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  1. The Vale of Shadows

    Let me explain the moment Sleepyhead invited me to join this group. The only logical response was yes.
  2. BeanZ WAR

  3. Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    Ok, so by this same logic if I had yelled out in this situation,"let's talk" or "I want to negotiate" and they hadn't ceased fire my kill would have been valid, but because I didn't my kill was invalid? What constitutes a "rescue party"? This is very unclear. My idea of a rescue party is anyone seeking to rescue the hostage. Not just people I have specifically contacted over radio.
  4. Lucius Eldridge

    Lucius grew up the only child of a rich family. His mother, an art dealer, traveled around the world buying and selling rare and exotic pieces while his father, a broker on Wall Street, ran his own firm often coming home late. Lucius was raised in his early years by nannies until their family ran into some financial troubles when the stock market crashed in late 2008. After that, his father was in and out of work and his mother struggled finding new pieces sale. As their golden parachute dwindled, Lucius’ mother turned to drinking while his father turned to women. Meanwhile, Lucius himself couldn’t stand to be in their home any longer. He took to the streets of New York City where he was surprisingly suited to life. Few people noticed him and those that did rarely bothered him. One of the exceptions was an elderly man named Eugene. He usually drank himself half to death and would then sit outside his home in Brooklyn, Lucius’ favorite borough. The two became quick friends and within a year Eugene was more of a father than the man whose genes he carried. Eugene would take Lucius on excursions out of the city when his parents were out of town. Often, they went hunting, a passion they both loved. The thrill of stalking their prey, the beating in his heart as he slowly pulled the trigger on the unsuspecting animal, followed by the blast of the gun. He loved it and would always. As for school, his grades, usually straight A’s due to all the tutoring his parents had paid for, slowly fell in later years and his mother and father started taking notice. They confronted him several times and after Lucius had a run in with the police (a small matter of petty vandalism of which he was never convicted) they shipped him off to St. Thomas Academy. It was a small, private, military academy near Minneapolis. He hated it, he hated being looked down upon. While he was constantly butting heads with his superiors, he excelled in class. Many of the other cadets were like Lucius, rejects sent away by their parents who couldn’t be bothered with their antics. Lucius found comfort with them and befriended most. During his Junior summer, a group of them banded together travelling up Interstate-35 to a town called Duluth to kick back and relax on Lake Superior. However, when their group arrived it wasn’t the lake that took Lucius’ interest. Instead, Lucius’ attention was drawn to a woman, more specifically Evelyn Motley, who had been murdered in 2004. Only through whispers had Lucius discovered what he knew. She had two kids, Faggot and Elyse as well as a husband named Xavier. At the time of her murder he had been away on a business trip and came home to find his wife in the kitchen lying in a pool of her own blood. The rumors surrounding the murder were worse. Some said there were teeth marks on her body, while others denied it completely. While they wasted their summer away, sitting by the lake and poaching deer in the nearby woods, something that had in recent years lost its satisfaction. Lucius returned to school and tried focusing back on his work but often found himself at his computer trying to find out more about the Motley murder. He didn’t know why he was so interested. He’d heard about hundreds of murders growing up in New York, none had bothered him like Evelyn’s did. His senior year a recruiter from West Point came to speak to them about applying. At first, he wasn’t all that interested but when the recruiter began mentioning sniper school he perked up. He’d always loved hunting, what’s the difference between a man and an animal? In 2014, after being waitlisted, Lucius was accepted to West Point. He began majoring in Defense and Strategic Studies, admissions told him it was the best choice for his given path. While he was at West Point he reconnected with his parents who had divorced during his time at St. Thomas Academy. They were doing well again and apologized for sending him off to the Academy. Lucius continued digging into the Motley murder, now utilizing means he hadn’t had before. He discovered that Xavier had moved to a small country called Chernarus with his two kids where they had since been living a somewhat quiet life. July 1, 2017, Lucius decided to travel there for summer vacation. He cleared it with the dean and his father paid for the trip, “As a way to make up for past mistakes” he said. Lucius cared little, he only wanted to rid himself of this constant nagging that was in his brain, whispering in his ear but couldn’t be understood.
  5. SmashingMedal-Invalid Kill 10/10/17

