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  1. S1: KoS in Kabanino - 21/05/2017 18:00

    my pov I was walking down stary road when I saw these 2 gentlemen. I saw Michael DeWindt what previously initiated on me about 30 minutes before the situation so I saw him standing there and I recognized his voice so I shot him. then I shot the other guy that I saw because he looked like the guy that was with Michael at the time so I shot him. I'm assuming now that it wasn't him. the combat logging thing was me tabbing out to check facebook then I tabbed back in and I had a black screen unable to do anything so I had to shut down the application.
  2. S1 EU KOS kabanino

    I was with Daniel Steel in a tree line near kabanino when we heard gunshots so we backed up so we didn't get shot at then we see 3 people running towards us I just see daniel get shot so I ran off so I didn't get killed