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  1. Hello Survivors! Its only about 100 days before i can remove my recent vac ban blacklist. Im gonna start look at the rules so i can do an whitelist appeal as soon as possible :)

  2. Psi

    VAC Appeal

    Hello! I have been on this community for many many months now. I got blacklisted when i connected my acc with this forum name. Im not sure if it was the virus on my computer that got my half account banned. or if i got hacked someway. Well! I have been reading the rules and have a big knowledge of the server! I hope i can join very soon and rp with some boiz! and wamen...
  3. Psi


    Nah i was hacked beacuse people really thought i was "Psi" lol But yeah i know what you mean...
  4. Psi


    Listen here Unturned does not use vac
  5. Psi


    Is it vac or the game ban they are watching?
  6. Psi


    Ty guys for telling me, Can't wait to play dayzrp! So, there is no way to donate or something?
  7. Psi


    Hello! I've just trying to join this awesome comunity. But there's one problem, And that make me sad. I've always wanted to join DayzRP but I got a recent vac ban. And now it says im blacklisted ;( Will i always be blacklisted? Beacuse i've always wanted to do Dayz RP and i've always been good at it to! Thanks for reading! This is an old question and i got my answer but i cant wait 356 days! I always wanted to play dayz rp! And im very good at it to! It wasn't my fault that i got vac ;( Im sorry if you guys dont want to do something about this but my account got hacked, Im not real Psi but the hacker maybe thought that. Thanks again for reading.
  8. Beni

    • Beni
    • Psi

    Wagwan PSI, chuck man a shout out and I won't 6-1 you at Fifa and Dash the pad at your mum. 

    1. Beni


    2. ExoticRainbow


      Hey Psi it's me just wondering when your next a3l upload will be hehehe and can you play with cadan more pls.

    3. Psi


      If i have time lmao

  9. ToeZ

    • ToeZ
    • Psi

    Nothing illegitimate here, i'm going to give you all my 5.56 so you can put me in a video.

  10. Jamie

    • Jamie
    • Psi

    Something makes me think you're not the real PSI, I dunno what it is. 


    1. Hebee


      welcome to the community

    2. Castiel


      Good evening and welcome to DayZRP! :D

      How are you doing today?

      Good luck with your whitelist...

      Make sure you read The Lore, The FAQ and The Newcomer Guide very good!

      I also can recommend you to take a look at the Guides & Tutorials forum section for some tips and tricks!

      If you have any questions just join The Helpdesk '' Waiting For Staff Help '' on TeamSpeak and an kind Community Helper will assist you.

      Or you can make here an question thread. Also don't forget to Whitelist for TeamSpeak.

      You can make on this page an character page if you want.

      And last but not least make sure you post somewhere in the active forums to prove that you are an human being.

      (The active forums means all forums besides Introduction forums and all forums under Offtopic category.)

      Have fun on The DayZRP Community! ;)