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Can be found here Why the Verdict is not fair: As per rule 8.5, the rescue party refused to negotiate and opened fire. 8.5 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: 8.5.3 The rescue party refuses to negotiate and open fire, after the hostage takers contacted them on the radio. In this situation the rescue party was present and had heard our initiation. @ExoticRainbow heard everything we said as he was in the building to my left. He knew very well that @Puncture had been taken hostage and @evanm23 was about to be taken hostage. When @ExoticRainbow and @evanm23 began firing at me (who are both known associates of @Puncture) they voided the necessity to contact them over the radio as they were aware what was happening and in fact clearly planned a course of action. It is clear that @Puncturecircled around to the red building for the specific reason that it was an advantageous location and @ExoticRainbow and @evanm23had planned on rescuing him from the beginning. The rescue party, in this case @ExoticRainbow and @evanm23 decided to shoot before contact was made which I do not believe invalidates my kill. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Before the chase ensued it had been said that the man wearing fire gear was acting strangely. He was only listening to our conversation and was constantly watching and following us. Not only that but @Punctureseemed to be somewhat on edge. When the chase ensued a few things I noticed that I failed to say anything about to my accomplices was 1) the doors to the red building were closed 2) @Puncturewasn't running away, instead he was leading us somewhere. He began running but immediately changed tactic and circled around to the red building. 3) the firefighter (the one who had been acting strangely) strategically positioned himself behind all of us with his weapon out even though he had at no point shown any interest in taking @Puncturehostage. All of these factors came crashing down on me the moment bullets started flying as this wasn't my first firefight in Severograd and not even my first encounter with @Punctureand @evanm23utilizing a tactic such as this (as a side not that's why I stopped where I did, I was somewhat expecting a sniper on the hills either to the south or north). I immediately realized the situation when the first crack sounded and identified those shooting as accomplices to @Punctureattempting to rescue him. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like a second opinion and perhaps a re-sentencing if deemed necessary by staff. What could you have done better: I have replayed this incident multiple times in my head and find that, while I stand by my actions, I could have and should have instead taken out the immediate threats i.e. @ExoticRainbowand @evanm23 who were shooting at me instead of shooting the person they were attempting to rescue beforehand. I believe if I had shot @evanm23first and made my way underneath the windows of the red building I could have then kept my gun trained on @Puncturewhile demanding @evanm23come out with his hands up. Perhaps I would have made it out, I suppose we'll never know.
  6. What I have noticed about Kill Rights and Hoarding

