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  1. Gerald was born in Chicago and lived in a small house with 5 siblings. He never went to school, as his parents were constantly high as fuck, and never told him he had to. Throughout his childhood, he was involved with gang activity, violence, shootings, and dealing drugs. He mainly did this to support his siblings, and cause he thought it was fun. He went to Chernarus when he heard of the drug dealing opportunities, as meth and heroine were becoming more and more popular on the streets. He laundered all the money he made and sent it back home to a bank account for him and his family. But upon the closing of the borders, he had no way of getting back home.
  2. Tony Marino, a small boy growing up in Arezzo. My mother Adele, she was a young woman when she had Ricky and I. We are the oldest sons out of the Marino boys. There are over 40 members of the Marinos. We don't even know half of them. The only ones I met were Ricky, Benny, Lorenzo, Manny, Joey, and Vito. One day in Arezzo we decided we would fly somewhere near Takistan to visit residents of the area, we boarded our small family plane and took off, it was a long flight but eventually we made it. I’m surprised that small plane did the job, we were nearly out of fuel when we arrived. We arrived in “Chernarus”. Taking a small passenger plane to have a "family reunion" or something was worth it eventually. We arrived in a land that was greener but, still had the infected roaming the area. From Balota Airstrip I was in the streets alone. Everybody I knew left Ricky and I abandon there. One of the first days that I was here I met a man in Kamenka named Dexter Jackson, he was a guy that used to be military, his helicopter fell in Chernarus and his squad didn’t survive. He left to go north and I went back to Balota. Ricky and I went along the shore of Balota to see if we could find anybody relaxing, or arriving from sea. We saw an island off in the distance. We decided to swim to it. It was a long swim but, the swim was more than worth it. the people occupying the land greeted us. They had food everywhere, tents placed down with clothing and food inside of them, gear lined up inside the armory, for a prison this place was paradise. I knew that Chernarus would be the right place for me. Ever since then, I'm close with a group I found in Kabanino. We frequently visit Stary Sobor, Kabanino, and other towns around the area, some may even say we are locals to the area at this point.
  3. Tony Marino POV- I am with a group of 8+ and we are all in the middle of Stary Sobor talking. Apparently somebody yells for us all to put our hands up. I decided, out of confusion since me and half of the other people didnt hear it, to just start walking away. Shortly afterwards, Lorenzo , Mao, and I are being shot at. They both get shot up in a barn, and I escape from town. Wanting revenge for my brother and friends' death, I come back. I see who I thought was the guy that killed Lorenzo and Mao, and shoot him. I am then running out of the town, being chased by 2 people that I could see, and I hide in a bush. I wait there for 30 seconds when 2 people run by with orange armbands. I decide to shoot at one, hitting him in the chest, then I am killed.