have been moved up from Freshie to Recruit. Congratulations boys!
  10. Got it brother. I apologize about that.
  11. Appreciate the feedback. Like I told duplessies earlier, we are going to drive it on as we go. I know what you mean about the graphics, I have a guy working on some better ones right now because I don't know how to do that stuff well. What you see now will be changing a bit here soon. Like I said before, your feedback is much appreciated and I hope we get some good roleplay when the time comes
  12. Appreciate the feedback brother! We are aiming for our goals to come along the way as well through IC progress, so expect to see some changes.
  13. The Dossers are a rough group of survivors whose main goal is to survive against all odds. After countless times of running in the wrong direction and losing many friends, the boys decided they must act in their own interest. No longer will they stick their neck out for others, but only for their friends and the close ones they call family. THE BEGINNING Callahan, Kato, and Alan walk down a cold and empty dirt road. It’s the beginning of winter. The three boys find a small cabin and lock it down before starting a fire in the fireplace. The three sit around and cook the food and share a drink as they warm up. They’d only known each other for a few weeks but it had felt like years. The troubles they had been through were rough. “I’m tired of trying to help out other lads” Callahan tells the boys, “We are always helping other people but getting fucked in the end, it just ain’t worth me time”. Alan replies, “I think we ought to be lookin out for us now too cunt”. Kato has a dead stare on the fire, he has no thoughts. Callahan stands up and looks around the cabin, “We ought to be boarding up this place, it’s remote enough and there is enough game around to keep us alive for quite some time”. Alan scratches his Australian scalp and replies, “Oi cunt I don’t think that is a bad idea. Build some big ass walls and what not and we’d be kept in like a joey in mama’s pouch”. Kato sharply turns his head to Callahan and says, “God damn, about time you said something right. I’ve been waiting to dig in somewhere forever lad”. Callahan nods his head, “Then let’s barricade the doors and we start tomorrow”. The three men nod in agreement and silently begin moving wardrobes, tables, and anything else they can find to block the doors before they sleep. THE NEXT MORNING The sun is just coming over the South Zagorian mountains, the birds are chirping, and the sound of flowing water can be heard. It is abruptly broken by Kato hammering planks onto the windows. “Why don’t we get some of the barbed wire over that piece over there?” Kato asks Alan. “Oi cunt are ya fuckin stupid? That ain't goin to do a damn thing put it over there.” The two begin arguing while Callahan watches. After some more shouting the two men begin wrestling to the point where Kato smacks Alan with a plank, ending the argument. For the next few hours the boys finished boarding up the house and making it as safe as possible. A WEEK LATER Callahan sits by the fire cooking up some fresh elk, Kato is outside farming some pumpkins, and Alan is out checking the rabbit traps he made. A shot rings out at the cabin, Kato yells in pain. Callahan jumps up knocking over the cooking pot as he grabs his M4. Alan sprints back to the cabin readying his AKM. As Callahan gets outside he sees Kato is on the ground, passed out. Another shot rings out and hits the cabin next to Callahan’s chest. He begins spraying into the woods as he moves to Kato’s unconscious body. Alan runs up and flips a table to give them cover, the two boys pick Kato up to bring him inside as they see the cabin is on fire. They flee to the woods while they continue to take fire from the unknown person. They arrive at their car they had stashed away and put Kato in the backseat with Alan. Callahan takes the wheel and they escape with their lives. A FEW MONTHS LATER It is December. The evacuation of Chernarus is taking place and people are going to Namalsk. The boys have split up to make connections within the region but are all coming back together to go to Namalsk. Callahan has recently learned to fly from his friend Daniel who will be their pilot to Namalsk. On the ride there the boys talk to their friend Hector and meet some new people such as Antonio, Vali, Saika, and some others. The boys help Hector establish himself in Namalsk before they move again, trying to live off alone in a cabin again. Alan runs into Vali where he directs him to Hector for business, in exchange they are given passage back to Chernarus where they boys went. @MrPlasse - Alan Dundee @HDragon - Callahan McDuffin @Dongle - Kato Rito @ChaseRP - Chase Reynolds @Tree - Mr. Tree (Lawrence Perry) @God - Rae Peyton @Lil Timmy - Timothy Smith @LumenRP - Anthony Carter @HampzeSB - Daniel Persson @HeartlssHeretic - Matthais Reid @Leejames123 - Lee James @MysteryBB - Oleg Yahontov @Kermie - Jan Koppel @MrBurke - William Burke @Bieger - Lucas Riggs @IntenseGeek - Tregger Johnson @Canadian - Nathan Taylor @Howell - Howie OConnor @Ninjafig - Jack Richard --- Survive by any means. [Indefinite] Establish connections with well known groups in Chernarus [Indefinite] Take care of any problems that the group or other groups are faced with [Indefinite] Find information regarding the location of Chernarussian Extremists that kidnapped friends of the Dossers [Day 260] Hold those Chernarussian Extremists responsible for the kidnapping friends of the Dossers [Day 260] Find and track down any remnants of the family cannibal group [Day 260] Establish ground work for South Zagorian Defense Coalition by holding political meetings with leaders of the region [Day 270] [Political Meetings: 1/3] [El Familia: Joined] [Dum Spiro: Declined] [Belic Bar: Joined] [Asclepius Research: Joined] [Fishing Club: Disbanded] [Millie's Charity: Joined] Push all settlements to accept everyone in need regardless of their affiliation [Indefinite] [Total: 0/10] Deliver a good mix of Hostile and Hero RP Continue delivering unique RP ideas to keep things fresh Have fun Recruitment is CLOSED Send a PM to @MrPlasse or @HDragon if you are interested. Thank you @HDragon for creating the graphics and writing the lore.
  14. I really cant lie... I love @HDragon and @ChaseRP so much. I wish we could all live in a airplane together.


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