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  1. SmashingWB

    Rules question

    I think this is kind of a silly thing to report ATM considering the fucked respawn system where it randomizes your character and how we no longer have a way to commit suicide at spawn. I know I've personally forgotten to exit, then hit respawn, only to have blonde hair when my character is brunette. Now, in order to fix this mistake, I have to run and find something to kill my character and go through that entire process, and then get back to the RP. I think it's easier just to continue with it and perhaps hide it a bit which isn't too hard to do.
  2. SmashingWB

    Restraining people in game

    I stick with the simple idea of restraining first, letting loose after when weapons have been taken and everything accounted for. Don't see any reason why you should keep someone mechanically restrained for more than about 5-10 minutes unless you're taking active fire. Even then it shouldn't take too long. Just take weapons and unrestrain, RP restraints and if they try to run or go for something on the ground, shoot 'em and report it as bad rp
  3. SmashingWB

    wassup vatos

    Welcome back comrade
  4. GalloWB

    • GalloWB
    • SmashingWB

    Superior lads.

    1. SmashingWB


      Top notch

  5. SmashingWB

    Using The Potius Cras name in game ICly

    I agree it can be frustrating when information about your group leaks but it's nigh impossible to keep anything secret. I think it's best to not RP a group that would be affected if your name gets out. My advice is live with the expectation that information will get out. Don't put anything on a group page or public forum that could be harmful to your group if taken IC because you can't control what other people do or say. You can only control yourselves. A name is just a name at the end of the day and I don't think it truly matters what people call you, they still know who you are. I mean, I can call and apple and orange but that doesn't make it one. What's the point in even pretending when 9/10 the information got leaked IC? TLDR: Information is like air, it's hard to contain. People are gonna call you whatever they want, your group name is easiest.
  6. SmashingWB

    Bullet damage

    Definitely think the time to kill should be increased. If values can be looked at in depth with HP, blood, and shock values. Think all gunshots should do a lot more shock damage, and HP damage should be tweaked especially for higher calibers. If you get hit by a 7.62x54 in the chest or head you should drop, no questions asked. I'd like to see more people going uncon from gun shot wounds before dying. Seems like you're either fine or you're dead rn. Time to kill doesn't feel too bad right now but there definitely is some times where somebody should have died but didn't. Not sure if this is a lag, hit registration, or damage value issue. Would like to play around with some different values though and see if they can make things a little better.
  7. SmashingWB

    being robbed

    Oh how I wish people still tried to rob me...... Here's the fact of the matter, you'll be robbed so long as you make yourself a target. What do I mean by this? Don't travel alone, don't swing a massive schlong around if you can't back it up, don't carry around valuables openly if you can't protect them, and in general play smart. So long as you do that, nine times out of ten you should be fine. I can't even remember the last time I was robbed. It's been ages, I honestly didn't think road side robberies were still a thing. I miss those days. There's good RP and memories to be made out of it, just be open to it. Anyways, best of luck on your travels, if you've got any tips on where to get robbed let me know. I'd love to PV.....I mean....... RP with some bandits.
  8. SmashingWB

    What kind of food would you be?

    I got da madafuckin canollis.
  9. SmashingWB

    Make axe, hacksaw, and hammer unbreakable

    I mean, if we're trying to be realistic then yeah increase durability or make them not break at all. Never heard of an axe breaking after about 50 chops. Think this is more of a gameplay mechanic though and don't think it needs to be changed. There are ways to repair these tools at least to my understanding AKA a sharpening stone which last time I played (which has been a minute) were easy to find. I think it's fine as is, the durability makes the tools a bit of a commodity due to a "limited" amount of uses that increases exponentially when using something to repair them. Making more useful items rare is a good thing IMO. Adds real value to them and will make people willing to trade. Having them deteriorate ensures there isn't a surplus of them therefore eliminating any value they have.
  10. SmashingWB

    What kind of food would you be?

  • SmashingWB


    I'm too hyped for this. Don't let me down HBO

  • SmashingWB

    New on the block

    Welcome to the community Mike, I hope you have a great time in game. If you have any questions or concerns take a look at the Newcomers Guide and see if you can find the answers there. If not there's a whole community of people who are willing to help.
  • SmashingWB

    Make Perma deaths optional (Read)

    Then you'd be an exception to the rule and what I proposed wouldn't even affect your character. Making executions PKs would only affect people that rampantly firefight and are constantly in hostile actions. It would make these actions actually carry weight without being completely one sided.
  • SmashingWB

    Make Perma deaths optional (Read)

    850+ hours and I'm sure almost as many bullet holes. Nothing against you @Camokid95 How many people here have run into the same guy 3+ times in a firefight, known it was the same person, known they got filled with lead, and yet the next day saw them walking down the road from Stary to Kab like it's a Sunday morning jog? Yes, we need to increase the amount of people perma killing their characters. At this point half the people on the server should be dead, and that's being lenient. Now, I understand the other side of the argument. Everyone puts time into their characters, gets used to playing them, and doesn't want to change. I get it. But why don't you want to try new experiences? Why don't you want to get outside of your comfort zone, approach the world from a new angle, meet new people? Do I think that every time someone gets killed it should be in the hands of the killer to perma or not? No, absolutely not. What I do think is that perma killing rights should go hand in hand with execution rights. You fight the same person 3+ times then get taken hostage and killed, it's definitely either a forced perma or at least up to the killer. They've earned that right, it makes sense, and there's no real reason to argue. You would have the same opportunity to kill them as they would you, it's not a one time Joe Shmoe killing you, and if you've fought at least 3 times there has to be some kind of story between the two.
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