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  1. your arguments are valid, will require more playtesting however
  2. 1st person is not real-life, as it would seem at first... in reality we have a vision slightly below 180° without moving our head, while in 1st. person it should be somewhere about 90° due to not having any peripheral vision. therefore! 3rd person forever! TPS!
  3. i feel the terrible urge to take a simple DMR, find a nice spot and wait for the guy who trys to rob you he tells you to drop, we drop him. would be wonderfull.
  4. Of curse its hard, and thats the fun of it The people just need to defend themselves better, thats all. for bandits its easier if theres just a handfull of survivors, the more they get the harder it is to shoot them all
  5. if im able to join the server ill head over there with some wires and traps
  6. sandbag options are quite limited. how about setting up a second safehouse, or moving the first one, to the construction site in cherno? larger building, more room etc.? just a thought, really
  7. today i understood why the safehouse is so hard to keep safe. maybe there should be some kind of identification at the entrance, so hiding bandits stop pulling heat on the s-house
  8. hangman

    wild untamed vehicles

    you have better chances after each server-restart, when destroyed verhicles respawn. with FSB we found a bus south of vybor, in its natural habitat. after feeding it petrol, 4 tires, a windscreen, fueltank and engine-parts it trusted us enough to come with us an let itself be stolen some hours later. i hope its new owner treat it well, with the respect this nobel beast deserves.
  9. Just stock up on smoke-grenades, and the z-problem is done
  10. and thats why the safehouse is better than the TP - its player-enforced therfore shit can hit the fan, but it forces people to work together, its wonderful.
  11. something is clearly wrong with us. though i think it will come in handy during the zombie-apocalypse. @Tazoo man, i'm driving on this road you showed min. 4 times a year, never noticed the similarity...
  12. @ The Borg Its still a car, thus faster than running @Livs real life cherno, just dont walk around shooting zombies
  13. today i was driving through the polish woods, when i saw a white trabant (a GAZ like car) parked on a sidestreet. my first thought was that someone did a shitty job hiding it, the second thought was to ask my fianceé to get out and take it with us, my third one was bringing me back to reality, accelerating and leaving this price behind. the loot i could have had....
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