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  1. my pov I initiated on Dan Rogue in Novy. Then, when we suddenly started taking fire, Dan told us that if we didn't let him go we would be dead in seconds, therefore me and Michael said okay and ran our own way. From what I can tell, then Michael and Samuel were both near eachother and Dan assumed it was Michael and I, however I went my own way just prior to this. Dan did have KOS Rights on Michael and I however it must have been an honest mistake to think Samuel was me.
  2. I was Michael DeWindt's friend and true, we did initiate on Dan Rogue. What was you wearing Samuel Willson? As Dan may of mistaken you for me
  3. Yes however just prior to this someone already initiated before you or me
  4. I wasn't the one that initiated and I wasn't planning on doing so, it wasn't something that was discussed and I was rather annoyed that someone initiated, I can assure you it was an accident and would not happen again, if this caused any issues/harm then I'm sorry.
  5. You can see for someone on a GMT Time Zone it was very late at night and so therefore me and my colleagues were just planning on travelling to Stary to log off for the night and continue are trip to NWAF in the morning. Just before logging off someone came along [Alan Rogers] and offered me personally to trade. I declined the offer however he still gave me a silencer for the gun I was carrying: AKS. I thanked him for the kind gesture however then I realized he had a mosin that looked kind of intriguing to myself as it was something better at long range and personally I enjoy playing with the mosin. Me and my colleagues were roleplaying with Alan and asking him if he could give us the Mosin, instead he decided to just run away and leave us all in a state to want the weapon even more. This is when my friend [Donny] initiated asking him to get on the floor. We only wanted the weapon in exchange for his life yet he brought us to the point in having to end his life as he pulled out a weapon on us. In the logs you see I accidentally shot Donny [TK] however I shot Alan as he pointed his weapon at my friend. We definitely was not planning on having to kill him nor even initiating, however his failure to stay and talk to us lead us to have to tell him to get on the floor, Prior to all of this, me and Alan were talking among just ourselves and I asked him if he had any friends. I know that I should have just not got into anything if I was aware that I would need to go soon but I felt that we stayed in the area for approximately 10 minutes and no one arrived and as he said he had no friends I just left. I told people I was with OOC that if any staff members will see that I logged 10 minutes after then I would have to explain how much of a simple misunderstanding it was and that nothing that happened was intended.