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  1. Hatred. That's the one word which circles around Xavier's mind, entrenched into the depths of his brain for years. Indoctrinated, industrialised hatred for all things that have been foreign to him and unwelcomed into the poor area of Paris in which he was born. His parents lived in Bondy, a less affluent 'banlieue' in the north of Paris, and truly struggled to make ends meet. Alcohol, drugs, violence - by the time Xavier reached his teenage years all of those things became almost mundane to him. He tried his best to look past the evils of his surrounding, to swim against the current, yet the cold waters of the river would sweep him up and carry him down the stream, towards a darker path. He ran away. Many kids did, it was the early 2000s. As he survived on the streets of Paris, surrounded by thieves, rapists and homeless drug addicts, his view of the world began to mould, slowly yet surely. The mind of a child, a fragile thing, would turn into a sort of hateful mush, an abstract reality into which he descended, hiding away from the light and potential of the world. Missed opportunities, failed connections, the feeling of being trapped inside of a constantly breaking mind, just over and over and over again. He almost became addicted to the feeling of such cruel destruction, such pointless existence and lackluster life. And now, with the world crushing around him, he has bloomed for the first time. The world has finally aligned with the way it was in his head, and he finally found his place within it. Hatred, it remained, but instead of a dark crimson veil over his eyes, it was now a bright scarlet lens through which he looked upon the burning world.
  2. For the 100th time, if you look like a target, you'll be a target.
  3. Bit of a random thread, but I wanted to address this as it's something I want to figure out for myself, so I want the input of others. I want to have a character who is Lawful Evil, as I find that alignment to be the most appealing and interesting to play, although it is often considered to be one of the hardest to try and enact. I know many people don't really consider alignments when making their characters, but it helps me structure my RP. What would be your advice as to how I could do a better job at playing a L.E. character? My real personality seeps into my OC a lot, making my characters quite goofy at times. I can see a potential in making a humorous L.E., but no actual way of doing it. Any advice, anyone?
  4. Literally had a guy last night who sounded like he was reading the dictionary or something while we were robbing him. He'd be cocky and would constantly tell us to just kill him, instead of roleplaying with us and committing to the situation. That same person would then probably go and complain about the fact that he got robbed and taken hostage, yet he barely engaged in response to our hostilities. If you are going to complain, do it because you had a rule broken against you, or the poor quality of the situation. Not because you can't be bothered to roleplay in a disadvantageous situation after you got initiated on because you decided to run up to a group of intimidating looking people.
  5. One issue I have has always been with groups that have very weird reasons for being around, or groups that revolve around the same topic without much variation. Oh yes, some more nationalists who will attack you for being a foreigner and tell you to surrender all your NATO weapons because "you're stealing from Chernarus". Oh my, a group of traders who got tired of getting robbed and decided to hunt people instead. On the contrary, there's some other stuff that happens every now and again that just really surprises me as to the standards of roleplay. Here's an example of a run-in I've had just yesterday - https://streamable.com/og7mp . (Context: Running around alone, checking out houses, then get surprised by a group of people as seen in video.) Large groups, who are obviously together on a Discord or something, that just find one person and begin to barrage them with random comments and then decide to up and go without any proper interaction. To just run up to someone, yell in their face about the size of their backpack and run off again seems a bit weird to me.
  6. Trotsky

    The 5.0.3

    *A large hand picked up the radio and brought it up to the face of a man who nobody had previously met in Chernarus. His eyes lit up with excitement as he heard a familiar voice cut through the static. Clicking his tongue a couple of times before answering, he smiled and pushed down the talk button. His voice, raspy and harsh, echoed down the radio with a Russian accent.* "I heard you, CJ. Don't you worry, we will show these children of yours what the rules are. I'm making my way down, moy dorogoy priyatel." *Iosef Morozov let go of the button and slouched in his chair, sighing deeply before getting up and looking around the room for his things. He had to pack the main bits first.*
  7. Short Version, WIP Born in St Petersburg, just before the beginning of the rise of Gorbachev in the government, Iosef grew up during the times of the 'peterstroika' and the 'glasnost'. Such a radical change in society brought about with it sudden development in the way people perceived their own power and individuality. As Iosef studied at the St Petersburg State University, he recognised the changes that were happening around him, and the acquisition of power by gangs in the 90s, during the Yeltsin era. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of capitalism in Russia, the privatisation of businesses and property led to the mass growth of mafia influence and, as many young men did, Iosef got involved. As he worked for them throughout his life, he was eventually rewarded with a high enough position to be calling his own shots. Now, somewhat trapped in Russia in this whole outbreak mess, he received a call from an old mate down south, in Chernarus, calling him for reinforcements.
