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  1. Cletus was born in a shed in his family home in Montgomery, Alabama. He was raised with 12 brothers and 3 sisters and learned to shoot at a young age when his father, Norman O'Muggly Esq took him out too shoot at those damned ferrets trying to take his hemp stash, he knew that one day there would be no more ferrets so he and his pa stepped up and started nailing anything that moved and didn't have the capacity too hold beer, from foxes too deers too housecats they turned their neighbors backyard into their shooting range. Eventually however the police got involved after Cletus managed too perfectly mangle a truck engine with one buck round, fearing for his 3rd favourite son, Norman sent him too texas too live with his Aunt, Dame Margerie O'Muggly Esq. He drudged through his days until he came across a mighty fine gentleman going by the name of Rick Rickshaw (https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5655/) , together they moved out too them there russia lands too start up a ranch with the promise of being able too shoot anything with legs.