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  1. Thank you so much! Definitely not discouraged! I saw a couple of people, unfortunately it was from a distance and i couldn't track them down. I like immersing myself into the game so being alone for hours/days at a time doesn't bother me. I'd like to check out where groups are but I feel like im taking away something out of this RP when i Know where they are... dont know if that makes sense. haha buuut anyways thanks everybody for the feedback and hope to see u guys (or anyone lol) in game.
  2. Thanks! I know the basics but man... I could not find any food. lol I'm trying to get back in now and it keeps saying Server lost. Ima look around in the forums to see whats up tho.
  3. Hi! Watchin a bunch of DayzRp Videos and seems awesome. Can't wait to find people...... I've been playing on the sever for what seems to be an accumulated time of an hour... I died twice. The first time i was in Suicide position and had to use the bathroom, came back and i was dead. The second was the longest run so far. About 50 minutes in i ran out of rags.. Hungry, I was killing every zombie i could find to get some damn kiwis. Finally i approached one wrong and got hit. With no rags i used the leather sewing kit and fixed the bleeding issue but then it quickly got infected and I died. Do people generally flock to a specific area? O well, Just glad to be here. So Hi Everyone!