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  1. alright helix are ya well pal any chance I can get that FAL off ya? x

  2. Despite being born in Chernarus Radek never really got to see much of his homeland before the outbreak due to moving around with his mother alot throughout Europe and eventually to Australia where from the age of 7 till 22 he lived a relatively peaceful life with his mother until she passed away. On her death bed she told Radek of his father who was supposedly a soldier when she last saw him back in his homeland. Hearing this made Radek want to meet his father and see this place his mother described to him as a rugged yet beautiful land and so he sold his mothers house and used the money to move to Chernarus. After arriving and settling into his new home he decided to look for his father but with only his own last name to go off he found it difficult for a while until eventually he met some soldiers at a local bar who knew the name nad told him to head to Balota at the local airfield. When he arrived in Balota Radek headed straight to the airfield and asked the soldier posted at the gate if there was a soldier with the name KInev stationed there, the soldier asked him why he was looking for him so Radek told him his story. After explaining everything to the soldier he saw that the man was crying so he went to ask why but was met with a strong hug before he could get a word out, this soldier was his Father the one he had been looking for all along. after their reunion Radek and his father went for drinks together and got to know each other and for a while life was good for Radek again. This was however until the outbreak happened, in the first few days Radek did what he was told and remained in his home but eventually he grew worried of his father who he could not contact so he headed to Balota to find him, when he arrived he saw that the entire airfield had been over run by the infected and he had to kill his first one. he noticed a bunch of the infected on the airfield were in soldier uniforms this is when he decided he needed to check them incase they were his father. After checking all the ones he could see and ultimately having to kill a few he thought of the guardhouse at the gate and ran their immediately, as he got into sight of it he noticed a figure standing in the little shack and approached it slowly upon reaching the shack he saw that the figure was not an infected but had taken their own life, it was his father. At this moment Radek ran into the fields and wilderness vowing to himself that he would not let his family end like that.
  3. you know you missed me
  4. Helix

    State of decay 2 interest check

    Been playing it for about 6 hours so far its pretty fun yet to try Co-op but from what ive seen the only difference is that lootable objects are either split or mostly just for the host
  5. sup loser Thankyou honestly feels like its been way longer since i was here Also damn gotta get me some more profile customisation looking basic as hell
  6. oh no the tables have turned
  7. So who still exists around these parts and what have i missed?
  8. Wow how nice of them to custom make a uniform small enough for you Hope the training went well man.
  9. From what they said on this in the Q&A's the initial 6 races are just what they have planned for release they may be adding more with each patch cycle in BFA. according to devs in Q&A's from blizzcon they like the patch cycles and will probably stick too them, as for content so far its looking like there will be alot to do besides raid or PVP but we will have to see i guess. Classic so far is looking like it will require a sub fee but will probably also be buyable with legion gold wow tokens etc. PVP stat templates are staying but they are changing them quite a bit with the ability to focus certain stats for your build which also means a new way to get gear (probably something more similar to old purchase systems) also they are attempting to use PVP templates in world PVP so no more 1shots out of nowhere from certain classes.
  10. Helix

    Here we go

    youll always be a good friend Clumsy always considered you one of the best people ive met here over the years. best of luck with getting the help you need hope one day when everything is sorted out you return so i can drop more letters and tie you up again
  11. Only serious character development here
  12. Helix

    Black Fangs Media

    Meeting up before an Attack. Big Dave doing his usual thing.
  13. Felt good to jump ingame finally even though we did fuck all, cant wait to see what we can get up to boys
  14. cant wait to be able to play Dayz for longer than 30 minutes... fucking potato PC
  15. Where do i find the monster gun that fires these mystical rounds??? Also seems like it could be a fun event.