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  1. Chris's ingame name is SGT Chris Miller but I don't know his forum name. I also said already we logged off because Red said he had to sleep so we all got off together so we are still together back in group.
  2. When exiting out of the vehicle I was messing with my inventory and then went to go follow my group. They were already near the tents by then I ran over and by the time I come over they said I was there and they were thinking about robbery. A zombie comes and attacks the one with an M4 and then Chris pulled a gun and said get on knees. The M4 guy got on knees and I turned around and saw Red with gun to the one with the shotgun, but I also pointed gun towards him because he might've not noticed it. So I look back and Chris is asking for tape and I saw I have handcuffs, then Red goes to M4 man, I focus back on shotgun guy and put cuffs on him. I turn around to put cuffs on M4 man but he already has them on. I start asking them questions and they say that they have a ten man group, and that they were patrolling. So then Chris and Red then say we should leave and then before I left one of them ask for food I ate some (my character was hungry) and gave them the rest. We went back loaded what we could, dropped a tent (for gun space), and I took the shotgun and we left. Then Red told us that he had to go to bed for work and Chris drove us to some trees and we had logged out near some trees between Novy Sobor and Stary Sobor.