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  1. Name is Double, short for doubleA. The name comes from my first name (Alex) and my middle Name (Atwood) to combine for doubleA. I am a bandit from the great state of Oregon. When the outbreak happened, I forced to move to Chernarus to help fight the outbreak. I will be meeting my fell Corleone family in the Chernarus area hopefully very soon. I currently have no idea where my family is, but hope to meet somewhere north of the biggest city in Chernarus, Cherno. Our family, the Corleones have all had weapon training with numerous weapons such as M4A1, Steyr AUG, and much, much more. Thanks so much, cheers!
  2. TS, i told them that i was getting chased by people, then i stopped talking to them after i told them meet me in lop. Then they shot my and told me to put my hands up. You could hear them talking because they met up with another large group on the way to help me
  3. Pain RP: i didnt do anything. Im not going to yell Ow into my mic or scream like a fucking retard. Radio: I didnt have a radio. Simple as that, you didnt find one because i didnt have one. Metagaming. I didnt mute my mic, which is why you could hear friends
  4. My response is give me a 7 day, im done with this server for a while. I literally cant get into an engagement with anyone without getting punishment, so just give ma a punishment.
  5. GG boys, ill take a 7 day, later. Im not talking when i have no chance of winning
  6. Being dikish towards? The whole hold up, you guys were calling me names the entire time, so you were being dikish if that's even a word as well
  7. POV- I was planning to meet up with my buddies after I looted NW when I saw some people in the tents with me, so i decided to leave. This guy with an SVD started running at me so i just decided to turn around and go meet up with my friends.We were in the middle of the field in front of Lop and this guy said put your hands up, which I find kind of funny because this guy was close enough for VOIP but is buddies knew what was going on so he would of have to been talking to his friends on TS while running at me. I didn't want to say anything to him for the fact that i knew what they were already planning to do, rob me for my shit, cause that's all these types of groups do, little to no RP, they just want your gear, which in the end is what happened. I asked after the hold up was done ( incorrectly by the way)- as all they did was tie me up and just started taking shit out of my backpack and pants etc, without properly "cut off backpack" etc. I asked if i was getting my stuff back, -user was warned for this comment-, and BTW all these guys had AKM, SVD, AK74, so none of them needed any of my gear, but they did it anyway. That's my story.
  8. For one, I was crawling through the hole before anything was "said" from anyone, just to get away from you, because like I said above, we didn't want to trade...and two, you didn't say anything at all to "initiate" on us. If you did say anything regarding " put your hands up or you die", I would with out a doubt shot the shit out of your group, because no one robs me for my gear...which was your whole plan in the short run anyways, you just wont admit to it.
  9. @Boston- You say all of the initiation happened within 5 seconds? I was trying to crawl underneith the wall to get away from you guys. I said I didn't want to trade back in the Novy compound, which means to leave us the fuck alone...In no way did you initiate, no words were said even remotely near us, and if you did say something, you were probably 50 feet away. What was the point of "initiating" anyways, I told you that we didn't want to trade or have anything to do with you., which means just fuck off. I just don't get it...terrible RP...
  10. @Elmo - No, my game froze because my computer is a hunk of shit and just black screened. So I restarted it.
  11. POV- Jedidiah Sawyer and I needed supplies to give to a man named Dimitri in Gorka, A Tax on a house that we stay in. We finish gathering the last of the items deamed worthy in Novy Sabor when we were on our way out we saw 2 men. They looked under geared and exactly the same. We were in a hurry and wanted to catch Demitri in Gorka before he "went to sleep" If he was still there. We talk to the man for a minute, extange our names. This man rubs me the wrong way from the way he talks to the way his friend(s) are sneaking up behind us. We talk to the two of them, Jed talks to the one with the repeater about how he looks like the man were meeting. I talk to the older one and it gets a little out of hand, we talk shit to each other, he threatens me with a curb stomp so I tell him to follow us and come to our house in gorka if he dares. (This is after they follow us to the outskirts of Novy Sabor, I woudlnt have said anything if they didnt follow us) on the way out of Novy Sabor we were talking about all the gear we had found for Demitiri, The RP aspect was that we had finally found enough and get to keep the house for another while. They Follow us from Novy Sabor to Gorka. My instincts have told me that this will end badly for all of us. If there was a rule for shooting people who follow you for a long time, Jed and I would've done it, we have been from RP server to RP sever and know the psycology behind people following you after they sneak up behind you. They follow us through Gorka, Theyre running up to us while were outside Demitris house, and hes not there. We know that we have alot of what Demitiri needs and we keep running. They keep following us until a infected runs up to us and we run. We end up in the compound and Jed and I get split up, I see him run through the concrete wall part and then he got stuck, as seen in his pov. Im by a wall, I lay down to crawl through, No words were said as shots were fired, I was dead and so was dead. We didn't hear any iniation, I didn't see anyone raise a gun, there was no time to react. We just died.
  12. PDXdouble

