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  1. Walker McCrae

    Walker was born on the outskirts of San Angelo, Texas. His family lived on a small cattle ranch that had been passed on to his father by his grandfather.He was introduced at an early age to the films of his hero, John Wayne. Walker looked back at the romanticized films of the old west and aspired to be like the heroes he saw. Gunslingers that sought justice. When he was eight he set his sights on becoming a deputy at their local sheriff's office. His dream never died but circumstances changed. His mother grew ill but her Texas toughness prevented her from going to a doctor until it was too late. She was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. The doctor gave her a life expectancy of two years. Walker started taking up her responsibilities on the farm as her condition worsened. His schoolwork suffered as a result. His father did his best to keep their family upbeat but the medical bills kept piling up, and his mother wasn’t getting any better. Four years after she’d been diagnosed, Walker’s mother passed away. With medical bills piling up Walker started looking for any job he could take with decent pay. Walker barely had a high school degree, he’d stumbled his way through it while trying to take care of his mother and work the farm. Without the qualifications for any other job, he looked to an interesting prospect. A friend of his told him about some farms in a third world country that paid well for good hands to keep the cattle in order. With nothing to lose he left for Chernarus where he found himself a job at a large farm near Novaya Petrovka.
  2. The Vale of Shadows || Cannibal Group || Strict Recruiting

    We're back ladies and gentlemen. Ya better hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband...
  3. Dobrimir Davidek

    Dobrimir was born and raised in Myrhorod, Ukraine however his family was from Chernarus. Vilek, Dobrimir’s father, made an honest living working construction and maintenance. Often Vilek’s work took him to the airbase located on the edge of town. There he befriended many of the Ukrainians. Meanwhile Dobrimir attended a local school doing his best. When news came from the East that there was a civil war brewing in Chernarus the national pride in Vilek’s heart spurred him into action. After a heated argument with Dobrimir’s mother, Vilek eventually left to join the Chernarus Defense Forces to quell the rebellion that had spurred. It was long before they received word from him, and what they did receive was a single letter of condolence from the Chernarussian government. Vilek had joined the CDF air force and been shot down by Chedaki forces early in the war. This dealt a heavy blow to Dobrimir’s mother. She fell into disrepair losing her job at the local grocery store, their modest lifestyle now at serious jeopardy. At the tender age of 16 Dobrimir began working odd jobs at the Myrhorod base, the men there taking pity on the son of Vilek. He was able to scrounge enough money to keep a roof over him and his mother’s heads until he was 18. Dobrimir would always bear a grudge against the Chedaki forces and ultimately any pro-Russian for bringing this pain and burden upon himself and his mother. One day while he was working on base doing an odd job one of the combat pilots was returning from a mission and saw Dobrimir there as he always was now. In a joking manner he said “Jesus, you’re here as much as I am might as well sign up and make it official.” Not two weeks later Dobrimir was enlisted and on his way to boot camp. Over the next year he completed his basic training and pilot school. He was first based in the West at Ozerne but after some ass kissing managed to get reassigned to Myrhorod. He led an easy life the next couple of years supporting his mother and himself, but it wouldn’t last. As pro-Russian movements began gaining traction and Crimea got annexed Dobrimir knew that war was inevitable. The war grew bloody and his squadron began going on air patrols first then on airstrike missions however it was clear the Ukrainian military was outgunned by the Russian equipped rebels. Hate grew in his heart for these unlawful rebels and he began looking for an alternative method for subverting their rebellion. His government was failing him, and he’d seen enough war, he didn’t want anymore families like his own born out of this conflict. He turned to a paramilitary group that had emerged from the very same hatred he himself bore, the People’s Army of Ukraine. There he found a group of like minded individuals that understood his pain and suffering and wanted the same thing. To subvert this rebellion and do what their government couldn’t. He began informing the PAU of flight plans and whatever briefings on pro-Russian troop movements he received. It wasn’t long before the PAU realized they weren’t the only ones with snakes. This came at a price after a failed assault on a storage facility. Dobrimir received word that the PAU was retreating to regroup in Chernarus. Deciding there was nothing left here for him he joined his brothers in the arduous journey to Chernarus where they awaited the proper time to make their return and take their vengeance.
  4. An olive branch, to those known as Lucius and Elyse.