    People hoarding will always be a problem. A few days ago I RP'd with I believe @nenepwnstar and a few of her friends whom I met up at Tisy, the entire time I was looking for a gun (because I had been robbed not too long ago) and was wondering why I couldn't find one. The next day I stumble across a tent with 4 M4A1s and around 600 rounds of ammunition and it was clear to me what had happened. People hoard everything in these tents hidden away or carry it on their persons while avoiding RP and therefore conflict. Me being the person I am took two of the guns along with some ammunition. I wound up giving one gun to a random person I met on the northern road in exchange for some information, later the same day I lost the other M4 in a firefight in Severograd where the information I had gathered previously came into effect. I say this to highlight the fact that using the excess weapons you find as an RP device can be much more rewarding than just sticking them in a tent to collect dust. Hoarding limits the amount of weapons in circulation and thereby makes people more eager to kill in order to get equipment. A good rule of thumb is you can only use one gun at a time, and while some may say they put guns or ammunition away for a rainy day, if people didn't hoard, it would be a simple matter to re-gear after you have been killed. As for kill rights, this can be related to hoarding. As it stands, the loot cycle is closed and not many guns are in circulation. (By guns I am mostly speaking of military grade weapons as they are pretty much all anyone carries now, that is another issue entirely though) People are in search of gaining these weapons and equipment to protect themselves, while this can be RP'd out, it's not very engaging and no victim of a robbery walks away happy. Another issue prevalent in the community is sensitivity towards initiations. A lot of people immediately go into self preservation mode and throw RP out of the window as soon as someone starts screaming "Put your hands up" or even raises a weapon. I'm guilty of this myself. It is imperative that everyone remains as calm as possible so that they can RP the situation according to the rules and also to create an engaging narrative. I'm here not only to play with a bunch of lovely people but also to create a story with them. As I was told by a wise person, "As soon as someone is killed, that's it. The RP has ended for them and there's no changing that." For the next hour they are forced to remain out of the area as per the NLR rule and are more than likely going to be regearing on the coast when you could have been RPing in an engaging way instead. Talking about this issue in a secluded forum won't solve it though, and enforcing new rules or expanding old ones will only create more strife in the community. We don't need rules to fix this. We need to work together as a community and solve these issues collectively.
  7. 8.5 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: 8.5.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands or pose a direct threat to you or your group. 8.5.2 Hostages do not value their life, for example they continuously talk back or insult you despite being told to keep quiet. 8.5.3 The rescue party refuses to negotiate and open fire, after the hostage takers contacted them on the radio. As seen, the rules state that if a rescue party refuses to negotiate and opens fire, a hostage may be killed. Sadly we weren't able to engage in any hostage RP so there wasn't a chance to contact you over radio. Not only was my kill validated by you opening fire, he also had yet to comply to my demand to get on the ground and was moving as seen in the video. Like I said before, he still had a weapon at his feet which made him a threat in the situation. I was not willing to leave him only to get shot in the back.
  8. In Game Name: Daniel Barnett Allies Involved: Not sure of all the names. Was a temp alliance made to take Jayden hostage and question him. Additional Evidence: Sadly I was not recording when this happened. Description of the Events: I was talking with Quin, an old acquaintance of mine, and some of her friends when they started asking where Jayden went. I don't really know him well but when they mentioned a strike on Severograd that he might have been involved in as well as other deeds done, I became interested. I had heard of such events not too long ago from a man I had traded with on the road. We began talking some more and the idea to take him hostage was thrown around. Quin voiced her objections but me and others attempted to sway her to our side. It was around this time I noticed Jayden Approaching. I wasn't sure it was him at first because he had changed his jacket, however on closer inspection I could tell he was carrying the same weapons and wearing the same clothes (other than the jacket of course). He came up to us and I got quiet. Quin and the man in red (whose name I can't recall) continued discussing taking Jayden discreetly. Jayden must have took a hint because he bolted off and after a moment of hesitation I followed with the man in red and Bradley. The man in red stopped the pursuit after a bit however Bradley and I kept following Jayden as he led us in a circle. As we came back to a red building I heard Bradley tell him to put his gun down, then I shouted to confirm he heard us, "Get on the ground, get on the ground." The man in red followed suit and initiated on a firefighter dressed man standing behind us that no one knew, telling him to put his gun down because we weren't sure if Jayden and him were together (I had previously asked the same man if Jayden had any friends in the area). It was then the firefighter raised his weapon and began firing upon both Bradley and the man in red, I heard the gunshots and figured the two were in cahoots. Jayden had yet to comply to getting on the ground and there was a more immediate threat to my left. Afraid to leave Jayden alive so that he could pick up the weapon at his feet, I shot him and turned to engage the firefighter. I opened fire on the firefighter as I began taking hits myself. To my knowledge, I took out both Jayden and the firefighter but wound up incapacitated myself.
  9. Raspad Out. [Open Frequency]

    Daniel sits in an abandoned house sipping from a bottle of vodka. It tastes like shit and burns the back of his throat but he keeps drinking. He wants the numb. He hears a familiar voice coming from his radio. It was Nikolai but what he's saying didn't make any sense to Daniel. Nikolai fought against those that abandoned us here and yet now he spoke of leaving with Phoebe? What about me? He adopts his American accent, the one which Nikolai knew him by as Max Larson. "So, it's gotten to you has it? Finally had enough? You're leaving with Phoebe and your unborn child, gonna go and hop the border. I always considered you a friend, not one to leave comrades behind. Yet here you are. Doing exactly what you set out to stop. I understand though, I'm not criticizing. When you started this rebellion perhaps you were naive. You thought you could change the world one man at a time with some words and perhaps a beating here and there. So did I. Chuckles But what did we change Nikolai? I joined to help these people, to do some good and now he we are. A bunch of hypocrites. There's no one left, you and Phoebe are leaving, Mikhael is dead, I haven't seen Ivan in god knows how long. As for the others, well they're deserters the lot of 'em. Daniel thinks back, years before the infection. The pang of treachery still present, he takes a long drag from the bottle beside him emptying it. Rage swelling within him, he throws the bottle at the wall, shattering it on impact. A detectable slur that was present before worsens. "Now here you are, telling me over the fucking radio we're through. I don't accept that. Nikolai, I did things I'm not proud of but I did them because bad things done for a the right reason aren't bad. Now there's no purpose behind what I did. They're just criminal acts committed by me, a criminal. I want you to know I never liked you much, suppose it comes with the job. smirks Phoebe on the other hand, I respected her. She was a good woman and I'll miss her companionship, especially now. Anyways, if I see you again we're going to have a long conversation. Phoebe, if you're listening which I bet you are, congratulations and I wish you the best. I'm sorry things ended this way. Daniel releases the PTT and the radio goes silent. He takes a moment trying to compose himself. After a couple minutes, the rage that had built up inside him passes and he gets to his feet.
  10. Hello Chernarus.. [Open Frequency]

