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  1. +1 to this but it shouldn't just be the poncho and raincoat getting these benefits, I think all jackets should receive this treatment and so should some hats and pants as they provide protection from the elements and rain. Here's a little list for an idea of what I'm thinking I'll probably forget a few things but oh well. Waterproof Raincoats NBC clothing Gorka? (water resistant at least) Firefighter pants + Jacket Water Resistant Puffy jackets Ponchos Hiking Jacket? Warm Wool Coat Paramedic/Firefighter coats M65 Jacket Leather Jacket Hoodie Hunting Jacket BDU Denim Jacket Sweater
  2. This is a very welcome and unexpected return. Good luck lads.
  3. I'm all for making the unique and interesting buildings and POI's more accessible and prevalent in day to day roleplay. While I like the size of the map it also leads to clustering in the same areas, removing a lot of interesting places to visit and making day to day travels somewhat stale. (Somewhat upset we've made a return to the triangle life but oh well) I think the prison would make a great addition on the Western side of the map or perhaps in the Black forest to add to the danger and mysterious nature of it? Just a thought.
  4. This was just over a year ago and it still gets me. Oh how things've changed though eh?

  5. sadboi.PNG.93c0318a8b717700f7bc239d89506c17.PNG

    This is sad Brother. You are missed.

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      Busy with my business as you know bratr. fear not the power of my rolex will guide you out of peasantry without my guidance 

  6. Leave it as is, there's already enough gear hoarding going on and bases are good enough already. No sense in making it even harder to raid.
  7. Seems unnecessary to me. Lock picks are plentiful and you can always relock something post restart. If you want to secure a base or something like that a lock pick isn't going to do much for you on that front. Almost everyone I know carries one so it's not much of a robber deterrent. Use a fence and code lock. They're not hard to build and the supplies aren't that hard to find.
  8. I agree, the bleeding mechanics are whack. Gun shot wounds don't always make you bleed even though they're literally holes in your body, and when they do cause bleeding it's somehow the same as getting slashed by a zombie? Doesn't make much sense either way you look at it. Ideally there would be stages of cuts, IE a scratch, a gash, and something on the level of a gunshot wound (perhaps even to an extreme extent a cut artery, tourniquets where you at?) to make things more realistic but as this is at the end of the day just a game, their decision makes sense to simplify it. I say try and look at the good sides of the community and overlook some shotty game mechanics. There's still fun to be had if you can get over the bugs and poor development decisions. TLDR: It's just a game and while the mechanics aren't perfect there's still fun to be had if you're willing. If it bothers you this bad, perhaps put up a suggestion to lessen the blood loss of cuts? Not sure if it's possible but would be something to look into.
  9. First experience with you guys was decent. I appreciate that it wasn't 100% gear RP and that you guys were trying to get something going but I do have some critiques. 1) Make sure the people you're taking hostage are 100% with the people you're targeting. While I may have run with Roses in the past, and I am a "Whiskey Boy", I was not involved in that situation or in coms during whatever happened in Vybor. I honestly had no idea what was going on IC until afterwards hence why I acted like I didn't. 2) It seemed like once G19RP crashed, you guys were somewhat lost and no one talked to me for a decent amount of time. I was shushed a couple of times, and excluding the moments when I spoke over someone, I was kinda at a loss for why. I was trying to talk to you guys and explain the situation. I was honestly at a loss for why I was being held hostage and why you'd initiated when the information could have been gained through a talk rather than hostile action. It seemed like you were itching for a gun fight and hoping I was with Roses so they'd come back and fight but perhaps I'm wrong and I truly hope I am. Overall it was an alright experience but I think that you could do with hammering down on what the groups purpose is, appropriate times to use hostile RP, and when a simple conversation would work best. There's no need to resort to hostile action when it didn't seem like your characters had any reason to, at least that I could personally see. I hope you do not take this as salt but as constructive criticism. I wish you guys the best and hope you take what I've said into consideration to enhance your group's roleplay and their overall presence on the server.
