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  2. Welcome to our little community. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. SmashingMedal

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #CloneWarsSaved Thread

    Really looking forward to this. I definitely have my concerns with Disney running the show but supposedly seasons 7 & 8 were already written before the show was canceled. If they stick to those arcs, or even close to them, I'm sure the show will be great.
  4. SmashingMedal

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  5. SmashingMedal

    Change on Hostility Colors

    Not knowing is kind of half the point, isn't it? You shouldn't know how many people there are or whose group someone is in. It completely negates the characters that pose as bystanders like you said, for the primary intention of gathering information. You don't need to know what group a character is in if you don't know it in character. Enough said, it's a mechanic that can easily be abused as seen before by people waiting until all members of a group to log out and stealing from their base. This is borderline metagaming IMO. If you're not sure if someone is in a group, then find out in character. It could make for fantastic RP. You don't need a server list to tell you. As for the absolute "cluster fucks" and post-initiations, a lot if not most of that has to do with the new dynamic group rules. That's just part of initiations. You have to be prepared to take fire from people you don't suspect. That's why nobody likes to initiate in RP hubs, it's just asking to get shot in the back. In other words, just don't have bystanders and they can't shoot you
  6. SmashingMedal

    Can I get some conformation please?

    No, you can go here to check everyone's mode as well as their group that is online.
  7. SmashingMedal

    Change on Hostility Colors

    Completely agree with this but it's somewhat of a topic for a different discussion. As for my opinion at the topic at hand, they are the same as the OP's. While I understand it's a personal decision to select hardcore+, you shouldn't be at such a disadvantage to green players. If a player is green they should have the rules apply to them completely so that they can't be initiated on nor can they initiate without RP reason. That just makes sense to me. Why should people who elect for a different form of role play be put at a disadvantage and potentially abused?
  8. Congrats, looking forward to seeing you in game mate.
  9. SmashingMedal

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

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    Cheers to @Brady@Braycesand @Spartan for looking over my appeal. I'll be sure to watch my language in the future.

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      Of course!