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  1. "I'm over in the next town, give me 10 minutes." *He would release the PTT, starting to run over to the location*
  2. *Vaska hears the man over the radio, knowing exactly what tent he had looked in to find said armbands. after all, wearing one himself. He would pull the radio out of the pouch on his vest and press on the PTT. Having a Chernarussian accent as he spoke, he would respond* "That would be mine. I would be interested in meeting you in person to talk. Do you have a certain location in mind for the meeting?"
  3. *Vaska would laugh, feeling the back eye from being hit* "Yeah.. A bit too late for that.. Some people are not too keen on us having foreign friends."
  4. *Vaska sits at the steps of the construction site* "For those of you who had listened to the radio broadcast last night, I had said The Paladins would be in south-eastern Chernarussia. I will be at the construction site between Polana and Orlovets to speak to interested people."
  5. *Vaska would scratch his neck, taking a bit of a moment to respond* "My name is Vaska, I'm the leader of this newfound group. I am Ex. C.A.F. pilot. I recognize the oddity of the request, but there is no other way to assure you without direct contact. I will make another broadcast in the morning disclosing the location of where we will be meeting If you are inclined to do so."
  6. *Vaska looks a bit puzzled at the reply, before responding* "We're not looking for just doctors, we are looking to expand our communications, and find a settlement where we can send those without a home. Something like that can not be done with where we stand currently, and we wish to expand and make an agreement with other groups or Individuals who are professionally Medically, Electronically, or Mechanically trained. We will be in south-eastern Chernarussia tomorrow afternoon for those interested who are listening. A specific location will be given at a later time. For the lost group or any and all who fit the description of what we are looking for, highly consider." *Vaska sighs after releasing the PTT*
  7. *Vaska would sigh, going down the ladder as he began to ask the others that were still awake around camp. to no avail everyone would be unable to give anymore information. Coming back to the top of the tower he would stand up before he looked at the camp that was under him, simply stating* "No other information can be given currently. Any group willing to help the stranded are considered people of high interest."
  8. *Vaska would begin to dig in his pockets looking for a name, but to no avail, the paper having been soaked from earlier that day. now struggling to remember the doctor* "I have no information as to who they may be other than that a doctor had led them. We are however certain they had been ran out and forced to relocate. From who or where, that is where the information ends"
  9. *Vaska would have his thumb resting against the PTT button on his radio, laying in his tent with a small cot, a fire burning outside, and his supplies in a nice neat corner. Madison would be on the opposite side of the tent and restless like always. Scratching his neck he would be debating to make the broadcast for a group he knows little to nothing about. He would continue to lay before getting up to leave the tent, climbing the large radio tower so that his small hand held radio was able to send messages past the tall dense trees, beginning to speak into the walkie talkie with his chernarussian accent* "The Paladins are looking for a group of survivors. we don't have a name. only information we've hear is there's was doctor and a group who had given a home and treatment to others, you guys have seemingly disappeared of the map. We've heard stories from people and we'd like to learn more. I don't know if your group is still active or if you have any men. Any and all information would be helpful. We are not making demands, we're looking for allies." *He would sit back down on top of the tower, waiting for a response to make its way back through the forests*
  10. Once again it had been removed^ they are not allowed
  11. Had already edited it and took it out
  12. Rapists, Cannibals, Murderers, and Imperialists - these are the scum of the apocalypse, people who believe they own Chernarus. Forcing people to live under their rules, their laws, and their lands. They believe they can occupy entire towns and bring people out of their isolated and peaceful communities to live under their rule which they attempt to persuade you into believing is a Utopian society. We seek to liberate the downtrodden and the abused, and maintain peace in this corrupted world; we do not take supplies or attempt to control independent communities. We supply ourselves with our own food, water, and ammunition. We are not bandits, but we are not saviors. The Paladins are here to preserve peace and eradicate those who attempt to seize freedom. An ally is someone who is willing to take arms and fight with us to get rid of those we deem the scum of the apocalypse. Paladins do not parade our existence nor will we provide a safe haven. Our job isn't to house the unwilling to survive, we plan to protect those who have worked hard to build their own homes and communities. Do not be afraid if you are approached by us, we don't want your supplies, weapons, ammunition, or home. We are only looking for men and women dedicated to fighting for our cause. Grow - Obtain 20 total dedicated followers (Ongoing) Broadcast - Maintain control of at least 1 radio broadcast tower (Ongoing - Complete) Power - Gain access to a working portable generator Liberate - Provide aid to known communities under threat of forced relocation or irradication (Case by Case) Intelligence - Keep an idea of where threats are expanding to and operate (Ongoing) Gather - Maintain enough food, water, and ammunition to feed the base for a week (Ongoing) Agriculture - Build Garden plots for a self-reliant food source (Ongoing) Loyalty - Remove those who seek to betray us (Case by case) 1. Provide realistic and immersive role play to those in the group and around us. 2. Provide outstanding friendly, neutral, and hostile game play. 3. Become one of the "well-knowns" In the wasteland. 4. Provide a new experience you can't get with any other group. 