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  1. A Russian vacation sure seemed like a good idea, at the time at least. It should have been obvious from the food poisoning on day one this was going to be a bad time. When the first reports came through though, nobody seemed to take it seriously. I mean, people eating people? it sounds crazy. Well crazy is what came next. When I saw a mother turn and eat her own child there on the side of the road, I knew food poisoning was going to be the least of my worries. How I ever made it out of there will forever remain a mystery, but the even bigger mystery is why am I here now? What made me go to where it all started of all places? Why did I cross that border? After the things I saw I should have known it wouldn't be any better here. Well whatever it is I seem to be looking for, I sure hope I find it...
  2. I really hope so, those were the DayZ
  3. yeah sorry the picture fucked up the caption there,
  4. thanks guys, just waiting on a slot to open up so i can get back into it
  5. I started playing DayZ when it was still relatively new as a mod. Back then the community was incredible, people would help people, people would talk to people, there was trading and it was just an all round great community. Slowly though everyone started to shy away from that and soon every lobby was full of KOS cunts and the community went to shit. I recently heard about DayZRP though and was quick to join up. The community here is amazing and it reminds me of what DayZ used to be. So I thank you all, everyone involved in this community. I haven't been here long but you have reminded me of what this used to be and how it should be. So again, thank you. See you on the flip side.
  6. I grew up as a boy scout and went backpacking through Europe with my girlfriend and some old highschool friends when the shit hit the fan