  10. Welcome and hope to see you in game my friend. You should see about applying to a group, it's a great way to meet and interact with new people in the community.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I see this verdict as unfair for a few reasons which I will explore in this appeal. I see @BanksRP initiation to be valid, however I do agree it could have been handled better and he did not give the defending party enough time to comply. This changes a lot and I believe it is clear the staff team did not pay close attention to this aspect given the comments posted at the end of the report. As you can see from the video I will post below, if played from the time set you will see @BanksRP pull the pin on the grenade, issue a command "Leave or you'll be shot!", and THEN throw the grenade. I agree this could have been handled better however I do not see it as an invalid initiation seeing as @BanksRP issued a command directly at a group of people, with hostile intention, and then threw the grenade. Should they have complied they would have survived the initiation meaning that compliance was realistic and survivable. I see the problem being not that the initiation was invalid but that he did not give ample time for the opposing force to comply. This is obviously important to my appeal because should this initiation have been valid, my kill on @FalkRP would have been valid. During the firefight G19's party told the people inside to come out of the building. This can be seen through @RavenousRP POV. This can be taken as an initiation considering the context of the fight and therefore would give me, as a member of the Black Roses, defender rights. Thus giving me KOS on @FalkRP I talked out the situation with @Devin Simpson and he agreed that while I did not have the rights to KOS him, it is understandable considering the situation and he asked that the KOS on him be dropped considering this. While I understand that staff reserves the right to continue a report when they feel it is necessary, since he was not the original reporting party and was merely sucked into the situation inadvertently, I see no reason as to why this case cannot be dropped. If the KOS on @Devin Simpson is not dropped, I think it should be dropped to Invalid Kill- Firefight or Invalid Kill- Roleplayed, considering the situation of an active firefight and him being inside of a known stronghold of a group among members of the attacking party. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I knew ICly that we had been attacked and vague descriptions of the individuals who attacked us, I had believed that I could seek the assistance of the WolfPack who live right next to us and was only acting as my character would in the situation. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my points revoked or have one case of Invalid Kill- On Sight removed and the other downgraded to Invalid Kill- Firefight. What could you have done better?: I could have reinitiated on the compound, however seeing as we had already gained both attacker and defender rights in my eyes, I saw no reason to do this.
  12. I like the idea and in my eyes it can serve a purpose. I sometimes bug out or due to a faulty mouse, when I press mmb it inadverantly pushes down my rmb and lmb. Could be useful in preventing weapon malfunctions. +1 from me. Especially if the old tabbing in glitch rears its ugly head again as bad as before in 0.62. I still sometimes have a problem with a runaway gun unless I tab out a certain way. I would make it a double press of x though. To prevent you accidently going on safety in heat of the moment situations. Just a personal preference
  13. While it is a solution to the ghosting problem, I think it's a bit extreme. People switch servers regularly not to abuse the game but to interact with different people. The servers are often full which means it's somewhat like playing with 160 people if you are switching between the two in order to talk to different groups. If you split them it would be very isolated RP and leave you with only 80. A lot of people wouldn't want to regear on a different server anyways so you'd have 1 server with extremely large Qs and the other practically empty. No thank you. I think what DayZ did to prevent ghosting is smart and if possible something we should adopt. Spawning players switching between servers in set locations.
  14. @kamikazealpaca We appreciate your feedback. We were working alongside the grey armbands however all of our members were wearing armbands with a rose on them or red. I apologize if you feel you didn't receive good role play and I'd be happy to take this conversation to PMs. I'd like to explain the situation however. We never had any grievances with you or your friend however we had planned to make an assault on the compound down the hill from the castle and with you two in close proximity with the compound and one of you matching the description given on someone seen inside, we decided not to risk it and took you hostage. I was the Russian fella RP'ing with you in the castle before the initiation and I am 100% sure we RP'd for a good 10 minutes before any initiation was dropped seeing as we started talking before the server restart and stopped a few minutes after. As I said, we never were targeting you or your friend and simply were removing variables from the situation before we attacked the compound. That's why we wound up releasing you when we realized you weren't part of the situation and we had no purpose to hold you any longer nor was there any more RP to be had. If you would like to continue this discussion PM me here on the forums and I'd be happy to discuss the situation and take any feedback you may have. Thank you!