5. Give people a group to go to who wish to face against other large oppressive groups. "Everyone knows of the atrocities that take place out here in this new world. It'll never be the same, buildings are destroyed, the land is covered in those 'things' but that shouldn't mean we should go into mass chaos, like we are savages going back to our primal routes. You see Cannibals, Imperialists, Rapists, and Kidnappers all trying to take us from our homes and communities that others try to make in Isolation, Peace, and Solitude. Others shouldn't be forced to comply to someone else's iron fist ruling. Recently, a group had an entire island stolen from them and had to go silent. they had broadcasted their locations to the entire country, and were threatening those who came without warning, wanting to live on their own and build their own new world. The ones who had driven them out should be dealt with and demolished as they have no right to take away someones ability to isolate themselves. This was not the first time a group had needed to disappear off the map to run away from the treat of death. Of course a plan like that requires Food, Ammunition, and Weapons, but most importantly it requires people. I thrive to find people who have been exiled from their own homes and give them a chance to reclaim what is theirs and to protect others from the same happening to them. Thus, the Paladins were created to preserve these ideals and to one day face the outrageously powerful oppressors." -Vaska Egorov Isaac Merko Maddie Sedlak Vaska Egorov Samuel Davidson Benjamin Webb David Izil Marty Wolfic Leo Bishop
  13. "For to fear death, my friends, is only to think ourselves wise without really being wise, for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For no one knows whether death may not be the greatest good that can happen to man." -Plato, Apology Taking place in an old book, the small text written in between the lines of someone else's story, the pen clearly running out of ink as circles and swirls filled other parts of the page and some words seem to barely stay on the paper. 1- How long has it been now? It's only beginning to get more cold as the days pass and I am left with guessing and asking for dates and times. Everyone gives different answers now. 2 months, 3, 4, some even say its been more. For those who do, I pity them. Thinking "This" has been happening for over 4 months? What would one's mental state be after that long of killing and bloodshed? For even I am having trouble keeping myself together in this brotherhood I am now bound to. Perhaps it was not the best idea; Take an oath, swear my life to a group I've only known for a mere few days, where the only way out is death. Perhaps I should have thought it through a little more, but I became wrapped up in the thought of being someone that would no longer have to walk these cracking roads and crumbling buildings alone. Having a kind of family around you, better than those who just drink at the bar. Although, even at the bar now you have to keep your head down. You don't want to become too popular, That's how you die now. Even if someone is the best man alive; If they are well known they will still manage to get an enemy or worse, a bullet. This will be the start of a mini-log series, give feedback so I may improve for future logs!
  14. I loved this community right from the start, sadly I had to take a rather long break from DayZRP and the Community in general but I'm back and ready to hop on board once again with the new amazing lore and new characters to make everything seem fresh again!
  15. Vaska Egorov was born in the smallest town, quite literally, in rural Chernarus. He wasn't really brought up doing any kind of specific hard work, went on short vacations here and there with his family. Playing with the kids around the neighborhood caused him to live the easiest life possible in the country, until the civil war broke out. By the end of it, his father had been killed in action whilst fighting against whoever was threatening to take away his family. Vaska was fifteen, and wanted to join the army, or the military, or whoever would take him and allow some form of revenge against their enemies. He had to wait a while more until finally being accepted in a rare circumstance, most likely pertaining to his father being a high ranking officer. Unused to the hard work, he began to slow down and had his eyes set on a much bigger prize. If he could learn to fly, then why couldn't he rain down fury upon all of his foes, regardless of the consequences. Vaska began flight school at 17, quickly mastering the art of flight. He was put on search and rescue detail with three of his childhood buddy's. A lot of flying around and just looking at empty fields for survivors. Survivors of what though, he wasn't too sure. There were rumors among the grunts of some form of epidemic taking place throughout the country. It didn't help that he was being made to sit as the co-pilot on this specific mission, increasing his boredom even more-so. Adrian sat behind the main controls, flying a bit lower than what was usually allowed, though Vaska trusted him with his life. Or he would anyhow, if Adrian hadn't been having a coughing fit all morning and afternoon, and started sweating bullets. Something happened, Vaska knew that much. He wasn't sure what, but he knew that his close friend in the back of the huey flew out, landing somewhere in the trees, most likely dead. Adrian began to growl and scream, trying to scratch or bite at anything that moved. Vaska tried to take over, only to find that the controls were failing and they were already losing what little altitude they already had. He had managed to open the door before the helicopter crashed shortly after, with everything going black only to wake up for for what seemed like hours later. In reality, it was probably only about twenty or thirty minutes. The smoke, coupled with the loud crash of the helicopter landing in a nearby treeline, lured something into stalking him. Growls just like Adrian's filled the air, and Vaska attempted to move, quickly stopping once he felt a sharp pain from the mangled mess his leg was. No use walking on it, he attempted to splint it using cloth from his tactical shirt, using his knife to cut the fabric. Having a hard time breathing, he figured he must've bruised a rib or a lung during the crash. Hobbling out of the wreckage, he could see something at the edge of the treeline, he would see a young girl not to long after the wreck, she would come and help him to his feet. They would go together making their way into the Chernarus countryside where she would later help him recover and find food. This would have been 2 months ago, maybe longer as time and dates have seemingly disappeared along with the normality of life, but he was never alone. Now looking after a young girl who had saved his life from the burning wreckage of his past. As time continued, he would later begin to call the girl his own. Doing his best to communicate he would begin to pick up on certain gestures and symbols. Within 7 months of the initial crash he would become sufficient in communicating with her.