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  1. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Such a nice guy with quick responses and he really tried until my problems is fully solved. Thanks a lot! Suggestions for improvement: Nothing can i say he is really good at what he does.
  2. My character is a 22 years old male. He works at a circus which travles around the world and performs shows. He is a folk guitarist and works at the circus's bar part at nights. He is a calm guy but an alone guy also. How he ended up in Chernarus is because of his work. The circus was in Chernarus for a show before the outbreak. They were going to stay for a week but the 3. night of the show while he was playing at the bar somethings went wrong. The outbreak happened and zombies run over the circus. He was shocked and confused what to do. A small group of 10 of his best friends grabbed him and they run to the wilderness, they run and run without looking back. They tried to understand the situation but they were so confused. They found a little abbondoned town and take refuge in one of the houses. In the morning they found out there were no casting on the TV or radio, the world was ending. They went out to find the rest of the circus but all they saw was dead people walking around in the woods. They were coming on and they tried to run again but expect my character they all died in the attack. Now my character is all alone. He survived and learned this new world for 2 months since the outbreak. He wanders around the woods and tries to keep staying alive. He does not want to hurt anyone but he is sure that if he has to he can defend himself without hesitation. He is a hunter and he tries to share what he has with other people in need. He does not prefer to go to bigger cities because he knows that people are evil. He thinks about making a shelter for those in need but finds it hard to trust people. He aims to find people who he can trust and build a small base for them to live.
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