  8. A stout and devoted doctor, Francis Easton was brought up within a respectable household. Born to a descendant of the royal Easton family, Francis grew up delighting in both middle and upper class fancies. Having his life filled with both wealth and expectations, he was brought up to be a dedicated and responsible child, with his superiors constantly explaining the significance of his life for the succession of the family. Growing up, Francis was a successful, although somewhat withdrawn, child. He graduated school with excellent results and went on to study at the University of Oxford to achieve a degree in medicine, specialising in anesthesiology. An unexpected career choice, the rest of the Easton family was rather surprised when Francis refused to pursue the traditional family career of banking, focusing instead on serving for the greater good of the humanitarian causes. After having a successful career in both the UK and USA, he found himself longing for more. After joining the Doctors Without Borders, Francis was sent across the globe on supporting missions, eventually being sent over to Chernarus after the first news of the outbreak, eventually becoming trapped in there.
  9. I don't see as to why there needs to be a separate 'role' for this, to be honest. People have done hitman-style roleplay previously, you just need to initiate on them and roleplay it out properly. I am going to say no to it, personally, cause I don't see the need for it.
  10. A member of the Russian Airborne Forces, Vozdusho-Desantnye Voyska, Rustam was a part of one of the airborne operations that dropped down onto Chernarus due to the issues that arose after the emergence of the virus. As some of the smaller local rebellions seized an important Russian assent in the government, the 11th Guards Air Assault Bridge was sent into Chernogorsk in order to extract the asset, labeled Dirizer. The asset carried an important amount of information that could be used by the Russian government in order to up its game in the developing chaos of the world and potentially shield itself, if only temporarily, from the oncoming threat. The asset, described to the 11th Guards as only an 'element of upmost importance', was located within one of the local houses secretly owned by the Russian FSB. As the 11th Guards dropped into the city, they found themselves in a situation much worse than they had allegedly been informed of. The city, and the surrounding areas, were in complete and utter chaos, having been torn apart by the virus that had began to manifest in large amounts and turn the dead into soulless beings. The VDV were not prepared for such an operation, however they began to fight back against the hordes of the walking demons. The squad was quickly cornered into the 'International Hotel', barricading it up for a week. With enough supplies to fend off the zombies for a short while, they had begun to radio back to the control point in the nearby city of Vladikavkaz, in North Ossetia-Alania, however their extraction requests were only met with silence. Realising that they were left to be stranded for themselves, the group began to abandon their mission, slowly parting ways in order to find a solution to their situation. One of the key members of the 11th Guards, Rustam realised that it was his duty to rally his friends once more and try to bring Chernarus back into a peaceful and cooperative state, to stabilise the situation and bring peace about, no matter the cost.