    S1: Bad/Gear RP SW of Stary 01/05/2017

    @jade At about 2:25 PST I got a call from my baseball coach saying that we were going to have practice at 3:00 because we managed to get an opening to hit in our hitting facility, which was being occupied by the JV group at the time. So at about 2:35 or so I had to leave in order to not be late to my practice, because if I was late, we would have had to run after practice, which sucks. This was a day we didn't have a scheduled practice because we practiced Sunday so there was no need to practice on Monday(yesterday).
  13. PDXdouble

    S1: Bad/Gear RP SW of Stary 01/05/2017

    Double Corleone POV- Before this incident, we were on our way to Kabinino when a bunch of gun shots rang out in kabinino, so as a group, we decided to go the opposite direction towards the southwest side of the map. To our surprise there was already people in this direction. We noticed that there was 2 people in the lonely house in stary and we didn't really think anything of it. When we got there, what seemed to be only 2 people turned into about 8 or so which just ran out of the house when we got there leaving the two people we saw originally just sitting in the house. Then the men inside were talking about their capters and pretty much everything that happened. They said they were hostages and how we were looking for the people who took the other hostage. After hearing what happened, I wondered if they were lieing, Most everyone I come across lies about who they're with and how they got there. I played my "I don't care" card and quite frankly I was looking for a good trade. I don't know them or else it would've been easier to sympothyse with them for being hostages. For all I knew they did something to provoke whoever the large group was. Sounded like they were with the girl and she ran her mouth off. I was thinking that their group (if they had one) Did something to get themselves captured. Or if they were with the group that ran off and they were //afk or just falling behind and missed everyone leaving. I didn't want to take a chance with them turning on me and have one pull a gun on me like a man a while back did. I Initiated with the intent to keep my friends safe and maybe get something in return of these sketchy men. I told them to drop their clothes 1. Because we didn't have any restraints for a proper RP pat down or search. 2. To make sure they didn't have any weapons, I had a man pull a glock on me and almost kill me so I have learned from that experience. They even said "at least let me keep my clothes" I responded with "that's the plan my good sir" They sounded too happy for what was going on. one laughed when asked for his gloves. They were sarcastic at the end talking about this great experience. They were left with their clothes 2 Melee weapons. Hockey stick can 1 tap K.O people. a sharpened stick is one of the best melee weapons, it can 1 tap zombies and people. He said he had cat food at the time, I assumed it was regular food. The bag was glitched for me. He made it out like it was full of "cat food". In the apocalypse Men will be eating dog/cat food to survive. I even know men who will eat other men to survive. We didn't stick around long to search around for the men in the trees. We warned them if they followed they would be killed, They could've taken action against us so we decided to keep us safe. Regarding the pants and ammo: Those are bullets that could've been used to kill my friends. The bullets that could've ended their lives. I love them so we kept our selves safe. I was looking for anything that could hurt my friends or myself such as hidden ammo or a hidden weapon.