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  1. Aaron is a 22 year old male, who was in the USMC for 5 years and was honorable discharged . Joined a "PMC" because the military was the only thing he knew and loved. He got a contact in Chernarus to defend a VIP and the VIP got infected when the shit hit the fan so now he is strange with his unit. Aaron haves to adapt to the new country and protect his guy and try to get the home by any means necessary. After all of this, when Aaron was younger and he learned about 9/11 and that made his angry and he wanted to join the USMC when he was 10 years old. Aaron's family backgrounds is all military his grandfather served in Vietnam in Hue city, and was wound got shot in the shoulder and hand. So he is a soilder to the core. but he just sees him self as a civilian with a gun that sees the world different.
  2. Casey Hernandez

    BOUNTY [Insecure/Open frequency]

    *William picks up the radio and presses the PTT with inraged voice* "That asshole, Grim if you are listening ....*heavy breathing* .... im going to kill you". *Releases PTT* *William presses the PTT with inraged voice* "Grimm is wearing a Green hat, Red shirt with and red cross on it, with glasses, if you see him you tell me". *Laughs as he releases the PTT*
  3. Hey Kinnish, I am interested in join The Children of Eden. Seems pretty interesting.
  4. William is a 18 year old kid, from America, he moved to Chernarus when he was 5. His mom moved back to America when he was, ten leaving him with his dad. When he was growing up into a man. his dad took him to a local gunrange and had him shot a 22. rifle. In the winter him and his father would go hunting. William didnt like hunting but if he had to, he would. When he was 16 in highschool he found graffiti. Graffiti helped him with depression,it also help him escape reality, Everynight he would sneak out of his house and go spray graffiti on walls that spell ALONE. One night he wrote a note and left it on his nightstand reading, " If you are reading this, im far away from here as possible, but I just dont wanna do this anymore, i took your 22. rifle and some rounds for it to protect my self. Dont bother coming looking for me, you wont find me, im sorry. Goodbye. Love you, Your son William Fedrovo."