  15. Finally got my vod uploaded. As you can see in this video you were given ample time to comply. Your friends pulled their weapons before the time you died and you started to run away just before you were shot. It wasn't a full 5 seconds, you're correct but it was a full 3 and that would have been enough for you to stop moving and at least put away your weapon. We see your friends pull their weapons as you are being shot/just before signaling they at least had not planned on complying in the first place. You continued to approach an ally of mine with a knife in your hand and did not listen to a command. Even through your POV the initiation is clear enough to understand and it was clearly hostile in nature. I'll be avoiding any more posting unless @ by staff.
  16. Daniel Barnett POV: I was in Zeleno industrial, with a couple of my bois, one is up in the hills on overwatch because we heard some shots in the area so as we're investigating myself and Kyle run into three individuals with heavy English accents and start talking. They immediately begin being hostile towards Kyle because he's talking over the radio and all three take out knives and sling insults. They begin approaching Kyle with their knives out and their backs to me so I tell them all to put their hands up. I wait a good 5 seconds and no one reacts, the OP continues to move towards my friend with a knife out while his friends pull guns out. I shoot the OP and so does Bravo. He dies, I turn to engage his friend who has at this point pulled a gun. I get ghost bullets as I put a solid 10 rounds into this guys face, then die.
  17. Daniel Barnett POV: I was AFK dealing with a problem IRL however I was sat in our comms and heard there was a problem happening at the compound. Our IC count was around 9 members and through IC means I was informed they'd killed about 6 or 7 meaning that if I logged in it would be a 1v3 with the element of surprise on my side. I had no other choice but to log in there, seeing as that's where my character had been logged out at and all. I log in, see two gentlemen in our base. The items from within our crates and tent are strewn across the floor and left out to despawn. (This is something that I'd like to look into. Let me know if I should file a seperate report or if that's something we can look into here in this report.) I immediately recognize the person infront of me as a district member and without hesitation shoot him seeing as it had only been 30mins at most since the firefight and I'd gained rights by being on CP and in coms. I kill him, see the other guy inside which turned out to be @Devin Simpson (I'd like to apologize to you seeing as you had no part in this according to your POV, just wrong place at the wrong time.) I then run out the door to see if I can gain the assistance of our "allies" the wolfpack when I run into @Eagle, my computer buttfucks itself, I freeze while unloading my mag, and I die. //end of POV
  18. Not sure if you're talking about alliances between several groups or if you're asking about a single individual being a part of two official groups. If you're talking about the former then I agree that his does provide great RP and has been a thing on this server for a long, long, time. I don't see it going away. If you want something more to symbolize these alliances on the forums however, I would have to advise against this. The more groups have to post things on the forums the less organic they are I find. People already inadvertently meta info from group pages, no need to let people meta who one group is allied to. That should be found out in game. As for a single individual being a part of two official groups, I think this has the opportunity to provide new oppurtunities for RP and in certain cases would make good sense, however it would be easily abused and definitely not something we need right now, at least not without restrictions.
  19. I like this idea but doubt it will become a thing. As is, Black Roses are using the Rose armband from the item shop which means those who opt not to pay 9 euros for an armband (which admittedly is a bit much IMO) cannot spawn their own and rely on us to spawn them for them. This isn't even an item that can be found in game to my knowledge which makes things all the more difficult. I like this idea but doubt it will come to pass because I recognize that this is a business and the item shop generates revenue.
  20. Daniel Barnett POV: I was told we'd found a base or something in Polana factory, I made my way there. @MouseWB helped boost me up into the base so we could take a look around. I had IRL stuff to handle so I was somewhat off and on. Nobody was there so I at some point wound up leaving the next day or the day after. We had been looking for the owners of the camp if memory serves and they had simply not been there.
  21. *Daniel would flip on his radio, shaking his head at the ignorance of the man he hears speaking( "Not to be rude or anything but your presence here isn't needed. You must not have been around the last time NATO got its shit pushed in. Let us handle this problem while you just sit back and look pretty. Unless you've got radio communications with NATO and the capability to call in close air support and tomahawk missile strikes. If you do, by all means, do what you can." *Daniel would chuckle to himself thinking back a year or so, releasing his PTT*
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