    *Lucius leans against a building eating yet another can of sardines when he hears his radio crackle to life. As he eats the salty little fish, cringing at the taste, he hears his name and perks up. He waits and listens to another voice join. At the mentioning of dinner his stomach rumbles and he can't help himself. He takes his radio out from a pocket on his vest and presses the PTT* "Honestly, I don't really know why you want to talk but look, if you're buying dinner I'm there. As long as it's something other than fucking sardines. You said you met this lady on the radio at some airfield? Where did we meet? The name Dan sounds kinda familiar but IDK where I met ya. If I did.... Anyways, looking forward to a good meal. Anything but these salty ass sardines. Spaghetti for fucks sake, peaches, ANYTHING BUT----- *The radio would go quiet as Lucius lets go of the PTT eating the last sardine trying not to paint the walls with his lunch*
  5. If two consenting parties want something to happen then it's up to them. "Scripting" isn't bad. That's like saying you don't enjoy movies or novels because they're predestined. I understand that having dynamic events are enjoyable and everyone likes a little chaos but sometimes you just want something to happen and the only way to do it is to arrange it. Things like perma deaths rarely happen naturally. It's a big decision and making said choice right then and there when you're already emotionally involved in a situation can seriously affect the way you do it. Deciding ahead of time, okay I'm going to end it for sure makes things simple. No one is asking permission while things are going on and everything goes a lot smoother. This still doesn't sound like full blown scripting though. You're not handing your "killer" a list of things to say and not to say. It's more so scripted in a sense that you arrange a place and time so you aren't chasing each other around the server like idiots for days or for weeks. (But hey, some people may want that.) To me this is actually very sensible. Of course some people may opt out of the whole scheduling and just let things happen a bit more naturally. There's no problem I can see either way. The only problem I see is RP. How will the killers find an RP reason to kill their targets? There will have to be some form of interaction between the two in order to spark things off. I can only truly see this working well if: A) All killers have backgrounds that would give them incentive to kill anyone. B) Victims only apply for killers that their characters know IG and they think have a reason to kill them. Of course if B is true there will need to be a large variety of killers which, this being an RP server, death carries a toll on people. Especially in this circumstance since these will ALL be perma deaths. No sane or normal person could take such a burden on themselves and not come out the other side looking or feeling a bit differently. This will limit the characters willing to participate which could make things more complicated. At least that's what I think.
  6. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    I appreciate the love for my beautiful pick up lines. They could use some work though. Enjoyed our conversation @Terra
  7. Svetlojarsk Massacre

    @Odap the Corruptor was killed by @VodkaWolf and @Vytis was killed by an unknown assailant. These were the only casualties sustained by our side. Both @Odap the Corruptorand @Vytis aren't in The Vale of Shadows so @Sleepyhead's statement stands. Thank you and have a nice day.
  8. Svetlojarsk Massacre

    Very nice, perhaps a Chernarus Times in the works?
  9. Locking First-Person

    I can agree that as it stands a first person only server would be unsatisfactory. The current implementation of the first person perspective in DayZ Standalone is honestly sub par to say the least. The FOV is ridiculously low not to mention as said before the potential for motion sickness due to the poor rendering and the general way DayZ works. At this point in time (0.62) it isn't realistic to have a first person only sever. I think if rendering issues were resolved and the slider for FOV was increased to at least 90 if not higher, the first person perspective would be more practical. Look at games such as Battlefield that are in fact FPS games. You don't get motion sickness playing those games and the combat is much more immersive than being able to look over a wall or peak a corner without exposing yourself. Now, this is by no means a milsim game nor a PVP server as @Bubblegum said, this is an RP server. As such it makes more sense seeing exactly what your character would see and not some camera attached by an invisible selfie stick. I understand that as RPers we all need to know how that hat looks on us or if this vest makes you look fat but you don't need the third person perspective to do that. Even on a first person only sever you can still view your character in the tab menu. All in all, as it stands first person is shit and needs work but I believe if done correctly and if the players were given more options regarding camera constraints then a first person only server would definitely be something to try and could offer a more immersive experience for everyone.
  10. Jaidan's Journal