    *Just waking up from a nap, Daniel shakes the sleep from his eyes and takes his radio out of his bag. He goes through his ritual of scanning through the frequencies for any chatter that strikes his fancy. A few moments after setting his radio on scan it pick up the transmission. Hearing the request for directions he chuckles. Adopting a Russian accent he speaks.* "Privet, my name is Lesnisky. It appears you are in quite a situation my friend. I would like to help but I need more information. Saying you are by gas station near coast is like saying you are by tree in forest, da? However, if I am correct that is Western European accent. With this I presume you are on South West coast. When the sun rises, have it on your right. That is north my friend. *Chuckling. he leans back, "Zapazdyvaniye, won't make it more than a kilometer." "I hope to see you in town, I can promise you that Severograd is quiet place. At least for most part. I wish you luck, you'll need it. Dasvidania." *Daniel lets go of the PTT and shaking his head. He would have liked to help the man more but there wasn't much else to do. Instead, he stretches his arms and begins preparing for the long journey ahead of him.*
  11. Raspad Vosstaniye

  12. Raspad Vosstaniye

    Same, had a great time with all the Dailies however many there are

    *Daniel Barnett reaches for his radio after hearing concerning news about radioactive materials. He adopts his traditional Virginian accent before pressing down the PTT* "Well ma'am, like you said, this can't possibly be depleted uranium. Levels are too high if a mere 5 minute exposure is causing radioactive poisoning. There must be a large quantity of enriched uranium in the area. Of what grade I don't know but this is quite troubling. Simply using my deductive reasoning since there is no nuclear reactor in that area, at least to my knowledge, and the facility is military in nature, that leaves......." *He pauses as he comes to the sudden realization as to what must be there* "It's a fucking stockpile! I wonder how many of those damn things they have down there. The UN or NATO needs to get control of that facility before some crazy bastard goes in there and does something, well, crazy. It could get us all killed." *He shakes his head, the soft sound of pencil on paper is audible as he begins to write in a small notebook he keeps in a jacket pocket* "Well, I'll be avoiding the area as much as possible. I advise y'all do the same. Good luck and Godspeed to us all." *Daniel releases the PTT, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes holding back a chuckle*
  14. I was in Severograd with my friends when we encounter various different people. I recognize Fred Dimock who I have talked to and befriended a long time ago. We engage in some small talk before a V3S arrives accompanied by a bunch of guys with military clothes and weapons. Phoebe, who wasn't far from me at the time, was already showing distaste for militant groups and I was trying to talk her down as she wanted to speak to Fred privately before the truck arrived making a very big scene. Phoebe attempted to talk to the soldiers but they ignored her completely. Her, in an already agitated state, walked away. After a bit they decided to move down the street it was at this point @Dusty initiated on the car. I didn't see what happened down the street as I was still by the pub but what I did see and hear was one of the militant men walking back towards the Pub, there was a loud screech demanding that they get on the ground and drop their weapons or they will be shot. The man in front of me did not comply and stood there with a weapon out, I raised my 1911 and waited a few moments until I heard gunshots and screaming from down the street and it looked to me like the man was raising his weapon. It was then that I immediately shot him in the head with three rounds. I didn't anything else other than the several bodies of the men that didn't comply and my one brave friend who risked his life for the cause.