  11. I think there a distinction needs to be made inherently. There is a separation between being a hostile group, not necessarily a bandit one. It's a group with questionable moral stances, but a clear goal and an ideology. A bandit group is simply one that is out for itself, by itself. Now, when a person runs into a bandit group, they can easily get robbed, mugged, etc. and then have a bad time. Nobody likes losing their gear, no matter how high-tier it is. At the end of the day, the game is so buggy that you can get insta-killed with a shovel, but won't die from a bullet spray because the window someone shot from decided to absorb every bullet (speaking from experience o7). As long as you have a gun of some viability, you are a threat. That's not the point though. People also forget sometimes that individuals, without affiliation or without current group actions, can just run around and initiate on solo targets. They won't need to give their name, or group, they'll just solo rob someone. Quick and easy way of getting some gear. That's my bigger issue. I love big group hostilities, but I find solo actions more annoying. I've had experiences in the past, and recently, where I was robbed by a member of a group (no names) who then turned out to be part of something with a hero-esque ideology. Consequences to these experiences vary depending on the goal and roleplay style of the single person. If they are good at what they do, it may turn out as an okay RP experience. Now, when it comes to large group activities, there is simply a bigger question of what the legitimacy of their structure, lore and purpose is. Again, not pointing fingers, but I have seen some groups, ones who are more withdrawn and passive, simply hoard enormous amounts of gear and then just sit on it. There is no group necessity for them to do so, no need to have cars and machine guns and every type of assault rifle in 50 tents. I feel like there needs to be a much stricter policy regarding group approval in terms of their goals. Maybe a little more specification. Every group now has 'set up a hub' and 'connect to other groups', 'blah blah collect info'. There is a lack of creativity. Sure, you may be a group of survivors with a simple idea, but then actually let it be visible in the game with an impact, or something some can interact with. And vice versa, if you make a group with unique RP goals and developments, include some other people into the story to let it become visible and appreciated. Drive the story of the server, allow for its universality, promote the character development. Maybe the long lost brother you look for is actually a massive prick, you just didn't realise it until someone else opened your eyes that were blinded from the fear of the undead.
  12. There is always this loop that continues whenever someone builds a base or a checkpoint. You spend days building it up, then some group shows up out of nowhere and tells you to either surrender everything and 'claim it' as their own, or they begin to turn up every other hour to either initiate on you when the base is low-pop, or just break in when everyone is logged off. When I was in Chapter 2, we would have people turning up at the base constantly to either raid it when we were logged off, or be generally hostile. I remember there was even a patrol of 3 guys who spent several hours just sitting around the area, in the bushes or on buildings, just staring at us and waiting for us to leave. I get that people dislike it when groups spend a lot of time building up their bases, but what else is there to do? Not everyone is a great PvPer, and not everyone likes mindlessly sprinting around the map with their courier bag and an AK, ready to just jump someone. I found building bases to be fun and interesting, however I always want to make a base that serves a bigger purpose than just to store gear. On the other hand, hostile RP has evolved into a size competition. There isn't even skill behind a lot of the RP or PvP, it is just the sheer huge numbers that eventually overpower the smaller groups that try to survive. I know someone always says 'hurr durr, if ur good at pvp u can 1v10', but that's not what this should be about. I feel like some rules should be brought back from older days, or maybe new ones. For starters, anyone with access to admin tools in-game shouldn't be allowed to be a part of a group, or at least to run a group. There could also be things to affect group sizes? I know it's fun to be a large group, but it isn't often fun for others.
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Permanent Points on Account (Amnesty) Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair, as I was indeed someone who regularly abused the forum system and started negatively-inclined discussions. On occasion, I necro-ed some threads and did indeed engage in derogatory and inflammatory behavior on the server, specifically the forums. Becoming unbanned was something I was very excited about as a lot of time had passed since then, and indeed I have reformed, being able to show that I am actually able to hold back on my desire to comment one everything, reducing my time on the forums by becoming less of a constant poster and spammer. I would also like to apologize for me insulting Rolle in the first place. It was not only insensitive and stupid, it was completely unnecessary for me to do. I know it's the internet, but there are still limits to things someone can say. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Back during my first time on the server, I was much less experienced with general community behavior and serious expectations. I never intended to become someone who people saw as a troll or a spammer, I simply wished to be very active in the community, to show that I can contribute. I really want to do that now, as I have gathered a lot more experience since I was banned, having being staff on various servers and then having spent my time understanding what it takes to run a community, to contribute and how irritating it must be to deal with forum trolling. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get my warning points removed and to become a proper member of the community. I really want to begin contributing and to potentially work up to the point where I can achieve a position on the staff team, maybe as Support Staff, or a Loremaster or something along those lines as I am a big fan of creative writing and regularly write various things. What could you have done better?: To have never initially done the things that got me banned, to have behaved properly.
  14. More like too busy finding the right fedora to match his assistant outfit
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