    10/10 Wish I had your artistic talent. Lucky Luci is very much impressed.
  11. Possible KOS/Invalid Kill rights, possible false ID

    In Game Name: Lucius Eldridge POV: I was walking with my friends from the East heading West when we saw a man standing on the road. I as well as one other approached to introduce ourselves and be nice people. One of my other friends @WatchmanI believe saw someone just up the hill and led another group to talk to him. I saw one or two of us walk in odd directions (probably bird watching) while myself and @Randle began talking to the man in front of us. We began with pleasantries and proceeded to ask him where he was headed, where he was from, etc. It was around that point he all of a sudden raised his gun. (I would like to point out I didn't even know an initiation had been dropped at this point) and pointed his weapon at Adrian. I couldn't get two words out before he began firing mowing down my innocent friend turning his gun on me. I was shouting, "WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!" However my cry fell on deaf ears as I was slaughtered like a pig. //End POV Additional Evidence: None
  12. I'm so sorry Lucius is a dick. My heart broke doing that but..... we have to play our characters </3 Great writing, look forward to seeing your story progress. Keep up the good work!
  13. Cannibal time

    I am much in the same mind that right now there is no reason to be killing other people for food. Survival cannibalism doesn't make sense ATM. We're three months in and there's a massive infection that has killed a large portion of the population. To our knowledge (as far as I know) no food has been contaminated so I would think there'd actually be an ABUNDANCE of food. Of course we don't have mortality figures, or population statistics for the area but as far as RP goes, Chernarus is a large area, as seen here the entire country has an estimated population of 3.8 million people. That's alot of people. Now I don't have a "professional" estimation for South Zagoria specifically but I'd guess it to be in the thousands at least. Of course our lore is different so these numbers may be inconsistent though I can't imagine them to be too different. Now let's talk post out break. A lot of people have died or fled. People dying, well they don't take food with them to heaven now do they? And people leaving can only take so much. This would leave a massive amount of supplies for the remaining survivors; who for the past three months have been fighting/killing each other. There is no shortage of food. However I will argue this, cannibalism is still viable if the character has a mental disorder or past history with it. Such a background would give them a purpose behind it. I agree that most people are against cannibal RP for the cringe worthy performances delivered in the past. I myself have encountered a few of those but I also have met people that have thought out their character's actions, the toll it takes, the motives behind them, and what they ultimately are seeking from it. Some people don't think about the consequences. Others take them too far even to extremes. Everything depends not on the character or style of role play someone takes, but how well it is executed by the player. This isn't even to mention the fact that in order to harvest (that's a gross word) meat from someone you have to either A) Gain rights to kill/injure them to IG cut up their bodies for their succulent flesh, this of course forces them to respawn and regear their character and let's be honest, there's nothing worse than not having your character in the right get up. Or B) You text RP and ask for rights to harvest their flesh which will then permanently scar their character. Nobody likes being imposed to do something to their character. It's something that you really have to think about but in the midst of a hostile RP situation where people may be yelling or screaming at you, isn't easy to make. All in all, cannibalism is a tough RP style that gets a very bad reputation for poor attempts in the past as well as the impacts it has on other people's characters. While at this point I do not agree there would be cannibals who kill and eat for survival due to my perception of the current food status, I think it is viable for those with backstories pertaining to violent acts AKA psychopaths/sociopaths with violent histories, serial killers, murderers, etc.
  14. Text RP Events

    Character Name: Lucius Eldridge Character Age: 22 Does your character have any physical shortcomings?: None Does your character have a mental disability?: Psychopathic Does your character have a specific disease?: None Does your character have any phobia?: Being the last person alive on Earth. Does your character have a love interest?: Not at the moment. Does your character have any addictions?: Is addicted to adrenaline rushes as well as hunting both people and animals. Does your character do any drugs?: No Is your character overweight?: No Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? I love humor, bring it at me. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Lucius struggles making attachments to other people and even the ones he makes are easily broken. He often betrays others or misleads them for his own gain, often ending in their death or dismemberment. Likes: Guns The woods Solidarity Ham and cheese sandwiches Dislikes: Cities/Crowds Liars Broccoli
  15. Bravo's Wannabe Media Thread

    -1 Where's my Lesnisky vids? I want them stat. Jk, good stuff keep it going.