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  1. TS and Voip - make it more fair?.

    I support the idea. I love thinking that people would have to decide whether or not they're going to hold someone up BEFORE they're right next to them. I also love the idea of gaining information and overhearing conversations from people talking over their radios. I actually have quite a funny story about IG radios where me and my friend literally sat there laughing while this guy talked over direct chat and gave us information while we sat half way across the map in the middle of the woods. It was a great experience for me. As mentioned above, the problems with making this a rule is it's nearly impossible to enforce. Only through investigation could one of these cases be solved which would just bog down the staff. Not only that but it would create a rift in the community between those who followed the rule and those who didn't. Those who did would be at a severe disadvantage due to the inherent problems and reasons why we want this system I.E. People can hear what you're saying and information can be leaked. It's a fantastic idea but until it can be implemented properly I think it should be kept in our minds as just that, an idea.