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  1. My name is Jack Damien. I am 27 years old and applied for the military directly out of high school. I didn't do it for the money. It was more about serving my country. I would say that serve it I have.I was a UN soldier sent to Chernarus to execute order 62. I exterminated Zeds in any way possible at first but have found that it is no use anymore. I have nightmares about the first days of the outbreak after I arrived. It still haunts me and always will. I love the outdoors and I enjoy camping and hunting/fishing. I am always happy to help other people that need it offering protection or companionship. I will wear mostly military gear from my deployment but I will still have to make do with some other weapons/gear that I find. I know it will feel good to hold my m4 again. I lost my kit when our camp was attacked at night I was forced to leave all of it behind.I still go on the occasional zombie hunt. I am from Illinois in the United States. I have a wife with no kids.I just want a way out of chernarus and back home to my family. Or what's left of it...