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  1. I am a construction worker who was working on a construction site in Lopatino, Chernarus when the outbreak happened. I recently arrived in Chenarus from Scotland. I come from a working-class family, my mother and father often got into fights. One day, when I was 15, my father left and my mum picked up a serious drinking problem. I dropped out of school at age 16 and went to college where I did a course on construction. I quickly got a job after I finished college at a construction company who was an international company. In 2010 my boss said I was being sent to Chenarus to help rebuild after a civil war in 2009. I was picked up later that week and was taken to the airport. The work was hard as there was much to rebuild but the money was good so I had little to complain about. I had just finished a job when the outbreak happened and I was swiftly moved to the evacuation site in Lopatino only to find out it was too late. I have since been roaming around Chenarus, knowing my way around and meeting the odd folk who still roam this infected land.