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  1. Hello, My name is Josie Lopez. I am from Mexico, my dad is Mexican and my mom is Asian. My dad was a huge drug dealer and when I got older I took over his business. I surpassed him by so far and became way better then him but the U.S police was after me so I had to run. I ran to Chernarus to get away from my past life. I moved to Chernarus a little before the outbreak. I moved here about January 2017. When the outbreak happened I was at home and my girlfriend was over. We seen on the news something was happened. We were forced out of our house and moved to severgrad to be cantained. My girlfriend soon after got infected and Turned. I had to kill her myself because if I didn't she would have bit me and then I would have turned. I was crying for days and the camp officials didn't make it better. People looked at me like murder there because I had to do what I had to do. Soon lots more people started to turn and at that point I decided that I had to escape. I planned my escape and once the right time came I put my plan to action. The guards were busy with someone else and I booked it out of the camp. Now I've been on my own looting until I came across a guy named Ricky, no last name that he told me, I've been running around with him and surviving. We made a pact to pretect each other until death. We got attacked one day and we got separated. Now I'm on a quest to find him and hope he is still alive.