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  1. I was born in a rough neighbourhood, no dad and a mom who was always working to feed me and my brother who is 4 years older. When I turned 12 I didnt have many friends while my brother had loads. He was joining parties and having many girlfriends. As my brother had loads of parties and get togethers with his friends I always wanted to join in. His friends did not mind but for some reason my brother never let me. After a year I figured out why.. His friends were not the nicest people and did not have a good name for themselves. They stole food, drinks and even clothing that was hanging out to dry.. They did everything to piss people off. When I was heading to school I came across one of my brothers friends, his name is Javor. He was a cool guy, he smoked and drink booze and he was somebody I wish I could be friends with. That night, after i met Javor on the way to school my mother made my brother and I a very nice meal for some reason. My brother got a tuiton for a school in Germany, that means he would leave my mother and me for 4 years! I could never understand why my brother would do such a thing and I did not like him for it.. How could he leave me like this? How could he leave my mom like this!! I was mad and wanted him to feel that. After the dinner I went to bed, thinking how I can get back to him. When my brother left the country, heading for Germany to follow his study I got in contact with Javor again. He invited me to join him and his friends and participated in all the activities, good and bad! We did many things, like stealing food from shops, fighting and Javor, the crazy fool even traffic lights, FOR FUN! After he stole the traffic lights, the police showed up because stealing from the state could cause accidents. Then Javor, me and the other friends tried to tease the cops by calling names and even throwing stuff towards them. This continued for a long, harsh but fun time but eventually changed. After we went on a weekend trip with all the friends our lives drastically changed! We went towards Chernogorsk for a very nice trip. We had saved, well not really saved... more like stole a lot of money together and were 100% in for enjoying the fun parties in Cherno. On a special night we received some news about some kind of evacuation or something.. this did not affected my friends, but I began to worry. On that evening we heared loud explosions and I couldnt sleep all night, terrified of one of the bangs hitting us. All I wanted was one thing, that was returning to my mother. The end.
  2. Thank you Saradomin, Hereby this case is solved. I have given the best answer to ''Otter'' but all the answer are very much appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks a lot guys! This will definitely help me survive and not get robbed. I guess I need to learn to give better answers and perhaps even leave some of the precious and wanted gadgets laying instead of bringing all. Thanks for the information and boosting my mood and I'm ready for some more roleplay. Have a good weekend lads. Greetings, (happier) Markus
  4. Dear reader, First of all I would like to thank you for your time and perhaps a response. I have been playing DayzRP for a little while now, therefore still not an expert. When I start playing I start collecting some gear, maybe find a melee weapon or perhaps even some firearms. I finally get a little geared and then it happens.. I got hold up by 2-3 people and they tell me to drop most of my stuff on the ground. Some are decent and let me leave with my clothing and some food, others take all.. As I love the looting and scavenging aspect when starting out I would like to keep doing so. Does anyone have some good tips on how not to get raided/mugged? Once or twice is alright but 3-5 times a day is just not fun anymore.. Greetings, Markus