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    sad will ferrell GIF

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    Staff Feedback: Fae

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: I want to first say that I have thought through posting this and am still unsure of whether it's the right or wrong thing to do but considering what has transpired in just the past few minutes including the perma banning of a community member over this, I am honestly shocked and hurt by your actions especially considering the pictures above from a private conversation had between me and you. I always considered you a friend even through everything that has happened and as such, I've taken only necessary bits of this conversation, leaving out some context which I'm sure you would find sensitive and be hurt should it be revealed in such a public manner. I find it astonishing that you can so openly post messages and target a group and select few people who, while you may not know all of them, you know to be invested RP'ers and an asset to this community. I understand that what was said shouldn't have been and it's understandable to be angry and upset about it. However I do not believe it warranted the actions you took, targeting said individuals and acting with such hypocrisy. I'm sure that everyone in this community has said something mean or vile about another member. Hell, even as careful and thoughtful as I am, I'm certain there is someone out there who has caught me saying something I didn't truly mean in a moment of anger. It's human. This wasn't OOC hate, nor was it meant as a personal attack. A few people were upset and vented about it, that's all. The evidence I have provided on the other hand is very, very different however. It shows you openly calling two members of the community "cunts" which is very blatant OOC hate. Now, considering the circumstances, I can understand you being angry but so were the people in the aforementioned posts. So if they're in the wrong, so are you. I really hope that you can learn from this, and I fear that we may no longer be friends because of this. Suggestions for improvement: I'd suggest you recognize people's situation and show sympathy towards them. Wrong is wrong and good is good, but there's also a grey area. People are human, they make mistakes and say things they don't mean. Perhaps in the future, speak with the people who you feel slighted towards, give constructive criticism, and help them mature and grow before taking action. If you want to talk, just send me a dm in discord or here. I'll definitely make some time to talk. I always thought you were a great person and a fantastic roleplayer, so please show me I'm not wrong.
  4. SmashingWB

    Add waterproof & warmth to certain clothing

    +1 to this but it shouldn't just be the poncho and raincoat getting these benefits, I think all jackets should receive this treatment and so should some hats and pants as they provide protection from the elements and rain. Here's a little list for an idea of what I'm thinking I'll probably forget a few things but oh well. Waterproof Raincoats NBC clothing Gorka? (water resistant at least) Firefighter pants + Jacket Water Resistant Puffy jackets Ponchos Hiking Jacket? Warm Wool Coat Paramedic/Firefighter coats M65 Jacket Leather Jacket Hoodie Hunting Jacket BDU Denim Jacket Sweater
  5. SmashingWB

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    This is a very welcome and unexpected return. Good luck lads.
  6. SmashingWB

    Add an inland prison

    I'm all for making the unique and interesting buildings and POI's more accessible and prevalent in day to day roleplay. While I like the size of the map it also leads to clustering in the same areas, removing a lot of interesting places to visit and making day to day travels somewhat stale. (Somewhat upset we've made a return to the triangle life but oh well) I think the prison would make a great addition on the Western side of the map or perhaps in the Black forest to add to the danger and mysterious nature of it? Just a thought.
  7. SmashingWB


    This was just over a year ago and it still gets me. Oh how things've changed though eh?

  9. GalloWB


This is sad Brother. You are missed.

  1. GalloWB


    Busy with my business as you know bratr. fear not the power of my rolex will guide you out of peasantry without my guidance 

  • SmashingWB

    Let codelocks take the same to hack through as walls

    Leave it as is, there's already enough gear hoarding going on and bases are good enough already. No sense in making it even harder to raid.
  • SmashingWB

    Persistent doors

    Seems unnecessary to me. Lock picks are plentiful and you can always relock something post restart. If you want to secure a base or something like that a lock pick isn't going to do much for you on that front. Almost everyone I know carries one so it's not much of a robber deterrent. Use a fence and code lock. They're not hard to build and the supplies aren't that hard to find.
  • SmashingWB

    Bleed mechanics suck

    I agree, the bleeding mechanics are whack. Gun shot wounds don't always make you bleed even though they're literally holes in your body, and when they do cause bleeding it's somehow the same as getting slashed by a zombie? Doesn't make much sense either way you look at it. Ideally there would be stages of cuts, IE a scratch, a gash, and something on the level of a gunshot wound (perhaps even to an extreme extent a cut artery, tourniquets where you at?) to make things more realistic but as this is at the end of the day just a game, their decision makes sense to simplify it. I say try and look at the good sides of the community and overlook some shotty game mechanics. There's still fun to be had if you can get over the bugs and poor development decisions. TLDR: It's just a game and while the mechanics aren't perfect there's still fun to be had if you're willing. If it bothers you this bad, perhaps put up a suggestion to lessen the blood loss of cuts? Not sure if it's possible but would be something to look into.
  • SmashingWB

    Shepherds - [IC Recruitment]

    First experience with you guys was decent. I appreciate that it wasn't 100% gear RP and that you guys were trying to get something going but I do have some critiques. 1) Make sure the people you're taking hostage are 100% with the people you're targeting. While I may have run with Roses in the past, and I am a "Whiskey Boy", I was not involved in that situation or in coms during whatever happened in Vybor. I honestly had no idea what was going on IC until afterwards hence why I acted like I didn't. 2) It seemed like once G19RP crashed, you guys were somewhat lost and no one talked to me for a decent amount of time. I was shushed a couple of times, and excluding the moments when I spoke over someone, I was kinda at a loss for why. I was trying to talk to you guys and explain the situation. I was honestly at a loss for why I was being held hostage and why you'd initiated when the information could have been gained through a talk rather than hostile action. It seemed like you were itching for a gun fight and hoping I was with Roses so they'd come back and fight but perhaps I'm wrong and I truly hope I am. Overall it was an alright experience but I think that you could do with hammering down on what the groups purpose is, appropriate times to use hostile RP, and when a simple conversation would work best. There's no need to resort to hostile action when it didn't seem like your characters had any reason to, at least that I could personally see. I hope you do not take this as salt but as constructive criticism. I wish you guys the best and hope you take what I've said into consideration to enhance your group's roleplay and their overall presence on the server.
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    Smashing's Smashing Customs

  • SmashingWB

    Hey guys!

    Welcome and hope to see you in game my friend. You should see about applying to a group, it's a great way to meet and interact with new people in the community.
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