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  1. Kostia Volkov

    Kostia Volkov was found near Pavlovo town in the woods, he was 5 years old at the time when local family (Anna and Vasylij) adopted little fella from the woods, Since then Vasylij (engeneer/hunter) tought Kostia everything he knew himself, life was simple and enjoyable, monthly hunting/camping trips would provide family with plenty of food . Just before the outbreak Kostia went for studies to Zelenogors and would come back to Pavlovo only once a month or so, when outbreak happened he fled Zelenogorsk and was making his way back to Pavlovo where he learned that the only family he had (Vasylij and Anna) were gone with no trace, He is desperately trying to find his stepparents, as he cant take it for a fact that they are dead............