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  1. Good luck big man! Know it'll be good!
  2. @The PreacherGood ole times my friend!
  3. Had a fun scrap with you boys, along with my boys @Mason and @CaptainChips. Ill drink to another one
  4. Bro, that's the funniest shit ever!
  5. #removebasebuildingforever no questions asked. This is the kind of shit that fucks the loot tables up and makes a ton of server lag, thus affecting everyone's gameplay. 100% agree with you @Mason.
  6. Izak loves his country. He would do anything for it. He would fight for it. He would die for it. As a small child, he had always been proud to be a Chernorussian. Chernarus was and still is his ultimate love, but when people who wants to destroy it comes in his way, Chernorussian or not, he will lye his wrath upon them. Why does he think this way? Well, you see, his family was never there for him and left him at a young age. Living in an orphanage in Novigrad with is brother, Alexi, didnt really help him either. Kids would pick on him and the foster parents were very strict towards him and his brother. He would sneak out at night with his brother and go do things any other normal kid would do, until he joined a certain “club.” This club would be a small group of Socialist of Novigrad. Their ideas really came to him at heart when he found out that the idea was to “give back to the people,” and “end corruption” and all the sorts. That is when he became a full-blown Socialist. As a small child, he ended up joining a small Socialist Militant/Insurgent group within western Chernarus, that would be under the command of Lopatev and take over Novigrad. Their goal was to take back Chernarus and implement a full-on Socialist republic. He would stay with this group until the socialists would take over. Then, he would become a fighter for the RAC. He is still one today, and after the outbreak happened, he became more ruthless and stricter with his ideologies. This is Izak Ryker, the kid with a gun and a passion.
  7. Looks pretty neat! You're pretty creative with your group idea.
  8. Gotta bring your aussie back soon mate

    1. MrPlasse


      You bet your ass I am!

    2. MrPlasse


      Making the lore for Dundee's Gang.

      If you wanna join it, that would be awesome.

      Ill let you know when I do.


    3. ZedLR


      Sounds like fun, we got group ideas on que rn tho but maybe at some point

      nontheless will be fun seeing you ingame once you bring it back

    4. MrPlasse


      Yeah man, just wanna get this down before I leave for basic in between now and February. That's awesome tho.

    5. ZedLR


      Oh shit, well good luck mate

  9. Love all of the history put behind yalls story! Amazing! Looking forward to RP! Good luck guys!
  10. Looks... neat. Hope to see yall in game soon!
  11. MrPlasse

    The Tsepovs

    Yall give some pretty neat RP. Keep up the good work!
  12. He looked at that big, red star in red square when he was a little boy. The star of a Union that he grew up to love, but would see it crumble before his eyes. December 26, 1991: a day that will live in sadness for him and all of the other lovers for the union. During the times of Boris Yeltsin, he was still a proud Russian, but not a Soviet anymore. Growing up and reading all sorts of communist propaganda and successes ever made, he would grow more towards wanting to bring back the Union and grow his hate for capitalism and western democracy. He witnessed this happen to Russia, didn't enjoy it, but dealt with it, saying to himself "she will rise again." He however, would keep his pride of his nation and join the Russian Army after his time in school. Being from the Urals, he had ample experience in the outdoors, survival skills and especially, a huge taste for killing things. This boy would turn into a man at boyhood, knowing all sorts of things about the psyche and especially about how humans operate on a Darwinist level. After joining the Army, he would be given the opportunity to join the Spetznaz, and would take part in the VDV detachment, known as the 45th Guards Spetznaz Regiment, now being a brigade. He would be deployed to the Caucuses fight in the second Chechnyan War between 1999 and 2009. By the end of his deployments, he would be commissioned as a warrant officer, keeping the title of Senior Warrant Officer. In 2014, he would fight a little bit in the Ukraine, and his last engagement of war would be in Chernarus against Nationalist forces, but this time, he wouldn't be fighting in the Russian Army, but assisting the Chernorussian Communist forces. The lover of communism that has gained all of his experience over the years would now be able to finally start his war for communism. This hardcore man is Anatoly Reznov.
  13. As a young Dundee, Alan was a big man. He wrestled crocs, rode emus, and kissed a kangaroo. His father, Jack, taught him many great things and especially how to be a true Aussie. Alan was mentored by his father to be a great man and live up to the values of one, but to always take care of those you love, and mess up the ones who try and destroy you. For a while, he was a fighter pilot in the Australian Air Force, but then left after he had enough, and looked for “better” opportunities. Alan became a drug running pilot for the cartels in south east Asia. They had made a deal with the chernorussian mafia. 1000 kilos of cocaine. Alan had delivered it to the mafia and was on his way back to the airfield, when he couldn’t because of a road block. Martial law was initiated and the apocalypse had started. He got out of there and stayed in the woods of Central Kopec for a while, until an old friend of his, Bobby Kalo, contacted him with a contract...
  14. Am I allowed to choose the following option: 3. You should be able to use the same group on both servers. Be objective please.
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