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  1. How not to get mugged- Hints or Tips please

    Thank you Saradomin, Hereby this case is solved. I have given the best answer to ''Otter'' but all the answer are very much appreciated. Thanks again.
  2. How not to get mugged- Hints or Tips please

    Thanks a lot guys! This will definitely help me survive and not get robbed. I guess I need to learn to give better answers and perhaps even leave some of the precious and wanted gadgets laying instead of bringing all. Thanks for the information and boosting my mood and I'm ready for some more roleplay. Have a good weekend lads. Greetings, (happier) Markus
  3. Dear reader, First of all I would like to thank you for your time and perhaps a response. I have been playing DayzRP for a little while now, therefore still not an expert. When I start playing I start collecting some gear, maybe find a melee weapon or perhaps even some firearms. I finally get a little geared and then it happens.. I got hold up by 2-3 people and they tell me to drop most of my stuff on the ground. Some are decent and let me leave with my clothing and some food, others take all.. As I love the looting and scavenging aspect when starting out I would like to keep doing so. Does anyone have some good tips on how not to get raided/mugged? Once or twice is alright but 3-5 times a day is just not fun anymore.. Greetings, Markus