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  1. My name is Samuel Sosa, my mother and father survived the outbreak in Chernarus along with me. As time went on, the infection wiped out more and more people until there was but only a small percentage left. We moved around city to city, camp to camp, trying to scavenge for supplies and food. We were trying to find a secured camp that we could join and begin to rebuild Chernarus together, but never could quite find a camp with the same goals in mind. We got by for a little while, but food and supplies began to run dry and it was time to pack up what we could and hit the road again. After travelling for a couple days, we found a camp that had a stable amount of people with a decent supplies. We asked if we could join and be assigned a job to do in the camp. Everything went smooth for a few months until internal conflict arose amongst the leaders. I convinced by parents to leave with me before anything got out of hand. So once again we went back on the road scavenging what we could, living day by day. Every time we would venture out on a hunt for food or supplies we would make sure to avoid the bandits in the area, but then one day when we split up to go search an abandoned camp i heard screaming and shots in the distance. When I finally reached where the shots came from I seen both of my parents dead along with their belongings being stolen. In the distance, I seen a group of bandits escaping. Now, out here alone with nothing but zombies made me realize that ever since my parents died that day that I have always been without a true family. So, being out here isn't to much different then what life was before the infection hit. When this realization finally hit me, I decided that I should set out and be the one to cure the infection ,help reunite the survivors, get rid of the lawless bandits that roam the land, and finally create a sense of family that I had lost. So, maybe I'm chasing something that is only just a dream, something that is just simply impossible. Maybe I'm just telling myself there is something better out there. The only thing that keeps me pushing on day by day is hope, hope of finding a new family and restoring Chernarus of what it once was.
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