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  1. My character was born in New York New York. At a young age he stole cars stole from stores. He was really exposed to that because his older brother mike did the same thing and showed him his ways. When my character got older he got into drugs and the wrong crowd. Sooner or later he found him self taking slaves from Chernarus. One time He was in Cherno with his gang taking people to sell them to the highest bidder. He got news that some sort of zombie out rage has happened. He didn't believe it until he saw it happening. 1st some one in his gang tried to kill every one then another and another. Finally My character was the only one left. So he grabbed all the stuff he could find to help him and ran onto the street and saw the dead walking. My character was a little off. He said to him self, "Hey, i couldn't kill before this now i can." So he went around and started to kill all the dead he could find. He soon ran out of ammo and started to use a knife. The knife broke and he was so tired he climbed a tree to sleep. That's where we leave off.