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  1. He has a history of fighting as he used to be in a gang back in England has past experiences with guns as he then came to be a gun salesman and repairman after he left his gang, he is a Christian and a strong believer in god and believes you should never take a life except in self-defence Before the outbreak I lived in England, a town called Huddersfield in the north-west of the country, I had a family consisting of two kids and a wife, I loved them very much. I worked as a gun salesmen and repairman at my shop In the area, I had a decent life until I received a job opportunity in a town called Berezino, I said goodbye to my family and said I would be back in a couple of months I was going to make a lot of money doing this job opportunity which happened to be a Gun testing job ... I wish I never went. As soon as I arrived in Berezino panic was everywhere, I heard there was some kind of infection spread across chernaurus so I was on my way to the boat when I found out it had been hijacked by the locals, so we gathered food and waited for the infection to spread north, there were many soldiers waiting with us in the town and after a couple of days the town was overrun with zombies, I then gathered weapons and supplies and found selter in the forests, I am still yet o find a human, I want to find a group of people I can survive with.