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  1. The young man laid under a vehicle with tools in his hands as he bobbed his head to the sound of "More Human Than Human" in the auto shop. His grease covered jumpsuit had seen better days but business was booming and he was living the dream. The cold wilds of Alaska his home and undisturbed isolation was what kept him happy. He couldn't ask for a better life. Isn't that how it all starts though? Things going just right, right before shit hits the fan. Life was just about to him one big middle finger. When the infection hit, news spread fast. Jack's father was a bush pilot and they decided to get the hell out of dodge as soon as they could. A poorly timed polar vortex caused them to go far off course. Landing somewhere in Russia after crossing the bering strait, they barely touched down with fuel left. Moving east was the goal, they had plans. Jack's knowledge of vehicles allowed them to make ground fast. As they reached the Black Mountains they got separated after being jumped. Jack carries on, presuming his father dead.
  2. Interloper

    Fractus Media/Picture Thread

    You never know who may be watching
  3. *He presses the PTT and a chuckle is heard* "Sure, it is in some cases. In others, it is for the men of business. Won't have customers if nobody wants to work with me." *He releases the PTT shaking his head with a smile*
  4. *The hunter hears a strangers voice and presses his PTT* "I am not concerned about rumors about them, it is rumors that someone has spread out my associates and myself. I like to make sure my reputation is kept clean with as many people as possible. I like to remain neutral, you know? But I thank you for the word of warning." *He releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his pocket*
  5. *He presses his PTT as he walks through the peaceful forests of the north* "Vacant as usual, if you are hearing this I have already been there and left. I will return again tomorrow." *He releases the PTT and carries on through the forests*
  6. *The man sits on a dock overlooking a small pond takes out his radio with a sigh, He presses the PTT as he looks out over the water* "This is Kir Voronin, 101 do you copy?" *He pauses* "I have heard whispers of false allegations being made, I wish to settle this swiftly and efficiently. I will be at your settlement within an hour or so. I mean no harm and if you wish, but please notify me soon, I will come unarmed. I have information that is beneficial to both of us. See you soon." *The hunter releases the PTT and picks up his rifle off the dock before heading north*
  7. Interloper

    Fractus Media/Picture Thread

    On the hunt
  8. Interloper

    Fractus Media/Picture Thread

  9. *Hearing his radio spring to life once more he pulls it out and holds down the PTT* "I am alright for now, I am just wandering. Safe travels to you as well." *He slides the radio back into his vest pocket and looks back down his rifle scope at a pack of wolves prowling through the woods ahead of him*
  10. *He grabs the radio out of his vest pouch after adjusting the straps of his new bag* "I haven't met anyone, so I might as well head that way. I think I know what you are talking about. Its a long journey for me though, might be a while." *He'd release the PTT and slide the radio back in his pouch and carried on through the thick forest*
  11. *As the man is strolling down the alley way of a town his radio comes to life* "Ah, Hello, I am much better now. Sun is shining and I have delicious cow steak in my stomach." *He chuckles thankful to be out of the rain* "Now who is 'we?'"
  12. *A masked man sits near a fire shivering due to the bone chilling rain, he pulls out the radio he found only hours before and opens the back to put a battery in it. He takes a deep breath and speaks with a Russian accent* "Hello? Is anyone out there?" *His teeth chatter slightly as he speaks, hypothermia is setting in* "Some friendly faces would be nice right about now. Can anyone hear me?" *He sighs and waits for a response after releasing the PTT button*
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    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about? My in game name is Kir Voronin and I interested in learning about Survivor, Hostile, Hostage, and Group RP with a main focus on Hostage and Hostile RP. What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? EST between 2pm-11pm during the week, saturday between 9am and 4am, and sunday is similar to a week day How were you directed to the Mentors thread? @Chief told me about this program on my introduction post If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on? I would consider myself well rounded, I am mainly doing this as a refresher and to learn how the specific types of roleplay occur on the server. There is always room for improvement after all.
  15. I appreciate the info greatly @Chief and once again thanks everyone
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